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These Animals at Cebu Safari Are Ready to Flamingle With You

Out of the attractions in Cebu opening, this is one you can’t miss!

By: Shanice Reyes | September 25, 2020
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relaxing getaway, quarantine

The country’s largest zoo reopens, but visitors have to stay one tiger apart.

Image: Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Facebook Page

Multiple research studies show that spending time with nature has many benefits. This is why a quick trip to the beach can be such a relaxing getaway that eases your stress. But going to the beach is already a common choice, so it is better to have an alternative. For a unique one, how about a walk around the zoo?

Joining the reopening of attractions in Cebu, the country’s largest safari zoo is finally welcoming back visitors. Gone are the days of crowding along the fence to watch antelopes run around, because Cebu Safari and Adventure Park innovated the park for outdoor recreation and education. The long furry critters in the water are otterly (pun intended!) excited to see you, and the zoo has implemented safety measures to keep you and the animals safe! Read on to know more about the safety protocols in Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.

The Country’s Largest Wildlife Park

attractions in Cebu, Cebu

Cat got your tongue? You will be left in awe with the animals at Cebu Safari.

Image: Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Facebook Page

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park sits on a 170-hectare land in Carmen, Cebu. Each viewing space copies the habitat of the animals it houses and each is also made to be safe for visitors. The enormous grounds of the zoo houses all kinds of birds, deer families, amphibian exotics, and a lot more. Also not missing the spotlight are the zoo’s Orange Bengal Tiger and White Bengal Tiger which are the main attractions that most visitors enjoy watching.

The wildlife park hosts tours on trams but with limited capacity. These trams take visitors around the park, offering enough time for visitors to observe the animals from a safe distance. In addition to the outdoor activities, the zoo’s zipline and ATVs activities are also allowed during the reopening.

Safe and Enjoyable Measures of the Zoo

largest safari zoo, safety measures

The safety of its visitors is Cebu Safari’s top priority.

Image: Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Facebook Page

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park wants to ensure the safety and peace of mind of their guests, and that is why they have gone the extra mile with their safety protocols. These are the precautions implemented to keep guests safe:

• Visitors are required to book reservations and purchase tickets at www.cebusafari.ph three days prior to their arrival. Walk-in guests will not be allowed to enter the zoo.
• The park has a “No Mask, No Entry” policy, and guests also have to have their temperatures checked by the staff before entering. Cars must be disinfected by passing through a disinfecting area along the entrance.
• Guests are required to secure health checklists and travel history forms before starting the tour.
• Visual aids such as physical signages, floor markings, and audio reminders are set up in key locations to ensure that social distancing and health protocols are observed by guests and staff.
• About 20 foot pedal alcohol dispensers and five hand washing stations are placed around the zoo.
• Common areas and trams are regularly disinfected by the staff.
• All indoor attractions in the zoo remain closed.
• Outdoor seating is available at the zoo’s restaurant with tables at least 6 feet apart from one another.
• The zoo’s souvenir shop is also open to guests. Cashless transactions are strongly encouraged by the management.

Coexisting with nature and wildlife is something not everyone gets to experience every day. At Cebu Safari and Adventure Park, you can revisit nature while remaining safe from the virus.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is located at Toril, Barangay Corte, Carmen, Cebu. The wildlife park is open from Fridays to Sundays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM only.
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