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7 Best-tasting Lechon in Cebu You’ll Forget About Diet While on Vacay

On a holiday vacation in Cebu? You better extend your cheat days.

By: Mira Maestrecampo | September 17, 2021
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Lechon in Cebu

Mouthwatering, tasty lechon with sauce on a pig plate

Image: House of Lechon Official Facebook Page

Christmas is one of the most anticipated celebrations yearly. The exciting celebration’s main feasts are queso de bola, ham, macaroni salad, cakes, and many other dishes. But the all-time favorite of all and the muse of the buffet table is the lechon baboy (roasted pig), which is usually never missed out on Christmas tables and any special occasions.

That’s why it’s hard to stick to your diet, especially while on vacation for holidays. It’s the inner feeling that it’s okay to eat whatever you want and get your diet back on track after the holiday. Who can’t resist lechon anyway? This famous delicacy is popularly in Cebu, known as the Lechon Capital of the Philippines. So, indulge yourself with this tempting and best-tasting lechon in Cebu—in case you’re in town this holiday season. Here’s where you can get them.

1. CnT Lechon

Location: 1377 V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0908 8212370
Delivery Hours: Monday to Sunday; 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Price Range: PhP6,000 toPhP8,500

Cebu, lechon, christmas deliveries, delivery service

Mouthwatering, tasty lechon served on a plate

Image: Jackie Concepcion Facebook page

Locals have always loved lechon for its signature crispy taste. And lucky Cebuanos can get that crunchy taste at CnT Lechon. The store has been staying true to its claims of having that delightful crispiness paired with a perfect cup of steaming hot rice. CnT Lechon caters deliveries in the city proper from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. With operations since 2018, CnT Lechon has also opened its branches in malls and food courts. The price of their lechon baboy ranges from PhP6,000 toPhP8,500. They cater delivery service via Lalamove or Maxim.

You can also visit CnT Lechon’s official Facebook page,, for queries and more information about them.

2. Rico’s Lechon

Rico’s Lechon Mandaue – Unit F-1 Jamestown Mantawi Drive North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
Rico’s Lechon Axis Escario – Unit 15 and 16 Axis Entertainment Avenue, Vibo Place N. Escario St. Cebu City 6000
Contact Numbers:
Rico’s Lechon Mandaue – 0917 8238263; 03 2233 9682; 03 2253 4903
Rico’s Lechon Axis Escario – - 0917 8668376; 032 384 7151
Delivery Hours:
Rico’s Lechon Mandaue – Friday to Sunday; 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Rico’s Lechon Axis – Monday to Sunday; 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Price Range: PhP6,600 to PhP12,150

christmas season, christmas dinner, christmas, holiday lechon

Delectable spicy lechon served on a wooden plate

Image: Rico’s Lechon Official Facebook page

Crispy, juicy, and flavorful—that is Rico’s Lechon! Locals say their lechon can stand on its own, even without gravy or sauce. They offer their lechon in two flavors—original and spicy. Some of their branches in Cebu are temporarily closed due to heightened restrictions and quarantine status. Still, luckily, other branches in the city are fully open and ready to serve you with their signature lechon. They assist in booking courier delivery services via FoodPanda, Grab, Lalamove, and Mr. Speedy. All delivery services have varying delivery rates. Rico’s Lechon has also bagged awards like the Gold Stevie Winner Awards: Company of the Year and Winner for Stevie Awards For Favorite Companies: People’s Choice, both won under the food and beverage category last 2019.

For more information and queries on their delivery services, you can visit their official website at

3. House of Lechon

Location: Tojong St. (behind Old Infinity Bar) Brgy. Kamputhaw, Cebu City
Contact Numbers: 0917 7024113 / 03 2231 0958
Delivery Hours: Monday to Sunday; 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Price Range: PhP6,500 to PhP12,500

belly near Cebu, best lechon in cebu, crispy lechon belly

Carcar special lechon in a pig plate served with signature sauce

Image: House of Lechon Official Facebook page

The House of Lechon claims to serve one of the best lechon in Cebu. Each serving is paired with their signature lechon sauce, made from the juice from the lechon itself that is collected while roasting. You can dip or pour out the sauce all over your lechon meal. Their smallest lechon size costs PhP6,500 and can cater from 20 to 25 persons while the biggest size costs PhP12,500, suitable for 40 persons and above. The House of Lechon has their delivery services, and they are very open to catering your delivery orders. At present, their Acacia branch caters to delivery orders daily, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

