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Choose the Best for Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu: Here’s How

Keep healthy for this season!

By: Christine Joyce Andres | January 13, 2016
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healthy meal New Year, New Year

New Year’s Eve celebration is undoubtedly a time to enjoy some more delicious food!

The journey from the last Christmas season until today happened in a glimpse of an eye! Before you know it, countless Christmas parties are coming your way one after the other. But the celebrations do not end after all those Christmas gatherings. To cap off the holiday festivities is of course, the New Year’s Eve celebration—the symbol of both an end and a beginning and, definitely, a time to enjoy some more delicious food!

Preparing for your New Year’s Eve menu might seem to be an intimidating task. But stress not because we have rounded up for you the best tips to remember when you or your guest decide or need to keep healthy for this season!

Keep it simple!

Choose the Best for Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu: Here’s How, healthy meal New Year

For your drinks, have your water infused with lemons

We’re not only talking about keeping your dishes simple, but also about switching to natural and fresh ingredients. Save yourself from all the unhealthy oils, fats, and preservatives and skip the processed meats and packaged food such as bacon, nuggets, and chips, among others. For your drinks, just have water infused with some fruits like lemon, strawberries, apples, or even watermelons!

Stay high!

Choose the Best for Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu: Here’s How, New Year

Choose whole-wheat bread

Eating foods that are high in dietary fibers lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Choose whole grains like brown rice or whole wheat bread and pasta over the usual “white” carbs staple like white rice, white flour, and refined sugar.

Stay strong!

Choose the Best for Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu: Here’s How, healthy meal New Year

Blueberry smoothie with yogurt

There are over 200 million people around the world who are affected by osteoporosis—a bone disease that could be prevented if only more people would pay attention to their calcium intake. Start the New Year right with strong and healthy bones. Add calcium-rich ingredients such as unsweetened milk, cheese, and beans to your dish or serve yogurt for dessert!

Just keep swimming!

Choose the Best for Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu: Here’s How, New Year

Smoked salmon vegetable salad

A diet rich in fish is proven to reduce probability of having Alzheimer’s disease, damage to retinas due to old age, and other cardiovascular complications like heart diseases.

Include some “fatty” fishes like salmon, herring, mackerel, tuna, sardines, and other fishes of your choice to your menu! A simple, but hearty sinigang with salmon or tuna head is perfect for a chilly evening or a simply Filipino style Inihaw na Tuna Belly, fish escabeche, or kinilaw is perfect for gatherings.

Go nuts!

Choose the Best for Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu: Here’s How, healthy meal New Year

Walnut is a high-antioxidant food that can combat free radicals and even prevent certain cancers.

If there are good and bad carbs, then there are also good and bad fats. The most common good fats are Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fishes, and unsaturated fats which are found in nuts. Walnut, macadamia, almond, and other nuts are packed with unsaturated fats and of course, protein. It’s just a matter of asking which nuts have the highest levels of this good stuff! Just a reminder: peanut is not a nut—it’s a legume, but it is still good for you.

Pass the alcohol (or at least, some of it!)

Choose the Best for Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu: Here’s How, New Year

Red wine has resveratrol that is good for the heart.

Parties this season are endless, and most of them are serving the infamous alcohol. For women, having one or two alcoholic drinks per day also increases their risk of breast cancer. If you cannot forego serving alcohol in the party, opt for red wine which promotes longevity and decreases your risk of having Alzheimer’s.

Despite all our efforts to serve healthy dishes, it’s alright for us not to limit ourselves to these kinds of food. It's thoughtful enough to include healthy options in your New Year’s Eve menu so both adults and children can have their choice and enjoy their food. So have a remarkable menu by serving the best dish you can cook, adding healthy treats, and, of course, letting your guests sample any dish they want. Just give each other a friendly reminder to take everything in moderation.

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