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New Date Spot in Boracay: Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay Is Your New Beachfront Date Spot on the Island

Spend your mornings with your bae while enjoying breakfast at this beachfront restaurant in Boracay!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | February 03, 2023
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Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay, beachfront restaurants in Boracay, restaurant and bar in Boracay

Enjoy a beach date in Boracay as you feast on tasty, international food at this beachfront restaurant and bar!

Images: Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay Facebook page

Boracay is not just famous among Filipinos as a summer destination. It’s also one of the best spots for a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day! With all the island’s high-end resorts, lifestyle shops, and beachfront restaurants in Boracay, you and your loved one just can’t easily choose where to go on a date. International and classic Filipino dining options can be overwhelming in Boracay, especially if your girlfriends are indecisive on where to eat among the many restaurants and bars in Boracay—which boyfriends can relate to!

Good thing that Yoorekka is here to keep you up and about on the latest and newest dining spots in Boracay for a romantic Valentine’s date, like this beachfront dining spot we have discovered—Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay!

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay – Beachfront Restaurants in Boracay, Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay

Enjoy the Boracay breeze as you sip a cocktail or fruit smoothie at this tropical-inspired beachfront restaurant.

Images: Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay Facebook page

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay is a hot spot on the island because its iconic beachfront location is perfect for Valentine’s date with your beau this February. This restaurant and bar in Boracay serves Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, delicious breakfast meals, coffee, and refreshing drinks. Beachgoers love it at Aplaya Beach Bar because of the soothing tropical vibes, excellent beachfront location, and great music.

Situated at the end of Station 1, Boracay, Aplaya combines all the experiences of international and Filipino food ventures, complementing Boracay Island’s tropical vibes.

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay – Beachfront Restaurants in Boracay, beachfront restaurants in Boracay

Aplaya held a soft opening last January 23.

Images: Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay Facebook page

Popularly known as an Italian restaurant, Aplaya will satiate your taste buds with the best-tasting pizzas, pasta dishes, and fresh beverages while basking in the white sand shores and sunset of Boracay. From day to night, Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay offers any gastronomic options that you need—from breakfast starters to hype up your day, late brunches in the sunny island afternoon, or a night of fun and dancing until dawn!

Aside from internationally-inspired dishes, Aplaya Beach Bar is a beachfront restaurant in Boracay that also serves seafood dishes like seasoned fish, prime-cut meat platters, and flavorful tapas.

Aplaya Beach Bar’s place is divided into two parts: the beachfront for music, parties, and cocktails, while the indoor dining section is for fine dining and private events, as well as romantic dates!

Breakfast dates at the beach: All-Day breakfast meals at Aplaya Beach Bar

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay – Beachfront Restaurants in Boracay, restaurant and bar in Boracay

This New York-inspired breakfast will hype you up for the day.

Image: Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay Facebook Page

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay boasts mouth-watering and guaranteed excellent, all-day breakfast options if your idea of a romantic date is a hearty breakfast while admiring the beauty of Boracay. You can choose between Cappuccino + Croissant at PhP200 and Espresso + Croissant at PhP160. The Vanilla and Chocolate Croffles at PhP150 is also worth a try. Aplaya offers Special Deals from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

If Filipino breakfast is your go-to meal of the day, don’t worry because they also serve Beef Tapa, Tocilog, Bangsilog, and Bacsilog. You can add different toppings to your eggs (omelet, scrambled, poached, or Benedict), like cheese, onions, salmon, bacon, avocado, or ham.

Croissant sandwiches are also served: Parma ham, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, arugula combination at PhP330, Salmon, scrambled eggs, salad sandwich at PhP380, Avocado and scrambled eggs for PhP320, and Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil sandwich at PhP340.

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay – Beachfront Restaurants in Boracay, Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay

Eating this delicious Caprese croissant by the beachfront is also an excellent way to spend Valentine’s Day in Boracay.

Images: Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay Facebook Page

Fruit smoothies are fruits with banana, granola, chia seeds, and coconut flakes. Fruit smoothie bowls are also a must-try if your stomach craves sweet vitamins. Yellow or mango smoothie bowl is at PhP300, Pink or strawberry is a good choice for only PhP350, Purple or blueberry at PhP350, and Brown or Dark Davao chocolate at PhP300.

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay’s all-day breakfast menu options are served until 4:00 PM.

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay – Beachfront Restaurants in Boracay, beachfront restaurants in Boracay

Aplaya (L) and Margherita (R) pizzas are among their bestsellers.

Images: Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay Facebook page

Even before its soft opening last January 2023, the restaurant vibrantly opens up the New Year; Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay has been serving Italian pizza and cocktails, their signature bestsellers, to the locals and tourists. They offer the best breakfast choices and have healthy salads, delicious main courses, sweet desserts, heartily-made soups, pasta, and the most exciting menu option—pizza!

Aplaya serves their bestselling pizza choices in various flavors: Margherita at PhP420, Aplaya for PhP640, Tropicale for PhP550, Ham and Mushrooms at PhP540, Diavola at PhP580, Tuna and Onion at PhP450, 4 Cheese for PhP660, and Mortadella and Pistacchio at PhP580. Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay starts serving pizza at 11:00 AM.

Another specialty from their menu is the Focaccia, a flat-leavened and oven-baked Italian bread, similar to a pizza, seasoned with flavorful herbs and oil. It is also called ‘pizza bianca’ or ‘white pizza’. Choose from Caprese at PhP390, Aplaya at PhP520, Rambo for PhP380, and Italiana at PhP370.

Location: 380 White Beach, Station 1, Boracay, Philippines; Near Muse hotel and Rich Indian food restaurant
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM daily
Price Range: PhP90 to PhP750
Contact No.: 03 288 2851

Boracay Island is always in season, whether for summer, holidays, or Valentine’s. With all the numerous beachfront restaurants in Boracay, plus the hotels and bars, a simple and cozy place that serves delicious food can be the ideal Valentine’s Day date at the beach while enjoying the tropical vibe of Boracay.

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Prices may change without prior notice.

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