You can easily reach the House of Lechon through their contact numbers or their official Facebook page

4. Zubuchon

Location: 2651 Villalon Drive Capitol Site, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Contact Number: 0908 8734755
Delivery Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

delivery service near Cebu, CnT Lechon Rico’s Lechon, House of Lechon

Crispy lechon skin and lechon meat served on a plate as a single meal

Image: Zubuchon Official Facebook page

Zubochon is prominent for its all-natural take on cooking lechon. They source their pigs from all over the province and are obtained from backyard raisers. In cooking, the pig is then stuffed with a dozen herbs and spices. The pig’s skin is pricked all over and then sprayed with coconut water, resulting in crispy, brown lechon skin. This “Ber months” season, they are open for takeout and delivery via Grab Food or FoodPanda. They also do in-house deliveries.

For lechon single meals, they serve it boneless in ready-to-heat packs via The Mercato United Kitchen. You can visit their official website,, for more information.

5. Cebu’s Ayer Lechon

Location: Gate777 across Cebu country club 6000, Cebu City
Contact Number: 0927 4406891
Delivery Hours: Monday to Sunday; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Price Range: PhP3,600 toPhP10,000

Cebu’s Ayer Lechon

Whole lechon cut in half, with stuffed herbs and spices for rich aroma and flavor

Image: Cebu’s Ayer Lechon Official Facebook page

Cebu’s Ayer Lechon was named “The Best Lechon Maker” in 2015. If you’re planning to celebrate your Christmas dinner here, the Lechon de Leche is an interesting inclusion to their menu, definitely a must-try this holiday season. Cebu’s Ayer Lechon boasts of its authentic taste of lechon that can be served in classic and spicy flavors. According to locals, tender and tasty is the best way to describe the taste of their lechon. It also claims to be one of the most affordable lechon in the area, so if your Noche Buena is on a tight budget, then you can still have lechon on your table with Cebu’s Ayer Lechon.

For deliveries, you may place an order straight from their website, They do free deliveries within Cebu City, Mandaue City, and Lapu-lapu City. They are also available in FoodPanda.

6. Leslie’s Lechon

Location: 609 Dumlog 6045, Talisay City Cebu
Contact Number: 0908 5286364
Delivery Hours: Monday to Sunday; 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Price Range: PhP4,500 toPhP7,000

Leslie’s Lechon

Lechon belly served in a traditional banana leaf [L]; lechon skin and meat in a single serving on a plate [R].

Image: Leslie’s Lechon Facebook page

Leslie’s Lechon has been hailed as The Original Talisay Lechon since 1940, and it continues on its legacy as one of the most iconic lechon in Cebu. Susana Enjambre, the Mother of the Inasal Industry in Talisay, pioneered this lechon recipe and later passed it by succeeding generations of her family. If you are craving a lechon breakfast in the morning, they do servings per kilo as early as 4:00 AM. Suppose you’d instead enjoy a whole lechon this Christmas. In that case, you can order and have it delivered for free through their contact number or Facebook account, and receive free dinuguan, atay, and bulaklak, and free spicy flavoring. Interestingly, Leslie’s Lechon is also featured as a documentary on NetFlix.

7. LolaLos Lechon

Location: Cube 11, Yellow Cube 2, Wilson Place, Wilson St. Lahug 6000, Cebu City
Contact Number: 0917 1256706
Delivery Hours: Monday to Sunday; 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Price Range: PhP5,000 to PhP8,000

LolaLos Lechon

Brown, roasted, crispy lechon to be cut into smaller servings

Image: LolaLos Lechon Official Facebook page

People have always been coming back for more of the delicious taste of LolaLos Lechon. They boast of the crispiest, freshest, juiciest lechon in the area at an affordable price. They always offer promos to their customers with all their other dishes, like the Unli Lechon Promo for only PhP299. This unlimited promo is inclusive of unlimited lechon, rice, and fries. This promo is applicable for dine-in customers only. They have in-house riders for their delivery services, a convenient and accessible way to order and have your lechon delivered on any occasion this “Ber months” season. They also do delivery via Maxim and Food Panda.

Your Christmas trip doesn’t mean that your diet is on vacation, too! Remember to practice mindful eating while indulging yourself with these tasty lechon options in Cebu during your holiday feast. For more exciting meals and dining spots in Cebu, visit Yoorekka Consumer Magazine.

Stay safe as you travel. Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!
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