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It’s Time for a Year-end Break: 6 Best Spots in Boracay to Add to Your Bucket List Before 2022 Ends

Let these six best spots in Boracay inspire you to get that year-end vacation you deserve!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | November 30, 2022
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Ending the year with a relaxed mind and a happy heart is the essence of spending it on the pristine island of Boracay.

Image: Levantin Boracay (L)

What’s more to love in Boracay than its famous white sand and clear waters? That would be the numerous places to visit in Boracay—from the finest accommodations to the best dining spots on the island! Boracay is a big island with long beaches to stroll through, and when you stay in Boracay, you will never run out of places to visit whenever you are traveling to the pristine island at any season.

If you are looking forward to spending Christmas and New Year at the world-famous island, these destinations in Boracay Island are a must-add to your 2022 bucket list of places to go in Boracay. These places might be underrated for some reasons, but one thing is for sure: these are the best spots in Boracay to have a more memorable way of capping off the year goodbye!

1. Banana Bay Boracay

Best For: Stay for a cause
Rates: Start at PhP1,999 per night

Best Spot in Boracay – Places to Visit in Boracay – Yoorekka.com, best spot in Boracay

Banana Bay Boracay is a unique hotel located at the best spot in Bulabog Beach, Boracay.

Images: Banana Bay Boracay

Banana Bay Boracay is your gateway to the best views of Bulabog Beach, located in the serene part among other best spots on Boracay Island. This eco-luxury boutique hotel was specially built with the help of local artisans that offers you perfect relaxation while supporting environmental causes. The interiors of this hotel are very well-thought, giving you high expectations of visual wonders as you gaze at the views of the beach and bask in the sunny and breezy air of Boracay. This eco-friendly hotel is worth a try among other places to visit in Boracay.

The elegant and intricately designed rooms make Banana Bay one of the best spots in Boracay. You can choose among Banana Bay’s eco-friendly rooms at reasonable rates, worthy of a simple yet lavishly comfortable stay to relax as you welcome a new year ahead. For the room accommodations: the Superior Room starts at PhP1,999 per night, Deluxe Room without Balcony is at Php 2,999 per night, the Deluxe Room with Balcony starts at Php 3,444 per night, the Premier Deluxe Room with Balcony at Php 3,777 per night, the Premier Deluxe with Pool Access accommodation at 4,111 per night, and the Suite Room for only 6,785.48 per night.

2. Levantin Boracay

Best For: A complete and private sanctuary for yourself
Food: PhP358 to PhP420
Room accommodation: PhP1,300 to PhP2,900

Best Spot in Boracay – Places to Visit in Boracay – Yoorekka.com, places to visit in Boracay

Looking for a hotel, restaurant, and bar in one? Levantin is the best spot in Boracay for that!

Images: Levantin Boracay Facebook page

Here’s Levantin Boracay—everything you need on a memorable year-ender spent on the island at prime destinations in Boracay. Another gem in Bulabog Beach, this hotel, restaurant, and bar in one is only 10 minutes away from the vibrant White Beach of Boracay and D’Mall Boracay, home of Boracay’s finest shops and other restaurants. Levantin houses 15 cozy rooms for all kinds of year-ender travelers, all equipped with complete amenities for the perfect relaxation. Levantin is guaranteed and proven one of the best spots in Boracay with its Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor while being tagged as the best-recommended restaurant guru in Boracay.

Other than a cozy place to stay, Levantin’s restaurant serves the best selections of local and international food, all-day freshly cooked breakfast meals, and a bar with an extensive array of traditional drinks and exotic cocktails.

3. 7Stones Luxury Suites

Best For: A haven at the heart of Boracay
Rates: Start at PhP3,750

Best Spot in Boracay – Places to Visit in Boracay – Yoorekka.com, destination in Boracay

The luxury apartments at 7Stones all feature the best views of the beaches and horizons of Boracay.

Images: Levantin Boracay Facebook page

Stunning luxury suites at a prime beachfront location are a vacation spot that you deserve right at 7Stones Boracay. 7Stones features comfy beachfront apartments with poolside units at the heart of Boracay’s quiet back beach, just minutes away from Boracay’s shopping stalls and beach areas. With accommodation at 7Stones, you can experience everything Boracay—nightlife, dining, and leisure activities. Inclusions at 7Stones Resort and Apartments include beach access, stunning ocean views from your balcony, complimentary welcome drinks, and exclusive use of the resort’s swimming pool.

