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HMR Trading Haus: A One-Stop Shop for Your Christmas Shopping Needs

Browse a broad selection of merchandise in an equally large space.

By: Arrah Camillia Quistadio-Manticajon | October 01, 2020
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surplus general merchandise store Cebu

HMR, a new surplus shop in Mandaue

As the Christmas season draws near, it is expected for malls to be packed full of shoppers looking for the perfect gifts for family and friends. So where does one shop away from the throng of mall-goers?

Enter HMR Trading Haus, a new mega store in Mandaue City. Starting out in the wholesale business in Mandaluyong, HMR has grown its network of suppliers over time to become one of the leading surplus shops in the Philippines. To date, they have 17 stores around Luzon and Visayas. In Cebu, HMR had a small store near Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño in the early 2000s. The store has closed since then, but last October 8, the brand returned to Cebu to launch a bigger and better store in SM Hypermart, Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

The opening was met with a warm welcome by Cebuanos. HMR Cebu recorded foot traffic amounting to 1,964 visitors on opening day, which increased to 2,297 visitors on their second day of operations.

The HMR Shopping Experience


Wilmington dinnerware at HMR Cebu

HMR Trading Haus has 3,400 square meters of retail space divided into various categories: audio and video, furniture, houseware, appliances, industrial, toys, apparel, general merchandise, home and office furniture, kitchen, outdoor furniture, and sporting goods. Most of the items are displayed in an open-floor setting for customers to see and touch. On the other hand, high-value items like cellphones, laptops, watches, and gadgets are put on a glass display shelf requiring the assistance of attendants if shoppers want to check them out. Their items are mostly imported goods which are either overruns or items pulled out from the shelves of leading retail outlets in the US, Australia, and Europe.


The kids’ toys section at HMR Cebu

For the holidays, they are offering dinnerware pieces at affordable prices which make it a viable option for corporate giveaways. Their Wilmington porcelain set for instance, ranges from PhP695 for a 12-piece set to PhP1,295 for a 24-piece set. Shoppers can get one free set of dinnerware when they buy 10 sets of Wilmington dinnerware.

surplus general merchandise store Cebu

World-Cup themed plush toys at the bargain bin at HMR Cebu

They say Christmas is for children young and old alike. And so at HMR, there is a section allotted to kids’ toys. The items range from simple plush toys (PhP249), monster trucks (PhP249), remote control drones (PhP2,495), and even a toddler-sized Mini Cooper (PhP7,995).


Apparel for men, women, and kids at HMR Cebu

Apparel is also a popular choice for gift items. Choices for such type of goods abound in HMR, where there are clothes for men, women, and kids. These can run anywhere from PhP49 for a shawl to PhP299 for a shirt or blouse. Whereas branded rubber shoes can cost PhP3,000 to PhP5,000, HMR has Loro shoes which cost P550 to PhP600. For accessories, they have a wide range of watches from PhP997 to PhP5,940. There’s even a his-and-hers watch set with two time pieces for PhP199.


His-and-hers watches from Status

Noche Buena, a beloved tradition for Filipinos, usually involves a lot of cooking and preparing. For home cooks and bakers who like puttering about in the kitchen, HMR has an array of branded European kitchenware to fit any culinary need. Flatware starts at PhP249 while pots and pans range from PhP995 to PhP1,795. Wooden steak boards cost PhP208 while bakeware in various shapes range from PhP15 to PhP45 each.

surplus general merchandise store Cebu

Cooking pans from Italian brand Domo

If you plan to do some small home improvements in time for the New Year or help someone decorate their space, HMR also carries furniture and home décor. Items which can spruce up your home include lamps (PhP395 to PhP795), paintings (PhP495), and color cube tables (PhP795).


Bed frames and mattresses at HMR Cebu


Neon-colored cube tables at HMR Cebu

Comforters, which come in pieces of three or seven, are a steal at PhP1,995 and PhP2,595, respectively. They also have bigger furniture like bed frames (PhP10,000 to PhP29,000) and dining tables (PhP14,000) which at first glance seem expensive but are actually relatively cheaper compared to those found in the mall.

surplus general merchandise store Cebu

Musical instruments and gear at HMR Cebu

Even music lovers aren’t left out with the selection of goods at HMR. At one corner of the store can be found electric guitars (PhP4,795), electric pianos (PhP5,495), and equalizers (PhP2,295) for those who are passionate about sound.

Whoever the recipient of the gift, they say it’s the thought that counts. Christmas cards (PhP39 to PhP49) let you personalize your gift with your own greetings to make it more special.

One-stop Shop

With a wide range of items that cater to the whole family, HMR Trading Haus is a one-stop-shop for all your gift and holiday needs.

While a new stock of items arrives every week, they don’t replenish the exact same item. Thus, one tip that HMR Retail Marketing Manager Juliet Ines gives to shoppers is to buy and grab an item they like while it’s still available.

“With the Christmas season just around the corner, we hope to offer Cebuanos the best deals from our international network of retail sources. There is something for all budgets at HMR,” quips Cebu Branch Manager Rex Refuerzo.

Prices may change without prior notice.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on December 06, 2016.
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