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7 Activities You Can Do in Bohol That Don’t Require A Swab Test

Enjoy Bohol without having to go through COVID-19 tests!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | February 25, 2022
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Enjoy river cruising, take a dive and see the great, deep oceans—all these to do in Bohol without the requirement of a swab test!

Image: Loboc River Resort Facebook page

Are you thinking of a vacation in a place other than the powdery white sand beaches of the Philippines? Or activities to do for summer without going through COVID-19 tests? Then, Bohol offers you precisely that! Adventure, fun, and a memorable, unique vacation experience await at the adventurous island of Bohol. Imagine how vast the island of Bohol is, with its broad landscape, enticing attractions, natural views, rivers, caves, forests, cute tarsiers, the iconic Chocolate Hills, and more. Explore them all in Bohol with this compiled list of activities for you to add to your summer vacation itinerary!

1. Take a picture of Tsedi Highlands Bayview Park.

Location: Purok-6, Minol, Mabini, Bohol 6313 Mabini, Philippines
Contact Number: 0915 1167859

7 Bohol Activities You Can Do That Don’t Require A Swab Test, activities

The Tsedi Highlands Bayview in Bohol is admired for its cozy and relaxing views.

Image: Tsedi Highlands and Bayview Park Facebook page

Tagged as scenic views, Tsedi Highlands Bayview Park is undoubtedly a nature lover’s paradise. Other than being a tourist attraction, the park boasts of showcasing Bohol’s breathtaking, natural wonder in all its glory. If you are one with a fancy for nature, then this attraction is for you.

The nature park is nestled in an elevated location in Mabini, Bohol, surrounded by numerous rustic and beautifully built wooden treehouses that serve as the guests’ viewing deck. Any spot in the park offers a relaxing ambiance, and aside from taking a photo of the picturesque view, you can relax and feast your eyes on Bohol’s panoramic views. The park has seats and comfortable benches around the area, perfect for taking a quick break while strolling. Flowers and plants are healthily growing in the park’s surroundings, adding naturally stunning views. After exploring and taking pictures, you can satisfy your thirst and hunger at the park’s hilltop restaurant without missing a glimpse of the scenic views.

2. Cruise at Loboc River Resort

Address: Camayaan, Loboc 6316 Loboc, Philippines
Contact Number: 0915 4698515

7 Bohol Activities You Can Do That Don’t Require A Swab Test, bohol

Admire the hills and wonder of the river as you take a cruise at Loboc River Resort.

Image: Loboc River Resort Facebook page

The Loboc River in Bohol is one of the top tourist destinations in the province. Taking a cruise by the famous river is one of the most exciting activities you can do on your vacation to Bohol. Some resorts can accommodate overnight stays for you to enjoy more activities like stand-up paddleboarding, al fresco dining, river cruise tour to the secret waterfalls, and more. You can check in and stay longer at the Loboc River Resort. Indeed, taking a cruise at the river and all these watersports activities give a distinct excitement that you get to experience in Bohol. Choosing the river cruise and checking in at the resort does not require a swab test anymore, so it’s a chance for you to experience it in Bohol, or maybe include these in your plans for your next summer vacation.

3. Swim and marvel at the sight of Pahangog Twin Falls

Address: Dimiao, Bohol
Contact Number: 0916 5372356

7 Bohol Activities You Can Do That Don’t Require A Swab Test, swab test

Trek the mountains of Bohol and be amazed by the breathtaking Pahangog Falls.

Image: Suroy sa Bohol Facebook page

The clear, turquoise waters of the Pahangog Falls in Dimiao, Bohol, will make you jump and swim and dive. The falls give off a soothing ambiance as you hear it gushing in the echo of the big rocks.

This simple yet remarkable attraction is engulfed in the deep forests of Bohol, hiding in a peaceful location surrounded by big trees and lush green plants. You can add traveling and trekking to your list of activities, as this will be included on your way to the falls, and the trek will grant you another kind of unexpected adventure. Take a 25-minute motorcycle ride, and trekking far will surely be worth it once you reach this humble wonder of Bohol.

4. Eat at Mosia Café and drink at Bo’s Coffee.

Mosia Café: 121 V.P. Inting St. (between NFA and Villa Alzhun) 6300 Tagbilaran City, Philippines
Bo’s Coffee: UG/F, East Wing Island City Mall 6300 Tagbilaran City, Philippines; Rizal Plaza J.S Torralba St. 6300 Tagbilaran City, Philippines; Cube Arcade, Purok 5, Tawala, Panglao 6340 Panglao, Philippines
Contact Number: Mosia Café:  0955 4556933

7 Bohol Activities You Can Do That Don’t Require A Swab Test, vacation

After a long, tiring day, take a quick stop at Mosia Café or have a coffee break at Bo’s Coffee, Bohol branch.

