Things To Bring in Boracay for Your Next Beach Holiday

Make your next Boracay getaway vacation enjoyable with these packing tips.

By: Karen Bermejo | November 28, 2017
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One dilemma most people face when traveling is how to pack. Some prefer redundancy and bring as much as they can, while there are those who prefer to bring less. What to pack mainly depends on the destination. You should never forget to bring a sweater if you plan to go to cold places. If you plan on a beach holiday like spending summer in Boracay, then forget about your bulky jacket.

If you’re planning a Boracay getaway, here’s what things to bring in Boracay—without overpacking.

Choose the right bag.

Things to Bring in Boracay, Boracay Getaway, Summer in Boracay :title: Things to Bring in Boracay Your Next Beach Holiday

For a two- to three- day beach getaway, this bag is just right for my stuff. (Image: Writer)

Whenever I travel, I always choose to go light, more so when I go to a beach destination. I always prefer a backpack over a suitcase. On this island, it’s always easier to move around when carrying a backpack with just the important things to bring in Boracay, especially if your hotel is located on the beachfront. It’s important to choose the right backpack in your Boracay getaway. Don’t carry a 40-liter bag for a three-day holiday. A small backpack where you can put your belongings with extra room for souvenirs would be enough. Bringing a backpack cover is one of the things to bring in Boracay, it can save your bag from water and dirt.

Carry just enough clothes.

Boracay Getaway :title: Things to Bring in Boracay Your Next Beach Holiday

If you did not bring enough clothes, get a souvenir shirt almost anywhere on the island. (Image: Writer)

Forget about carrying your entire closet, which will be burdensome. You can still have different outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) posts by switching up your clothes. Carry just at least two to three tops and shorts or long pants are the things to bring in Boracay. Choose lightweight clothing. Instead of denim pants, I opt for leggings since they’re lighter and allows me to move easily. Also, bring enough underwear, another important things to bring in Boracay, whether made of cloth or disposable material. If you did not bring enough clothes for your Boracay getaway, there are lots of 24-hour laundry shops in the island. You can also just buy a new shirt with the Boracay design on it, perfect shirt in your summer in Boracay.

Prepare your swimwear.

No beach vacation is complete without a swimsuit. One of the most important things to bring in Boracay is your bikini ready or a rash guard, if you prefer more cover. Choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Even though I bring bikinis with me, I still bring along a rash guard for island hopping activities. If you forget to pack one in one of the things to bring in Boracay, you can find different types of swimsuits around the island. Don’t forget to pack a cute cover-up as well for your Boracay getaway, to protect yourself when it gets too hot or if you don’t want too much exposure.

Don’t forget your beach essentials.

Bring your own sunscreen or buy one in shops around Boracay. (Image: Writer)

Sunscreen is one of the essential things to bring in Boracay. Putting on sunscreen should be a daily habit, more so when you’re planning to bask on the beach. The higher the SPF your sunblock has, the better. Remember to protect your face also. Sunglasses are not just made for fashion, so I recommend you have one, too. A pair of flip-flops is also a must-have things to bring in Boracay.. Though it’s better to walk barefoot along the beach, you’ll need slippers to move around. You can buy a pair from the Havaianas store in Station 1, White Beach. Another option is to buy cheaper ones in souvenir shops along the beach while you're on your Boracay getaway.

Bring travel-size toiletries.

Things to Bring in Boracay :title: Things to Bring in Boracay Your Next Beach Holiday

Travel-size toiletries make packing easier. (Image: Writer)

One thing to bring in Boracay most of us should never forget when traveling is toiletries, especially for girls. Hygiene should always be a priority. To save on space, I always have ready travel-size bottles to put my stuff in my summer in Boracay: lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and facial wash. I just refill them whenever I travel. One of the things to bring in Boracay are the travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste to save on space. Whenever I stay at hotels, the cheapskate traveler in me usually takes the toiletries to use for my next trips. Don’t forget to bring wet wipes for quick clean-ups and to freshen up when on the road.

Always have a first-aid kit.

The most important things to bring in Boracay is the first-aid kit. I always keep a personal first-aid kit in my bag either for long or short trips. I bought a small one that contains the most necessary stuff on my Boracay getaway—Betadine, band-aid, and bandage, among others. Have in handy medicines for emergencies like ibuprofen for pain relief, paracetamol for a headache or hangover, cetirizine or loratadine for allergies, and loperamide in case of an upset stomach. Also, carry antacids is one of the things to bring in Boracay in case alcohol triggers your acid reflux, like in my case.

Bring extra stuff.

Though I mentioned not to bring too much, I always have some extra stuff in my bag that are worth the space. I carry zip lock bags to keep my things waterproof and organized. To keep your things from getting wet, one thing to bring in Boracay is bring a dry bag. They come in different sizes with two liters at the smallest. Don’t forget your power bank also. Have an extra power source, especially if you use your phone to take photos for your summer in Boracay. Lastly, things to bring in your Boracay getaway always have a foldable bag as carrying a plastic bag is now prohibited in Boracay.

Traveling light may not also be applicable for everyone. Everyone packing their things to bring in Boracay has a list that will still depend on their travel personality. No matter what your packing preference is, don’t let your baggage get in the way. Just enjoy the sun, sand, and sunset of Boracay.
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