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Eight Bedroom Inspirations for Every Millennial’s Condo

Come home to a classic and traditional side bedroom inspirations

By: Patricia Marie Prado | April 06, 2021
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condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Have the time to redecorate your bedroom? Check out these design inspirations!

Condo living is now considered a practical way of life especially for young professionals and millennials. Most condominiums are located in central business districts like Ortigas and Makati, thus making it easy for residents to commute to their offices without getting caught in traffic. In addition to these, there are also the perks of added amenities and security.

With these advantages of living in a condo unit, probably the only hard part in living in one is designing it. Whether it’s a small studio room or a one-bedroom unit, decorating the condo gives it life, so it’s something that definitely shouldn’t be skipped.

For some interior inspiration, Yoorekka listed a few of the best bedrooms on Instagram to help every kind of millennial make his or her bedroom achieve #interiorgoals.

1. Trendy Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Tassels are in, so why not take it in the bedroom, too?

Image: @mydomaine

For the millennial who always follows the trend, make this bedroom from @mydomaine an inspiration! Tassels are all the rage right now, so why not extend it in the bedroom? It can be added in the pillows or in the duvet covers for an added flair in a pure white linen bed. A minimalist style, which is also in trend, can also be applied by opting for an all-white wall and then simply adding fun accents like the two red bold ottomans at the end of the bed.

Where to buy: For unique duvets and pillow cases visit Crate &Barrel.

2. Feminine Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Floral doesn’t mean old in this charming, rustic bedroom.

Image: @houseofboysandbeauty

The word ‘floral’ is often associated with vintage designs that are dated and old, but it also means feminine, dainty, and charming, like this bedroom from @houseofboysandbeauty. Instead of going all out on the flowers, the room can be given a rustic feel by using a bed with a beautiful woven-wood headboard and a wooden bedside table. Floral pillowcases can then be used to soften the overall look. The general effect will make a millennial feel like he or she’s living in a (chic) farm.

Where to buy: For wooden headboards or bed frames, check out Mandaue Foam Furniture Store

3. Chic Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Pair blush pink and neutral grays to make the room chic.

Image: @thetayloredinterior

For chic millennials, this room from @thetayloredinterior is as stylish as it gets. It’s simple yet every bit elegant with the use of a gray and pink color scheme in the linens. The blush pink comforter against the dark duvet creates a beautiful contrast, and it also prevents the room from looking too sweet with the use of too much pink. To give the room a contemporary vibe, add a metallic lampshade like the one pictured above.

Where to buy: For chic bed linens you can check out H&M Home.

4. Quirky Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Take inspiration from this colorful room and let your personality shine.

Image: @roughideadesigns

Millennials who are not interested in boring traditional decor and are into vibrant colors will love this room idea from @roughideadesigns. The blue textured pillowcase adds not just color but life into the bedroom. Old pieces of plywood can also be repurposed and used as a headboard. To make the room cohesive and not appear too scattered, choose a common color. For this room, blue appears in various parts to tie everything together. In addition to that, the plants add a pop of green that complements the blue.

Where to buy: For unique pillows, check out the collection of SM Home.

5. Classic Contemporary Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Break rules with this classic contemporary room.

Image: @aplaceforus

A classic contemporary millennial is one who is drawn to hip and current trends but is still rooted on the classic and traditional side of design. This definition translates well in this room by @aplaceforus. The use of geometric lines in the cover and in the lamps, the varied textures of the pillows, and the minimalist feel all give it a contemporary vibe. This ties in well with the black and white scheme—a classic that will never go out of style.

Where to buy: For home décor fit for a classic contemporary room, visit The Landmark.

6. Masculine Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

This easy-as-pie room is perfect for the boys.

Image: @bachelor_bedding

Most guys may not put much effort in the interiors of their bedroom, but this one from @bachelor_bedding is as easy as pie and can be achieved quickly. Instead of going for simple white pillowcases, add some touch and at the same time make the bed cozier by throwing on some blue accent pillows in the middle of the bed. Adding layered blue duvets also add texture and character to the room. The simple, clean lines give it an effortless yet still stylish look.

Where to buy: For stylish linens fit for the boys, check out SM Home.

7. Minimalist Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Minimalism doesn’t need to be boring.

Image: @sallychapmandesign

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean always adhering to a black and white aesthetic or plain walls and linens. For a room that makes it tempting to have a staycation, take inspiration from this design by @sallychapmandesign. It features bold colors such as the dark hue of teal on the wall while staying in the minimalistic side by not cluttering the wall with numerous ornaments. The bed is kept simple with a few layers and a teal throw that adds a pop of color to the blush pink linens.

Where to buy: For minimalist but still chic beddings, check out the collection of Pottery Barn.

8. Preppy Millennial

condo design guide for millennials Philippines

Bring Upper East Side in your room with this preppy inspiration.

Image: @dwellinggawker

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with this preppy room from @dwellinggawker. Nothing says sophistication more than royal blue walls, and installing wooden frames like the ones in the picture can add some drama to them. For the linen, choose classy prints in a complementary hue and go easy on the layering. Add a touch of textured duvet and it’s good to go! For the furniture, choose traditional lampshades and side tables since the walls and printed linens already do all the talking.

Where to buy: For linens fit for royals, check out Rustan’s Home.

Make sure to visit Yoorekka to learn and find out more about the latest bedroom designs.

Did any of these room inspirations tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments section which idea you’re going to recreate in your own condo!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on October 24, 2017 and last updated on March 20, 2020.

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