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Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort: Your Escape from the Cebu City Chaos

Itching for a vacation? Get away from the city life at this mountain-top resort!

By: Peter Parcon | July 31, 2019
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Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort

The Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort is a unique resort located in the mountains of Pinamungajan.

Image: Hidden Valley Mountain, Wavepool and Beach Resort Facebook Page

When someone mentions a “wave pool”, you will likely have an image of a resort close to the city or even within the city itself. But the wave pool at the Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort is nowhere near the city. It is located in a place you would least expect to see a wave pool: on top of a mountain. The resort is owned and managed by the Lamac Cooperative of Pinamungajan which is one of the premier cooperatives of the province.

Aside from the wave pool, the Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort also features a zip line, sky bike, infinity pool, and raging river pool. Accommodations are also available for the whole family or barkada (a group of friends). Let us take a peek at what you can expect at this unique resort located on top of a mountain in Cebu.

1. Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort features a wave pool on top of a mountain.


The artificial waves of the wave pool come in intervals of one hour.

Image: Hidden Valley Mountain, Wavepool and Beach Resort Facebook Page

The Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort is a resort located within a valley in the mountains. There are actually two resorts situated beside each other: the Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort and Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. The main feature of the place is its wave pool, which is the first of its kind in the Central Visayas area. The waves come in intervals of one hour. But the wave pool machine will only be turned on if there are at least ten people in the pool. Due to this, it’s best to visit the resort with a group of family or friends. On the other hand, the main features of the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort are the infinity pool and raging river pool.

2. The resort offers accommodations good for couples or the whole family.


The resort features accommodations for groups of all sizes.

Image: Hidden Valley Mountain, Wavepool and Beach Resort Facebook Page

The resort has a total of 45 rooms with accommodations suitable for couples and the whole family. Aside from the standard rooms and family rooms, the resort also has several dormitories for big groups. The dormitories come in different sizes and can accommodate a minimum of eight persons. The biggest dormitory of the resort, meanwhile, can accommodate 24 persons. Some of the rooms even come with breakfast and free use of the place. Guests can also experience the wave pool, infinity pool, and raging river pool at a discounted fee.

The most basic Single room (PhP1,800) of the resort comes with breakfast but does not have a television. It can accommodate up to two persons. Guests also have the option of upgrading to a single room with breakfast and television (PhP2,500) or the single room with breakfast, television, and refrigerator (PhP2,800).

The resort also has Family rooms available for families of all sizes. The smallest family room (PhP3,500) comes with breakfast and a television and is suitable for families of four. The resort also has two types of family rooms good for six persons. One comes without television and refrigerator (PhP2,400) while the second type has a television and refrigerator (PhP3,000).

hotels and resorts

The biggest dormitory at the resort is suitable for 24 persons.

Image: Hidden Valley Mountain, Wavepool and Beach Resort Facebook Page

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Dormitories are also available for bigger groups. The Caco dormitory (PhP5,000) comes with breakfast and is good for eight persons. The Peping and Pedro dormitories (PhP3,600) are also good for eight persons. But it is important to note that these dormitories do not come with breakfast. For groups of at least 14 persons, the Limod dormitory (PhP5,600) is suitable for them. The Nagkawa and Naglapus dormitories (PhP4,900) along with the Fatima and Lourdes dormitories (PhP6,400) are all suitable for groups of 16 persons. On the other hand, the Pangi dormitory (PhP9,600) is ideal for groups of 24 persons. The resort charges PhP300 for every extra bed and PhP200 for each excess person.

3. The resort offers an ambiance ideal for nature lovers.


The soothing effect of the greenery in the resort is ideal for anyone looking to escape life in the city.

Image: Hidden Valley Mountain, Wavepool and Beach Resort Facebook Page

The natural setting is ideal for communing with nature while having all the creature comforts of a resort. An eye-catching mountain scenery also surrounds the resort, which you can enjoy while taking a dip in one of the pools of the place. The magnificent Udlom Falls cascading out of a cave at the side of a mountain is one of the sights to see while staying at the resort. The greenery within the resort itself can easily soothe the nerves of anyone staying at the place. The laid-back atmosphere of the entire place is ideal for people looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

4. The resort also features two other pools for adults and two kiddie pools.


Two other adult and kiddie pools are available for guests not inclined to swimming in the wave pool.

Image: Mharnie Luardo Encarguez Bermijo

While the wave pool is located at the Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort, the adjoining Hidden Valley Mountain Resort features two regular pools for adults. On the other hand, two regular kiddie pools are also available for the young ones. In addition, the resort also features an infinity pool and a raging river pool. Guests of both resorts can access the pools of both places at a discounted rate. Guests not inclined to using the wave pool or infinity pool can opt to pay for using the regular pools of the resort. Simultaneously, they may also opt to use all the swimming pools of the two resorts.

5. Its LED roses are a sight to see at night.

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort

The LED roses are one of the Instagram-worthy sights of the resort.

Image: Hidden Valley Mountain, Wavepool and Beach Resort Facebook Page

Another attraction at the resort is their LED roses. Similar to the 10,000 Roses Café in Cordova, Mactan Island, the LED roses of the resort are a sight to see once the sun sets over the horizon. Positioned close to the cottages, the Instagram-worthy lights have gradually become one of the main attractions of the place once nighttime sets in.

6. The resort also features a sky bike and zip line.

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort

Riding the sky bike gives guests a bird’s-eye view of the resort.

Image: Hidden Valley Mountain, Wavepool and Beach Resort Facebook Page

If swimming pools are not your thing, fret not since the Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort also offers other activities for its guests. You may want to conquer your fear of heights by riding the sky bike of the resort which you can opt to ride it one way or both ways. You may also want to try the zip line of the resort and check out the place from a bird’s point of view.

The Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort is just one of the many places you can visit if you are planning to pass by the southwestern part of the island of Cebu.
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