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7 of the Well-Loved Boracay Pasalubong to Bring Home

Find trinkets and other pasalubong from Boracay before heading home.

By: Karen Bermejo | September 15, 2023
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Get printed mugs and shirts to remind you of Boracay!

Images: TaraGala Gifts and Souvenirs (L); Fiesta Souvenirs Boracay (R) Facebook pages

Part of traveling on this famous island is bringing home Boracay pasalubong items from the place we visited. Giving pasalubong (take-home gifts) lets those left at home experience what we had on our vacation. That’s why people spend a part of their budget on souvenirs.

In Boracay, it’s easy to find pasalubong from Boracay everywhere. There are many talipapa (small markets) where different kinds of souvenir items are sold. Millions of tourists visit Boracay Island, which has led to a thriving cottage industry for Boracay pasalubong items, makers, and sellers. The pieces below, however, remain as favorite Boracay souvenirs.

1. Custom-Designed Shirts

Boracay Pasalubong - Pasalubong from Boracay – Yoorekka PH, Boracay pasalubong

Shirts and undershirts with various prints are favorite giveaways from Boracay.

Images: Fiesta Souvenirs Boracay

First-time visitors usually have an “I “heart” Boracay t-shirt to profess their love for the island. Most stalls have similar prices to this popular Boracay pasalubong, but you will still spend much time choosing which shirts have the best fabric and design.

Suppose you are looking for a more popular pasalubong from Boracay, like a brand of shirts. In that case, there are four Island Souvenir items locations on Boracay island: at the beachfront in Station 2, D’Talipapa, Eurotel Boracay, and Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Resort. There are also two Fiesta! Favorite Souvenir shops on the island to buy this Boracay pasalubong: in D'Mall Boracay and at the main road in Station 2.

You can have your name hand-painted on your shirt for custom-designed shirts at Happy Planet Boracay. Prices range from PhP500 to PhP860, depending on size and color.

2. Sand-Filled Keychains

Where to Buy: Shopping stalls along the Station 2 beachfront
Price Range: PhP35 to PhP135

Boracay Pasalubong - Pasalubong from Boracay – Yoorekka PH, pasalubong from Boracay

Sands are integrated into souvenirs

Image: Boracay Souvenir Shop Facebook page

A sand-filled vial with the word “Boracay” and colorful designs is one popular keychain style you will find here. For PhP100, you can have eight small keychains or five oversized vials.

Aside from this Boracay pasalubong, colorful keychains are an ordinary sight. You can choose from designs like seashells and mini surfboards, among others. You can mix and match seven key chains for PhP100.

3 Mugs, Ref Magnets, Home Décor

Price Range: PhP50 to PhP100

Boracay Pasalubong - Pasalubong from Boracay – Yoorekka PH, Boracay souvenirs

Display this mug and ref magnet from Boracay in your home!

Images: TaraGala Gifts and Souvenirs Facebook page (L); MaNets Mabs Abellar (R)

Another favorite pasalubong from Boracay are ref magnet. Ref magnets made of ceramic are sold at PhP50, while more expensive ones are at PhP150. You can choose from unlimited designs for your Boracay pasalubong, to find something that suits your taste; it is the perfect Boracay souvenir to bring home.

For those who want a display item, a miniature Boracay kubo (native hut) fitted inside a bottle is also popular here. These are sold from PhP300 to PhP500. Not all stalls have them, as these are sold mainly by members of the Malay Boracay Vendors Association (MAVOBEN). The vendors’ group of this Boracay pasalubong item has its stall area along the beachfront, near El Centro Beach Resort Boracay in Station 2.

4. Fashion Accessories

Price Range: PhP20 to PhP200

Boracay Pasalubong - Pasalubong from Boracay – Yoorekka PH, Boracay pasalubong

Hats and customized bracelets for all your friends.

Images: TaraGala Gifts and Souvenirs Facebook page

For the Boracay island vibe, bracelets and anklets are ubiquitous pasalubong items from Boracay. You can buy one bundle of colorful bracelets as pasalubong from Boracay Island for all your friends for PhP100. A bracelet made from thread usually has 12 pieces, but if you buy more, you can ask for extra bracelets.

You can also have your bracelets customized. For PhP100, you can buy five native-type bracelets with free name carving to make your Boracay pasalubong special.

Anklets made of puka shells are also something you can only find in Boracay. The anklets designed with colorful threads are sold at three for PhP100 at White Beach. However, you can get it for only PhP20 if you go to Puka Beach. You can even watch the vendors as they make your anklet at the beach.

5. Native and Custom-Designed Bags

Price Range: PhP150 to PhP800

Boracay Pasalubong - Pasalubong from Boracay – Yoorekka PH, pasalubong from Boracay

Native bags with print for your kikay friend

Images: TaraGala Gifts and Souvenirs Facebook page

Upon leaving Boracay Island, you’ll need extra space to put your pasalubong from Boracay. That’s why bags printed with the island’s name are popular Boracay pasalubong, especially among tourists. Bags with various designs start at PhP150, while more oversized bags are sold at PhP300. Shoulder bags go from PhP80 to PhP100. If you prefer a minimalist style of Boracay souvenir, there are white canvas “I “heart” bags” at Glorias Souvenir Shop at D’Talipapa.

Native products from Aklan turned into bags are also one popular choice of Boracay pasalubong among tourists. Shoulders and handbags made of nito (forest vine), a plant fiber locally sourced from Aklan, are sold at PhP150 and PhP500, respectively.

6. Sarong

Boracay Pasalubong - Pasalubong from Boracay – Yoorekka PH, Boracay souvenirs

You might need a colorful sarong during a sunny beach day.

Images: Boracay Souvenir Shop Facebook page

One beach essential and pasalubong from Boracay when visiting the island is a sarong. It can be used as protection from the heat, as a cover-up before and after a swim, or just for style. The prices of this Boracay pasalubong depend on the size and the quality of its fabric. A sarong made of thin cloth ranges from PhP150 to PhP180, while larger ones with a thicker fabric are sold at PhP350. Common sarong styles from the island include prints of Bob Marley or tribal designs.

7. Delicacies

Boracay Pasalubong - Pasalubong from Boracay – Yoorekka PH, Boracay pasalubong

It’s a snack galore!

Image: Fiesta Souvenirs Boracay Facebook page

On Boracay Island, you can grab snacks this pasalubong from Boracay and Aklan, like bananas (PhP105), taro, and sweet potato chips (PhP60). These Boracay pasalubong items are sold at three for PhP100. Another famous local delicacy is ampao (PhP70), a crunchy rice snack from Lezo, Aklan.

Aside from local products, Korean souvenir shops also carry Philippine snack items like dried mangoes from Cebu and Guimaras. Korean and Chinese tourists also commonly buy mango candies and other mango products.

If you want to bring home a piece of Boracay pasalubong items, these pasalubong items from Boracay Island might bring back some memories of your vacation. So, even on a budget, spare some cash for something that would remind you of this island.

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on May 27, 2017.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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