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Adventurous Date Ideas: Diving Spots in Boracay for Fearless Couples

Looking for an adventure this Valentine’s season? Check out these diving spots in Boracay!

By: Jun N. Aguirre | February 04, 2024
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diving spots in Boracay

Have you made plans for Valentine's Day with your special someone?

Images: Calypso Diving (L); Yapak Wall Dive – Boracay (R) Facebook pages

During Valentine’s Day, Boracay is a tropical white sand beach with pristine clear water, a romantic vibe, and orange sunsets. However, there is another side of the island where you and your partner can go gaga—there are diving spots in Boracay.

Boracay has different diving attractions for you to explore: Camia, Tribird, Punta Bunga, Yapak 1 and 2, Bat Cave, Bolabog, Laguna de Boracay, Tulobhan, Malabunot, Crocodile Island, Laurel Island, Boracay Chanel, Angol Point, Coral Garden, Lobster Rock, Virgin Drop, Fridays Rock, Diniwid, and Balinghai.

diving spots in Boracay diver posing on a plane wreck

Experience the thrilling adventure of diving into the Camia Wreck and discover the mesmerizing beauty of underwater.

Image: Go-Diving Scuba Studio Facebook page

In Camia, the primary feature for divers is the shipwreck. The Camia Wreck is a 30-meter-long cargo boat that sunk in 2001 in front of Boracay. It has a depth of 18 to 25m. This diving spot in Boracay is now an artificial reef covered in corals teeming with marine life, such as batfish, eels, and stonefish.

diving spots in Boracay diver with a flashlight underwater

Diving in Tribird is the perfect activity for daredevil couples!

Image: Wicked Squid Divers – Boracay Facebook page

Tribird’s main feature is a plane wreck. Three years ago, a three-engine jet had a rough landing at Caticlan Airport near Boracay Beach. Unable to repair it on-site and fly it out, the aircraft had to wait for a solution. It was intentionally sunk off the reef to become an underwater attraction for marine life and scuba divers.

This diving spot in Boracay becomes rehabilitation grounds for corals to sustain the diving industry and ensure marine species thrive. Aside from the corals, these diving spots also showcase a wide range of tropical reef fish, including angelfish, butterfly, parrotfish, puffers, lionfish, scorpionfish, schooling redtooth triggers, and snappers. Also, some blue-spotted stingrays, moray eels, and occasional sea snakes are present.

diving spots in Boracay diver seeing a ray

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Punta Bunga—dare to dive in with your loved one.

Image: Screengrab/Calypso Diving Facebook page

You can encounter harmless sharks and amazing Marble Rays at Punta Bunga. This diving spot in Boracay has deep walls that reach 70m in places with hard and soft corals and a variety of reef fish, including groupers, lionfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish. Schooling jacks, tuna, barracuda, and reef sharks are also in the deeper areas.

In addition to the diving activity, you can also see incredible turtle hatchings at the beach Shangri-La Hotel Resort and Spa in Punta Bunga that you and your beau must witness at least once in your lifetime.

diving spots in Boracay fishes and underwater creatures

You cannot put a price on your bae’s joy and wonder that will fill your heart when you experience diving firsthand.

Image: Screengrab/Yapak Wall Dive – Boracay Facebook page

Yapak, one of three barangays in Boracay, has two must-see dive sites. Yapak 1 is a top diving spot, but due to its depth of 30 to 70m and strong currents, it is only for experienced divers. Divers can see whitetip, gray reef sharks, Napoleon wrasses, dogtooth tuna, grouper, and giant trevallies. Tech divers also frequent Yapak 1.

Yapak 2, on the other hand, is a popular diving spot on Boracay Island. It consists of two deep walls with stunning corals and marine life. Due to the 30 to 60m depth, it's only for experienced divers, but you can see big fish like dogtooth tunas, giant trevallies, barracudas, sharks, and manta rays!


If you and your bae plan to dive, you must first undergo a three-hour orientation for proper orientation and be updated on the basics of diving experience. According to the Boracay guide, diving in Boracay starts at P2,400 per person for a 45-minute fun dive, but only for those with a diving certification provided by the PADI. For non-licensed divers, the rate is P3,500 per person and is suitable for non-licensed divers.

Aside from the scuba diving, some shops in Boracay offer helmet diving.

In 2022, Boracay was included in Time Magazine’s 50 World’s Greatest Places. In 2023, Boracay was named one of Asia's best islands in the Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2023. Boracay was also ranked 18th in the 2023 World Beach Guide list and the fifth Best Island Destination by the 2023 DestinAsian Readers’ Choice Award.

No wonder it’s the best place for recreation and adventure any time of the year! So, if you're looking for a unique date in Boracay with your significant other, try these diving spots in Boracay with thrilling water activities.

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