What makes 7Stones one of the best spots in Boracay is its central location granting you close access to the island’s actions and activities. As recently announced, 7Stones excitingly welcomes the return of water sports and activities returning on the island after years of hiatus. On your vacation year-ender at this apartment resort, expect breathtaking sunrise and sunset views right from your doorstep as you relax at modern luxury units carefully designed and impeccably maintained to keep you comfortable on your year-end getaway.

4. Eight by The Beach Boracay

Best For: Buffet feast
Rates: Start at PhP499 per person

Best Spot in Boracay – Places to Visit in Boracay – Yoorekka.com, places to visit in Boracay

If you plan to go on a diet next year, then have a last hurrah of buffet eating at this food destination in Boracay.

Images: Eight by The Beach Boracay Facebook page

Now off to the other side of Boracay across Bulabog Beach is Eight by the Beach Boracay, one of the best buffets found on the island, making it third on this list of best spots in Boracay for a memorable beach year-ender. Food tripping before the year ends is possibly what you are looking forward to as you plan out your new diet plan for 2023. Thankfully, Eight by the Beach serves the best comfort food, such as specialty wings, bar bites, and refreshing cocktails to hype up your food trip escapade in Boracay. You can try out their 8’s Holi-Deals this holiday season on their best-selling drinks, offering specialty fruit smoothies at PhP230 and the Buy 1 Get 1 Drinks during Happy Hour for only PhP280.

Most of all, Eight by the Beach Boracay is best known for its lunch buffet for only PhP499, and beach-goers claim this to be one of the best dining places to visit in Boracay, with excellent value for money as it is well-priced for an array of buffet choices and meals. They also serve all-day breakfasts, coffee, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches for a la carte orders.

5. Ole Tapas Bar Boracay

Best For: Food and drink spot in one
Price: PhP180 to PhP3,995

Best Spot in Boracay – Places to Visit in Boracay – Yoorekka.com, destination in Boracay

Another among the roster of best dining places to visit in Boracay is this Spanish-Mexican resto.

Images: Ole Tapas Bar Boracay Philippines Facebook page

Revel in the Spanish-Mexican ambiance in Boracay when you dine at Ole Tapas Bar, a bar and restaurant located at D’Mall Boracay specializing in Cuban, Mexican, and Spanish cuisine. Remember not to miss tasting Ole Tapas Bar’s bestsellers: Paella, Fajitas, and Beef Tacos. No need to go to Mexico or Spain because you can now taste imported food right at this place to visit in Boracay to tick ‘taste international food’ on your 2022 bucket list as you visit this food destination in Boracay.

Paella ranges from PhP180 to PhP3,975, depending on the size and your choice of flavor: Paella Negra, Paella Marinera, Paella Valenciana, Paella Mixta, Paella Bogavante, and Paella Negra de Mariscos. Another bestseller is the Fajitas at PhP710, a Mexican dish made of sliced onions, bell pepper, tomato, tortilla, and your choice of shrimp, chicken, or steak. Beef Tacos are also customers’ favorite Mexican staple for only PhP259.

6. Tirta Spa

Best For: Genuine spa relaxation
Rates: Start at PhP2,000

Best Spot in Boracay – Places to Visit in Boracay – Yoorekka.com, places to visit in Boracay

Tirta Spa is a recipient of many international awards, and you should not miss out on finding out why.

Image: Tirta Spa Facebook page

As you brace yourself for another year, it’s about time that you treat yourself to a spa treatment at Boracay, made possible by Tirta Spa. The name ‘tirta’ is a Hindu Sanskrit word that means ‘holy water’, and this private spa will cover you in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation as you take a break at Boracay’s famous spa. Tirta Spa offers high-quality services and natural wellness therapies that will ease your mind and body from all stress and worries to leave in 2022 as you welcome 2023 with a renewed spirit. As you explore more of the best spots in Boracay, this should not be missed checking out.

Tirta Spa offers facials, full-body massages, body wraps, aromatherapy treatments, signature wellness packages, and crafted spa products to take home with you.

Have you decided where to go among these best spots in Boracay for that fun year-end holiday? Boracay is the best place to cap off the year with a bang, and these places to visit in Boracay are proof of why, as you get to experience them yourself! Don’t hesitate to try out visiting these destinations in Boracay now because who knows what 2023 might bring?

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Rates may change without prior notice.

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