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Budget-friendly Hostels for Backpackers Going to Boracay

Staying at one of the best islands in the world need not be expensive.

By: Karen Bermejo | March 09, 2017
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affordable accommodation Boracay
Image: Mad Monkey Hostel

Because of its popularity , Boracay can be a bit expensive for thrifty travelers especially during the island’s peak season. However, as more travelers start to join the bandwagon of backpack traveling, most establishments in Boracay have also chosen to cater to this kind of market. As more high-end hotels and resorts expand in this island, hostels for budget travelers also continue to sprout.

Since most amenities are meant for sharing, hostels usually have their own kind of lively vibe. To keep up with Boracay’s upbeat atmosphere, hostels in the island try to level up their services, too. Here’s a list of Boracay hostels you may consider in your next visit:

Boracay Box and Ladder Hostel

Where: Station 2
Room Rate: Php600 to Php1,500

affordable accommodation Boracay

Façade of Box and Ladder Hostel

Image: Box and Ladder Hostel

You can easily find Boracay Box and Ladder Hostel because of its prime location along the main road fronting Mini Stop. Dorm beds are available at PhP579 per night. The hostel has a common kitchen and lounge area, roof deck and a smoking area.

Every Friday, the hostel hosts barbeque night for its guests. For PhP150, you can get a free mojito and unlimited barbecue. They have movie nights as well on Sundays.

MNL Beach Hostel

Where: Station 2
Room Rate: Php650 to Php1,050

affordable accommodation Boracay

Dorm rooms at MNL Hostel

Image: MNL Hostel

MNL Beach Hostel has a mixed dorm room and an all-female dorm. Rate starts at PhP650 per person inclusive of breakfast. Each dorm room has pod-style beds. Guests also have their own lockers.

The hostel also has a common room with TV, kitchen and a roof deck where they hold regular activities for their guests.

Second Wind Bed, Bunk and Breakfast

Where: Station 2
Room Rate: Php400 and up

affordable accommodation Boracay

Reception area of Second Wind Bed, Bunk and Breakfast

Image: Second Wind Hostel

Second Wind Bed, Bunk and Breakfast, a sister establishment of MNL Beach Hostel, is for guests who want a peaceful time during their stay. The hostel is located near 24/7 Quick Mart. Second Wind is a hostel for travelers who want a place to rest rather than to party. The hostel has two eight-bed dorm rooms with rates starting at PhP400 per person per night, inclusive of breakfast.

They have a self-service kitchen and lounge area, and offer tea and coffee all day to their guests. Guests also have their own padlocks for safekeeping their things.

YB Hostel

Where: Station 2
Room Rate: Php600 and up

affordable accommodation Boracay

Façade of YB Hostel

Image: YB Hostel

YB Hostel is located just along the alleyway going to the beachfront from Palassa Spa at the main road in Station 2. The hostel has a four-bed dormitory that costs PhP700 per person per night and a six-bed dorm for PhP600 per person per night. On super peak season or during holidays, the rates increase by PhP200 per night. The hostel has a lounge area and a coffee shop on its first floor.

W Hostel

Where: Station 2
Room Rate: PhP750 to PhP1,050

affordable accommodation Boracay

Façade of W Hostel

Image: Writer

Another hostel located in Bulabog Road is W Hostel. The hostel has six dorm rooms: two eight-bed mixed dorm, two four-bed mixed dorm, one six-bed mixed dorm and one eight-bed all-female dorm. Peak season rates range from PhP750 to PhP1,050 per person and from PhP900 to PhP1,250 on super peak season.

Chill Out Hostel

Where: Station 1
Room Rate: Php350 to Php700

affordable accommodation Boracay

Colorful facade of Chill Out Hostel

Image: Writer

Chill Out Hostel is located next to Cool Stay Inn, just two minutes away from Bulabog Beach. They have four-bed and six-bed dorm rooms. Their fan room is at PhP350 per person during low season and goes up to PhP450 and PhP600 during peak and super peak season, respectively. Meanwhile, their air-conditioned rooms are at PhP450, PhP600 and PhP700 per person.

The hostel gives free breakfast and water, tea, and coffee all day to their guests. From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily, they also give free glasses of rum. Given good wind conditions, guests can also enjoy a 15-minute free kitesurfing trial.

Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay

Where: Station 1
Room Rate: Php500 to Php1,000

affordable accommodation Boracay

Superior twin room at Mad Monkey Hostel

Image: Mad Monkey Hostel

Just a short walk away from Chill Out Hostel is Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay. What distinguishes it from other hostels in the island is their own pool facility. They also have two bars inside. The hostel has four-bed dorm rooms with prices ranging from PhP500 per person on low season and up to PhP1,000 per person on super peak season.

If you have a talent in painting, you can stay for free at their hostel. They will give you free accommodation and meals for up to four days in exchange for painting their walls.

Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort

Where: Station 1
Room Rate: Php400 to Php900

affordable accommodation Boracay

Dorm rooms at Jeepney Hostel have bamboo beds

Image: Jeepney Hostel

Also located at Bulabog Road is Jeepney Hostel & Kite Resort, just a short walk away from Bulabog Beach. They have two eight-bed dorm rooms—one dedicated for all female guests and another for both male and female travelers. Their dorm room is at PhP400 per person during low season and goes up to PhP900 on super peak season. The hostel has two restaurants, a sports bar, and a rooftop lounge.

Hostel Avenue

Where: Station 2
Room Rate: Php500 to Php1,000

affordable accommodation Boracay

Dorm rooms of Hostel Avenue at Pat’s Creek Bar

Image: Hostel Avenue

If you want a place near White Beach, Hostel Avenue has just opened recently. The hostel has a capsule-inspired bed setup with curtains, electric outlets, and drawers. All their rooms are air-conditioned. Rates start at PhP500 on low season and go up to PhP1,000 during peak season.

Compared to high-end hotels and beach resorts, staying at hostels is more affordable. However, hostels are not for everyone. They are mostly for people who are willing to mingle. For those who prefer quiet areas and want some privacy on a tight budget, there are still options which they can take.

Choose non-beachfront areas

Most beachfront establishments usually command higher prices because of their ambience. If you choose a place to stay outside of the beachfront, you can save on accommodation costs.

Find smaller non-beachfront resorts like St. Vincent Cottages - Dee and Timmy’s Side which offer rooms at PhP1,500 per night or just PhP350 per person. They do not have dorm rooms so it would be best if you have some companions. It is located at Sunset Road in Station 3. To get there, just enter the alleyway fronting Pinjalo Resort.

As Boracay continues to develop, businesses also continue to expand their options for varied types of guests. Nevertheless, with the number of options in Boracay, you will definitely find accommodations that will fit your budget. You just need the right timing and quality research to do it. If you’re a budget traveler, off-peak season in the island is the best time to visit. You will not only save on accommodations, but on other activities as well.

While the number of businesses catering to tourists with a penchant for luxury accommodations increase, hostels continue to cater to the needs of thrifty travelers.

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* Prices may change without prior notice.
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