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This B&B Resort in Boracay Will Steal Your Heart If You’re A Pet Lover

A surreal fur-cation!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | November 03, 2021
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Chill and lounge at The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast with their resident dogs—Chilli and Miel!

Images: The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Facebook page

Discover this hidden gem when you travel in Boracay, where you can feel at home while on vacation. If you are getting tired of the overrated, usual, busy life on the island and in dire need of a serene vibe and a quiet break, then The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is the best for you. This bed and breakfast guest house is an island favorite because of its rustic, warm, and natural ambiance.

People love the island life in this quiet, laid-back part of Boracay without compromising the beauty and splendor of the white-sand beach. Staying in The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast does not limit you from having a safe, worthwhile stay that comes with an affordable price. The best part about choosing to stay in this bed and breakfast is that you get to bond with resident dogs, Chilli and Miel, along with resident cats!

Get a chill, homey-vibe experience at The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast: A Private Haven in Boracay, the lazy dog bed and breakfast

The resort’s lounge is perfect for having breakfast under the tree in the morning or a siesta in the afternoon.

Image: The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Facebook page

Boracay was beginning to evolve as a tourist destination back in 2005 when the island folk loved the quiet island of Bulabog. This serene and peaceful place paved the way for this underrated island to gain international recognition for being a world-class windsurfing and kite surfing spot. Though this area is far from the busy nightlife of Boracay, it is still very close to the captivating view of the palm trees, the sea, and the white sand of this world-renowned destination.

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast: A Private Haven in Boracay, boracay

Be worry-free, lazy, relax, and do nothing in The Lazy Dog and Breakfast Boracay – like this cute brown dog!

Image: The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Facebook page

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast started as a pet-friendly, quiet, 4-bedroom bed and breakfast and was the only guest accommodation back in the day. Now, this mini-resort has evolved over the years, welcoming guests with 24 private rooms and 16 dorm beds built around a century-old tree. The bed and breakfast resort was further embellished with modern touches and, at the same time, maintaining the old Boracay Island feels that the people have loved from the beginning. Island tourists’ favorite part of The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is the homey ambiance and the pet-friendly environment while staying.

Lazy kind of relaxation at this pet-friendly resort!

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast: A Private Haven in Boracay, resort

Start your day with a delicious breakfast and be with the adorable dogs roaming around the pet-friendly café.

Image: The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Facebook page

Tourists claim to feel at home in the comforts of the bed and breakfast accommodation this resort offers. The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is undoubtedly an understated charm of Boracay, a pet-friendly place to stay that is centrally located in a private compound with quaint structures and rustic ambiance. A place like this is best for people who want a peaceful, slow-paced, and quiet break while forgetting the worries of the hustle and bustle that the reality of city life brings.

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast is a resort accommodation not only for the homestay of Boracay guests but also a safe sanctuary for cute and friendly dogs (and cats!). The name of the resort itself stands that you are free to relax to the highest level of laziness when staying at this bed and breakfast lodge. With a stay at The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast, you can experience the coziest accommodation while living a simple island life. You can stay for as long as you want since a night at this resort comes at an affordable price.

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast: A Private Haven in Boracay, bed and breakfast

Get lazy doggin’ with these snug and warm rooms prepared by the friendly staff of The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast.

Image: The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Facebook page

Your stay at this humble bed and breakfast resort will not be complete without booking your cozy room. The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast room accommodation comes with complimentary home-cooked breakfast, cable television, hot showers, and air-conditioned rooms. Classic Standard Rooms with a balcony are at PhP1,386 per night, with a room suitable for two persons. A new wing of Superior Rooms is also a good choice for a room accommodation which only costs PhP1,500 per night, best for couples and singles. This bed and breakfast resort also boasts of its newly renovated Deluxe Rooms, with a deck perfect for a group of three at an affordable price of PhP2,100 per night.

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast also offers dorm accommodation that is perfectly suitable for solo travelers. Book your bed and meet new friends in one dorm that houses seven other beds. This dorm accommodation comes with an en suite bathroom, hot and cold showers, linens and towels, air-conditioning, and lockers.

Eat and chill all day with the friendly and cute dogs at Whiskey’s Café

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast: A Private Haven in Boracay, accomodations

Choose from a hearty Filipino breakfast or a healthy oatmeal delicacy to pair with your Vietnamese coffee in this hidden bed and breakfast resort.

Images: The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Facebook page

Eating is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, and Whiskey’s Café by The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast offers you just that. Chow down on your favorite sandwiches or healthy meals, sip on Vietnamese coffee under the peaceful shade of the tree, read your well-loved book, listen to a chill playlist, or take a nap on the hammock - a lot of options in mind. At the same time, you live a slow-paced and serene life at this underrated resort in Boracay.

Breakfast is served in the garden café of the resort from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, where you can choose between local or Western food. The café is open until 8:00 PM to accommodate your cravings after a lazy unwinding during the daylight.

Whiskey’s Café is in honor and memory of the resort’s beloved Golden Retriever, Whiskey. A café of significance and a resort of tranquility might be the perfect equation for a dreamy getaway.

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast - Boracay
Location: 1 Sesame St. Bulabog Beach, 5608, Boracay, Philippines
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lazydogboracay
Website: http://www.lazydogboracay.com/
Contact Number: 0920 9454845
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Cafe: PhP100 to PhP360
Room Accommodation: PhP1,386 to PhP3,000

Chilling all day in this hidden corner of Boracay Island is best for people who want to destress and be one with nature. In The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast, old Boracay will always be retained for a peaceful vacation that you will always need and find.

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

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