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Discover Boracay’s Tiktok-famous Seafood Buffet That’s Totally Worth the Hype

Chow down in this seafood buffet in Boracay!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | July 20, 2022
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Nalka Seafood Restaurant, seafood buffet in Boracay, Boracay

Mouthwatering, unlimited seafood buffet in Boracay? You just found it at Nalka Seafood Restaurant!

Images: Nalka Seafood Restaurant Facebook page

Everyone dreams of going to the famous island of Boracay, and we know you do, too! One of the most exciting things that almost everyone is looking forward to in visiting the beautiful island of Boracay is the food and gastronomic pleasures that await while on vacation at the world-famous island. Bed and breakfast meals, coffee, fast food, incredible desserts, and seafood—good food makes your Boracay trip fun and memorable!

This surprisingly trending seafood buffet in Boracay discovered on TikTok has been making a buzz on social media, and foodies can’t wait to splurge on endless, delicious seafood at this dining spot in Boracay, where a palatable seafood buffet awaits—the Nalka Seafood Restaurant.

Best seafood and the Filipino pride at this beachfront seafood resto in Boracay

Nalka Seafood Restaurant – Seafood Buffet in Boracay - Boracay, Nalka Seafood Restaurant

Unlimited beachfront views paired with an unlimited seafood buffet? Scroll down and find out more!

Images: Nalka Seafood Restaurant Facebook page

Seafood and the vibes of Boracay are a combination best enjoyed at this Tiktok most-liked beachfront seafood restaurant in Boracay—Nalka Seafood Restaurant, located just right at The Muse Hotel Boracay. The seafood bar and restaurant’s unique name is derived from the word ‘Aklan’ spelled backward and is located in the white beach area and at the North-Western section of Boracay, Station 1. Top Boracay hotels and upscale dining spots are situated in this area on the island, but at Nalka Seafood Restaurant, you will not have second thoughts because this restaurant offers the best seafood buffet in Boracay; plus the most stunning picturesque views of the beach!

Nalka Seafood Restaurant serves the best seafood dishes on Boracay Island. Not only that, but the seafood restaurant also boasts of its continued dedication to serving dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, showcasing Filipino pride and hospitality.

Nalka Seafood Restaurant – Seafood Buffet in Boracay - Boracay, seafood buffet in Boracay

The restaurant is built with homey and simple interiors with open and airy windows.

Image: Nalka Seafood Restaurant Facebook page

The beachfront views at Nalka Seafood Restaurant are thoroughly enjoyed by the guests, and any seating spot in the restaurant captures them all—from the first to the second floor. But get this, Nalka Seafood Restaurant is not your usual and ordinary buffet meal where you would stand up and serve yourself. Instead, you will feel like a VIP guest at the restaurant since the staff will be the ones to help your chosen ala carte seafood dishes for you. All you need to do is fill out the order list and excitingly wait for your seafood dishes to be served. Once you have placed your order, they would start to cook and prepare your chosen dish, assuring that food is freshly hot and cooked. Dining guests are also advised to order one to two dishes at a time to avoid leftovers and make the most out of tasting them all as much as possible.

Though most buffet restaurants offer only dine-in services, Nalka Seafood Restaurant lets you have your favorite seafood meals available for takeout so that you can safely enjoy them in the comforts of your hotel room.

Aside from discovering this seafood buffet in Boracay through TikTok, a famous social media and video streaming app, Google also tags Nalka Seafood Restaurant as the best seafood restaurant in Boracay. Other than the most delicious seafood dishes you can try, Nalka Seafood Restaurant is also built with homey and simple interiors, furnished with modern tables and chairs. Open and airy windows also make you to see the panoramic views of the beaches of Boracay.

Nalka Seafood Restaurant – Seafood Buffet in Boracay - Boracay, Boracay

Aside from a seafood buffet, you can also have a dish in a solo serving.

Image: Nalka Seafood Restaurant Facebook page

This seafood buffet in Boracay also considers your health when it comes to food. That is why included among their various food choices on the menu are vegetarian dishes like the Watermelon Salad at PhP295, which is also a best-seller, the Pumpkin and Coconut Soup at PhP150 for a solo serving and PhP260 for sharing, Nalka Pinakbet at PhP230, and the Ginataang Gulay at PhP250.

The main highlight is the Nalka Seafood Restaurant’s Order All You Can Unlimited Seafood. It costs only PhP1,299, where you can order any side dishes, oyster, shrimp, bangus (milkfish), yellowfin tuna, mackerel, clams and mussels, salad and veggies, and dessert. Chug it off with bottomless iced tea and add more orders from the seafood buffet menu.

Nalka Seafood Restaurant – Seafood Buffet in Boracay - Boracay, Nalka Seafood Restaurant

The unique saucy shrimp skewers (L) you should not miss out on ordering for your buffet list. Nalka Seafood Restaurant offers all kinds of fresh seafood and is always available fresh for their guests.

Images: Nalka Seafood Restaurant Facebook page

Nalka Seafood Restaurants’ menu includes appetizers like the bestselling Nalka Fries at PhP180 and Chipirones (baby squid with garlic and calamansi aioli) at PhP320 to get your taste buds hyped up.

The seafood restaurant choices are so overwhelming; that’s why an eat-all-you-can buffet is just the right dining style for Nalka Seafood Restaurant so that you wouldn’t miss trying them all. Brace yourselves for different fish dishes, shrimp dishes, shellfish dishes, prawns, oysters, squid, and crab dishes that you can also order. It is best recommended to place a reservation ahead at the restaurant through their contact number or Facebook page to guarantee your slots, especially for the eat-all-you-can seafood buffet.

Other than the scrumptious seafood menu, Nalka Seafood Restaurant also has pork, chicken, and beef dishes, just in case you miss having one in Boracay!

Location: The Muse Hotel Boracay, Station 1 (beachfront) near Army Navy, Balabag Boracay Island, Malay Aklan, Philippines 5608 Malay, Philippines
Operating Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, noon to 8:00 PM
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, noon to 8:30 PM
Price Range: PhP160 to PhP1,299
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nalkaseafoodrestaurant/
Website: http://www.themuseboracay.com/

Good food and the best views are for everyone! At Nalka Seafood Restaurant, the gastronomic delight never fails with the vast array of food choices, comfortable ambiance, simple and beachy interiors, and the accommodating and hospitable staff. Besides the seafood buffet, it is also enjoyable to be warmly welcomed as a well-regarded guest in Boracay, embracing the Filipino culture and vibe while feasting on the best seafood buffet on the island.

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Stay safe as you travel and dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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