Images: Bo’s Coffee (L); Mosia Café (R) Facebook pages

Satisfy your dessert cravings and add ‘eating’ to your list of activities to do in Bohol and stop by Mosia Café, located in Tagbilaran, Bohol. They have all your favorite cupcake flavors, such as Salted Caramel, Snickers, Cookies and Cream, and their bestselling flavor, the Classic Red Velvet. Unique desserts are also available, like the French Silk Pie. The whole place is comfortable and quiet, perfect for a quick dessert stopover.

After dessert, drag your coffee lover friends to Bo’s Coffee in Bohol, a well-known, local coffee company that grows its coffee beans locally. Bold and tasteful brews are available for dine-in since a swab test is no longer required in Bohol and also for takeout to sip while you travel down the road, on to your next vacation stop.

5. Have a luxury getaway at Bohol Shores

Address: Hontanosas Rd, Brgy. Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, 6339 Bohol
Contact Number: 03 8403 9934; 03 8556 4071; 0917 7296790; 0917 7296771; 0917 6345506; 0917 7296812

7 Bohol Activities You Can Do That Don’t Require A Swab Test, attractions

Booking a stay at Bohol Shores is a good option if you opt to relax and chill this summer.

Image: Bohol Shores Facebook page

Time to book a place to stay after a long adventure in Dauis, Panglao Bohol—Bohol Shores. They are ready to welcome you this year with huge savings on hotel accommodation with their hotel marked-down packages. Their marked-down promo lasts until December 19, 2022, so you have ample time to plan out your summer vacation this year. While a swab test is still not required, you can plot the dates and choose your preferred package among their accommodation options.

For a three-day and two-night stay, single accommodation is at PhP10,167; twin accommodation at PhP5,972 per person; triple accommodation is at PhP5,463 per person; and quadruple accommodation is at PhP5,208 per person. These promo packages include accommodation in a deluxe room, daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days, and a round-trip transfer via Panglao International Airport or Tagbilaran Seaport.

6. Choose an adventure tour with Bohol Countryside Travel and Services.

Address: Cambuac sur, Sikatuna 6338, Bohol, Philippines 6338 Sikatuna, Philippines
Contact Number: 0930 6738914

7 Bohol Activities You Can Do That Don’t Require A Swab Test, travel

There are many activities to choose from for the thrill-seekers out there!

Image: Bohol Countryside Travel and Services Facebook page

Bohol Countryside Travel and Services offers the best activities and itinerary so that you would make the most out of Bohol’s attractions and favorite tourist spots. This travel and tour agency guarantees their guests affordable and quality tours that will promote and highlight the tropical island of Bohol.

Among the activities and attractions included in the packages are the Blood Compact Shrine, Baclayon Church and Museum, Manmade Forest, tarsier watching, Loboc River Cruise, Chocolate Hills, souvenir shopping, Butterfly Conservation Center, Python Sanctuary, a zipline ride, buffet lunch, bike zip ride, Hinagdanan Cave, Shell Museum, Panglao Church and Watch Tower, Bohol Bee Farm, and more.

Tour rates per person range from PhP470 to PhP3,600, depending on the preferred tour package and the inclusion of activities and attractions.

7. Dive at Magic Oceans Dive Resort

Address: Ipo, Candabong, Anda, 6311 Bohol
Contact Number: 0939 3613580

7 Bohol Activities You Can Do That Don’t Require A Swab Test, yoorekka com

Meet some fantastic underwater creatures and let Magic Oceans Dive Resort assist you.

Image: Magic Oceans Dive Resort Facebook page

Magic Oceans Dive Resort is located in the small village of Anda, popularly known as the pearl of Bohol. Whether you want to dive or relax, this dive resort has it all. The resort houses 16 bungalows surrounded by the cool breeze of trees and peaceful surroundings. The resort’s house reef is full of life and fun and will indeed be enjoyed by snorkelers and divers on vacation. Magic Oceans Dive Resort has 17 kilometers of underwater coastline to be explored, along with the sandy slopes and adorable sea creatures that you can find underwater.

Delicious food and day trips are also available at the resort, making this place a spot for an all-in adventure and summer vacation.

Bohol is a big island to explore with many activities for thrill-seekers, nature lovers, and people who love to chill and travel. These activities will either pump your adrenaline or relax your overall senses. Now that swab tests are no longer required as long as you are fully vaccinated, you can now enjoy the beauty of Bohol without the hassle and, most of all, safely maximize your time and resources for that memorable vacation or summer getaway.

Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more exciting activities and travel spots in Bohol!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

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