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Eat Well Even While on Vacay at These Healthy Restaurants in Boracay

Eating clean even while on vacation is possible with these healthy food places in Boracay.

By: Karen Bermejo | September 21, 2020
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Due to quarantine measures in place, some of these restaurants might be temporarily closed. Please coordinate with the management or local government before visiting.

healthy restaurants Boracay

Boracay has great options for health-conscious foodies.

Image: Nonie’s Facebook page

Food plays a vital role in our travel experiences. For some, it is even the main reason why they travel - to have a taste of life in the places they visit. And this gastronomic experience is not just for foodies, but even for the health buffs. But traveling should not be an excuse to forget about your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to clean eating, there are several healthy dishes you can try while in Boracay. These healthy restaurants in Boracay will prove that eating clean is possible even while in paradise.

As there are hundreds of places to eat while on the island, we listed down some healthy restaurants in Boracay that have healthy food on their menu.

1. Nonie’s Restaurant

Address: Hue Hotel and Resorts, Station 2, Boracay
Operating hours: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily
Recommended budget for two: PhP1,000

healthy dishes

A healthy mix of greens, grain, and local fish from Nonie’s would satisfy any palate.

Image: Nonie’s Facebook page

With their “eat good, feel good” advocacy, it’s no wonder you’ll surely eat healthy at Nonie’s. The place has started to gain more popularity with their smoothie bowls made from fresh fruits and healthy grains. More than that, they also have their vegan version of classic Filipino dishes. Instead of pig head and chicken liver, they use mushroom and tofu for their sisig, a popular dish from Pampanga. They also have their vegan version of longganisa (Filipino-style sausage). For those who cannot let go of rice, they also have an option for you. They offer adlai, a gluten-free grain paired with toasted dilis or anchovies with local water buffalo cheese, onion, tomato, green mango, seasonal greens, and organic eggs.

How to get to Nonie’s Restaurant: From the Cagban Jetty Port, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Hue Hotel and Resorts. The restaurant is located within the hotel.

September 2020 Update: Nonie’s is open for take out and delivery from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

2. Prana Restaurant

Address: Mandala Spa & Villas, Sitio Manggayad, Barangay Manocmanoc, Boracay
Operating hours: Open daily from 7 AM to 3 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM
Recommended budget for two: PhP1,000

healthy food places

You can enjoy your pancakes without gluten with Prana’s version using Quinoa.

Image: Prana Restaurant Facebook page

Mandala Spa and Resort Villas is already known when it comes to wellness so it’s not a surprise they also serve dishes for the health-conscious. Their in-house restaurant named Prana offers wellness and energy with their vegan, organic, gluten-free, and vegetarian menu. They serve oven-roasted pumpkin risotto, Quinoa pancakes, and pasta with homemade pesto sauce, among others. While their dishes are simple, what makes them special is their freshness. In fact, all the herbs and ingredients used for their menu are from their garden.

How to get to Prana Restaurant: Ride a tricycle from the Cagban Jetty Port to Prana Restaurant which is about three kilometers away. Tell the driver to drop you off at Mandala Spa & Villas where the restaurant is.

3. Kasbah

Address: Beachfront, Station 1, White Beach, Boracay
Operating hours: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily
Recommended budget for two: PhP1,000

healthy places to eat

This vegan-friendly hummus is a bestseller at Kasbah.

Image: Kasbah Boracay Facebook page

When you want to travel to Morocco without leaving the beach, then Kasbah is the place you can visit. This restaurant along the beachfront in Station 1 is serving the flavors of Morrocco in their dishes. Aside from that, they are also well known for their long list of options for vegetarians and vegans. For the appetizer, they have the vegan-friendly Moorish falafel. It is a fritter bite made from chickpea with a side salad and homemade pita bread drizzled with an herb yogurt sauce. If you want something more filling and rich, they also have the seven vegetable couscous tagine ̶ a rich mixture of fluffy couscous, cabbage, zucchini, carrots, squash eggplant in turmeric, and citruses blended with harissa, a North African hot chili pepper paste.

How to get to Kasbah: Coming from the Cagban Jetty Port, get on a tricycle. But since Kasbah is located on the beachfront, you’ll have to walk a bit to get there. The restaurant is situated right next to Discovery Shores.

4. Lemoni Café & Restaurant

Address: D’Mall, Station 2, Barangay Balabag, Boracay
Operating hours: 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM daily
Recommended budget for two: PhP1,000


Lemoni Café keeps their salad simple but made from the freshest ingredients.

Image: Lemoni Café & Restaurant, Boracay Facebook page

Despite being one of the island’s longest operating home-grown restaurants, Lemoni Café and Restaurant continuously serves fresh menu to its guests. But the restaurant has been renovated just this last year for a fresher look along with some changes on its menu to cater to nutrition-conscious customers. Among their must-tries in the menu are their big salads. Meanwhile, the most popular is their fresh shrimp and pomelo salad with Asian chili dressing. Another must-try is their version of shakshuka made from tomato, chili, poached egg, and coriander. Finally, to complement their healthy food, Lemoni Café also serves healthy detox juices.

How to get to Lemoni Café and Restaurant: Since the restaurant is located in D’Mall, just tell your tricycle driver to take you there from the Cagban Jetty Port. The restaurant is located within the shopping center itself.

September 2020 Update: Lemoni Café and Restaurant is now open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily.

For more food places all over the country, check out Yoorekka.

5. The Sunny Side Café

Address: Beachfront, Station 3, Barangay Balabag, Boracay
Operating hours: 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM daily
Recommended budget for two: PhP1,000

salad restaurants

There’s no need to skip rice anymore with this healthier alternative.

Image: The Sunny Side Café Facebook page

Now with a healthier option, this all-day breakfast restaurant can make you crave for breakfast any time of the day. The Sunny Side Café started to add more Filipino-style dishes on their menu sans the guilty rice pleasure. They are serving brown rice dishes with tuna salpicao and the classic tapa (dried or cured beef). If you want a comforting vegetarian dish, then their spinach & mushroom baked eggs is for you. But if you can’t decide whether to have breakfast or proceed directly to the dessert, the chia and fruit pudding from The Sunny Side Café can be the answer. It is made of a cup of chia pudding, topped with mango chunks and purée, lychees, and a bit of hibiscus jam and mint.

How to get to The Sunny Side Café: Ride a tricycle from the Cagban Jetty Port and alight at D’Mall. From there, you can walk towards the White Beach Path towards Boracay Sands Hotel. The Sunny Side Café is located at the beachfront of the hotel.

Since it is tempting to eat everything while on travel, choosing places which serve healthier dishes can be your best option to stay healthy while on vacation.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on August 22, 2019.
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