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Backpacking Alert: Five Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfast (B&B) for You in Cebu Under P600

We help you discover the best guest house or bed and breakfast in Cebu.

By: Aliana May Juson | March 20, 2016
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Katie, who likes backpacking during holidays, is a traveler who flew all the way from the chilly, snowing side of the world to go to the sunny Cebu City. She did not make any concrete travel plan or hotel reservation. All Katie has are roundtrip tickets to Cebu and back to her home country and enthusiasm for a new adventure that awaits her.

Now, Katie sits helplessly at the door of the guest house where the taxi driver dropped her off. She just found out that this guest house recommended by the locals she just met on the plane is fully booked. Unfortunately, she does not know where else to go. Have you ever been in a situation like Katie’s? Make sure you won’t!

In this article, we at ShoppersGuide lay down some options on where to stay in Cebu if you want to skip fancy hotels and are up to meet other backpackers from different parts of the world. Here are five guest houses and bed and breakfast places for you in Cebu.

Hey Fellas Guesthouse

Photo courtesy of Hey Fellas Guesthouse

If you are looking for an affordable place to stay at while you are in Cebu, this is among the cheapest in the list. The dorm bed starting at PhP350 is in an air-conditioned room.

Hey Fellas Guesthouse have received guests from Czech Republic, Singapore, Argentina, South Korea, Australia, France, and Spain, among others. Some choose to stay as long as three months.

Every now and then, Hey Fellas Guesthouse hosts events for their guests such as downstream canyoneering (trekking and canyoneering in Badian) and cruising party (boat party exclusive for guests). Hey Fellas Guesthouse also arranges potluck meals with the guests and feeding programs in nearby communities.

Hey Fellas Guesthouse is located at Unit 2, 2nd floor, Vailoces Apartment, Rahmann Street, Camputhaw, Cebu City. You may contact them at +63 916-646-5789 or through their Facebook page, Hey Fellas. Estimated fare from the Mactan International Airport to Hey Fellas Guesthouse is PhP250.

Tr3ats Guesthouse

Tr3ats Guesthouse Cebu Pink Room (Photo by writer)

The chic Tr3ats Guesthouse has been a popular temporary home to some foreign travelers in Cebu such as those from Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Singapore.

Tr3ats Guesthouse has ladies dorm, mixed dorm, and private rooms. And, yes, they have free WiFi internet access. Dorm rate starts at PhP300 while private rooms start at PhP800. Note that all rooms are air-conditioned.

Tr3ats Guesthouse is located at 3rd floor LBR Building, 785 V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City near Securities & Exchange Commission Building. Estimated taxi fare from Mactan International Airport to Tr3ats Guesthouse is PhP250.

Check out Tr3ats Guesthouse’s website at or email them at tghcebu@tr3ats.comfor more information on their rooms and facilities. You can also find information about Tr3ats Guesthouse in Tagbilaran, Bohol in their website.

Le Village Guesthouse/Le Village Hostel Cebu

Blue Room at Le Village Guesthouse (Photo courtesy of Le Village Guesthouse)

If you are a backpacker who typically likes to party, you might like Le Village Guesthouse as it is about only 10 to 15 minutes away from the most happening place in Cebu when it comes to the party scene—Mango Avenue or Mango Square. Le Village Guesthouse is also relatively near to Ayala Mall.

As for in-house events, Le Village Hostel occasionally hosts Mestiza Tower, Flip Cup Game, and Human Pyramid— activities backpackers should experience for themselves.

The cheapest one-day stay at Le Village Guesthouse is at around PhP500.

Le Village Guesthouse is located at Gorordo Avenue, about 2 kilometers away from J Centre Mall. The guesthouse is in the same street as University of the Philippines – Cebu and is just across Royal Concourse. For inquiries, you may contact them at (+63) 932-413-3978 and (+63) 32-416-0038.

Travelbee Guesthouse

Photo courtesy of Travelbee Budget Inns

While there are dorm rooms at Travelbee Guesthouse, there are also single rooms suited for those who want their privacy. Despite having a private room, one can still socialize at the modern, minimalist common area.

Travelbee Guesthouse also suits backpackers in groups with their Medium Hive (good for 2 to 4 occupants) and Large Hive (good for 4 to 6 occupants). Their year-round price, except for Sinulog season, of PhP900 for Medium Hive is already good for two persons.

Travelbee Guesthouse also has Private Hive which costs PhP1,200 good for two occupants.

Being a residential property converted into a guesthouse best explains why it is in the middle of a neighborhood. When you have a hard time locating it through the postal address (225-E Elizabeth Pond Street, Cebu City), you can mention that it is near Our Lady of Sacred Heart Parish Church. Aside from that landmark, the guesthouse is relatively near restaurants and the party hubs in Cebu—Escario Street. Estimate taxi fare from the airport costs PhP250.

Bugoy Bikers

Photo courtesy of Bugoy Bikers

If the name isn’t enough clue, the only bed and breakfast place in this list suits the bikers. In fact, the management organizes biking tours for their guests to get a different kind of Cebu experience.

The price range for a night at Bugoy Bikers is at PhP520 to PhP993, depending on the room.

Among Bugoy Biker’s foreign guests include Swiss, Dutch, Chilean, Australian, German, and Swedish travelers.

Bugoy Bikers is located at 5A Wright Brothers, Upper Fulton Street, Apas, Cebu City and is 5 to 10 minutes away from JY Square. You may contact them at (+63) 918-908-9594 or (+63) 922-8628-469. You can also check out their website at for more information about their guided and/or customized bicycle tours.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are fine sharing a room with strangers, or content to be by yourself to enjoy the company of a good book, there is a guest house or a bed and breakfast place for you in Cebu. If you know how to make the most out of your stay— and that is to be as open-minded and as game as you can be—you are heading to the right direction, or, more aptly, the right place for accommodation.

We hope that after reading this article, you are now confident you won’t end up in a situation like Katie’s.

The mentioned prices of Cebu guest houses and B&B can go double—even triple—during Sinulog season every January. Also, prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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Aliana May Juson is a 20-something ex-reporter in a Manila-based TV station. She tries avoiding single-use plastic straws as her contribution to saving Mother Earth. In her spare time, she volunteers to communities with happy and loving kids.
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