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Rock the Trending Crystal Kayak Pose Ideas and Inspos in Boracay

Take photos to the next level with the famous Crystal Kayak Boracay.

By: Mira Maestrecampo | August 17, 2022
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Crystal Kayak Pose Ideas, Crystal Kayak Boracay, Crystal Kayak Boracay Pictures

Boost up your confidence in gorgeous poses with the Crystal Kayak in Boracay!

Images: Boracay Crystal Kayak Adventures & PhotoG Facebook Page

Everyone doesn’t go home from Boracay without the signature Boracay braids and now, without photos of themselves flaunting their Crystal Kayak pose ideas with their sun-tanned bikini bodies! This newest attraction has been raving on different social media feeds for the past months, riding the ocean waves of Boracay in a transparent, crystal boat with a majestic overlooking background of the shores of the island while these Boracay tourists flaunt their Crystal Kayak pose ideas.

The newest, relaxing yet fun activity in Boracay that everyone loves—is the Crystal Kayak Boracay at Puka Beach in Puka Island, Boracay. In this fun Boracay activity, you only get to pay PhP250 to PhP300 to the ‘Kuya Photographer’, also the Crystal Kayak Skipper. You can already experience a celebrity-like photoshoot with these Crystal Kayak pose ideas and surprisingly stunning Crystal Kayak Boracay pictures that you can happily choose from at that affordable price.

To prepare you for this excellent and newest activity attraction on Boracay Island, here are some Crystal Kayak pose ideas you can practically follow or improve on to make the most out of your water adventure!

1. Flaunt It: Lie down the kayak, facing the sun

Crystal Kayak Pose Ideas

This classic Crystal Kayak pose goes well for the ladies who want to flaunt their bikinis!

Images: Karizma Crystal Kayak Boracay (L); Boracay Crystal Kayak Adventures & PhotoG (R) Facebook Pages

What could be more fun than flaunting Crystal Kayak pose ideas with your beach body on the stunning beaches of Boracay? Besides having a stroll by the long shores of the world-class island, The Crystal Kayak Boracay also lets you pose all you want while being confident in your own body—especially with this pose. First, balance yourself slowly inside the crystal kayak and slowly lie down facing up; make sure not to move too much so that you will not be outbalanced while doing this Crystal Kayak pose idea. After being comfortable, internalize the waves, and pose for the camera!

You can raise your arms, cross your legs, reach your arm to the camera, or put your hands on the sides of the crystal kayak—any gesture that would make you comfortable and confident while showing off your Crystal Kayak pose ideas.

2. Say Cheese: Sit down and smile

Crystal Kayak Boracay

Nothing beats the simple pose of enjoying Boracay’s sun and ocean waves.

Images: Karizma Crystal Kayak Boracay (L); Creative Crystal Kayak Photography Boracay (R) Facebook Pages

Say cheese! A simple smile while sitting on the aesthetic Crystal Kayak Boracay is enough to complement the picturesque background in the Crystal Kayak photoshoot. You can improvise this Crystal Kayak pose ideas, though, or add props to give some actions to your Crystal Kayak Boracay pictures. You can cross your legs to add a sensual vibe or grab the paddle used to navigate the kayak and play with it as you pose for the camera. Either way, smiling is the best way to have the picture-perfect Crystal Kayak shot. Make sure to know your best angles, and then you can take it away flaunting the Crystal Kayak pose ideas.

Sitting on the edge of the kayak is also an excellent way to capture the moment of excitement, making sure to be careful and confident.

3. Sana All: Do a couple photoshoots with your special someone

Crystal Kayak Boracay Pictures

On the left: Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero do a quick photoshoot at the Crystal Kayak after Troy asks for Aubrey’s hand in marriage.

Images: Boracay Crystal Kayak Adventures & PhotoG (L); Creative Crystal Kayak Photography Boracay (R) Facebook Pages

Are you in Boracay with your special someone? Then the Sana All Crystal Kayak pose ideas are for the both of you. You’ll be more excited to know that they have an available Heart Shaped Crystal Kayak Boracay so that you and your best friend, beau, or special someone can do the photoshoot—together! If you’re still not convinced, look at celebrity lovers Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero. They did a heartfelt and memorable Crystal Kayak pose ideas photo op after their sweet proposal while the couple was on vacation in Boracay.

You can do various poses like a back hug while sitting in the kayak, hands in the air while holding hands, or be in the moment as you create memories with your lover or best friend. Make Crystal Kayak Boracay pictures memorable!

4. Be Body-genic: Flaunt your curves with back poses

Crystal Kayak Pose Ideas

Here is your chance to let Boracay witness your curves and beach-ready body.

Images: Boracay Willy's Rock Crystal Kayak Adventures (L); Karizma Crystal Kayak Boracay (R) Facebook Pages

Another Crystal Kayak pose ideas are the back poses, for those who think they are not photogenic enough or are too shy to face the camera. With aesthetic back poses, you can make many hand gestures and even show off your curves while hiding your face for that mysterious aura. If you want a genuine shot of yourself admiring the breathtaking views of Boracay, then this is the perfect Crystal Kayak pose ideas you can follow. Don’t fret about the camera angles since the Crystal Kayak Boracay photographers are impressively good at taking the best shots even when you are not facing the camera. Hold those poses and feel the warm breeze while showing off your bikini body. Don’t forget that all bodies are bikini bodies, so flaunt it in any way you want it in your Crystal Kayak pose ideas.

5. Be One with the Kayak: Lie in a prone position.

Crystal Kayak Boracay

Create an eye-catching illusion of lying down in the waters by lying on your belly in the Crystal Kayak.

Images: Boracay Crystal Kayak Adventures & PhotoG (L); Creative Crystal Kayak Photography Boracay (R) Facebook Pages

This Crystal Kayak pose ideas is by far the most thrilling pose idea that you can do since you will need to balance well so as not to fall out of the kayak. But on the other hand, this pose is simple and should be done with utmost confidence. Lie flat on your belly, join your legs, and stretch your hands in the Crystal Kayak Boracay. While you are outstretched, remember to play with them with hand poses in front of the camera, doing some Crystal Kayak pose ideas. Doing these Crystal Kayak Boracay pictures, use your eyes, and play with your sunglasses while posing for the camera. Think about how Tyra Banks and Pia Wurtzbach play with their eyes while facing the camera using the iconic and fierce ‘smize’ facial expression. This Crystal Kayak pose ideas also lets you emphasize your facial and half-body features, so it’s best to give it your all while comfortable with this position. In this pose, most of the photo composition will focus on the majestic views of Boracay as your stunning backdrop.

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This newest water activity takes photos in Boracay to the next level. Pictures are always sentimental, and when you experience this activity, showing off Crystal Kayak pose ideas, it will bring you many photo memories that you can look back on anytime! What is nice about the Crystal Kayak Boracay photoshoot is that it unleashes your confidence while letting you have one of the best memories you can take home with you.

For more fun activities to do in Boracay, browse more through Yoorekka Magazine!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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