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Best Things to Buy in June

For back-to-school, rainy days, weddings, and other wonderful reasons to shop this month!

By: Ros Raymundo | June 02, 2016
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The upcoming month is an exciting time for a lot of Filipinos because several key events take place during this time. For students, June means getting back to the academic grind; for lovers, it’s pre-wedding jitters; for families, it’s the big day for Dad; and, for the nation, it’s time to show Pinoy pride, when Independence Day is celebrated.

And all these are happening just as the rainy season starts. As they say, when it rains, it pours! So, you’d better start your shopping and do it right.

Raincoat, Rain Boots, Umbrella

june shopping raincoat rain boots umbrella

Rainy day outfits

It is no surprise that June is the official start of the rainy season, which means preparation is key. Sometimes, the stormy weather can still be a motivation to be fashionable. And the right gear should keep you protected, dry, and trendy. Brands like Adidas, Columbia, Zara, and Topshop have chic and well-designed raincoats that you can choose from. Remember to add to your wet weather checklist a pair of rain boots and an umbrella too! If you have more than one set of each, feel free to mix and match your outfits.

Father's Day Gift

june shopping father's day gift

A multitool set for your Dad

For guys, he’s our very first superhero. For girls, he’s our first love. Either way, our Dads will always be the number one man in our life. It’s only fitting that we give him a Father’s Day gift that shows how much we love and care about him.

Get something that fits his personality and would be enjoyable for him. For example, if your dad is the handyman type who loves to tinker around in the garage, a multitool set might be the best gift. Try shopping at Ace Hardware or Handyman Philippines to get more ideas.

Wedding Gifts

june shopping wedding gifts

Droplights and wall art posters from Heima (Photo from Heima)

June has always been a popular month for couples to get married. Apparently, this belief goes way back to ancient Roman times when people believed that Juno, the goddess of marriages, would be pleased if they got married during her month. Juno would supposedly bless the couple with wealth and happiness. And guests will be blessing the lovebirds with gifts that will help them maneuver their new life together.

Getting married also usually means having a new house to move into. Help the newlyweds get settled into their love nest by gifting them with functional furnishings to beautify their home. Blims, Heima, and Homeplus are great stores to find a suitable present.


june shopping bag knapsack

Stylish yet functional backpacks

The number one school necessity for students is a stylish but functional bag or knapsack to carry around schoolbooks. It’s of utmost importance to find one that is roomy enough and is made of sturdy material. Your nearest department store should have a whopping number of choices. But, if you lack the time to go mall shopping, try online websites like Lazada where they have everything from casual daypacks to kids-on-the-go bags.

Lunch Box

june shopping lunch box

Store yummy lunches in cool-looking boxes

Storing the school baon (packed lunch) in a funky lunch box is sure to make your little one the cool kid in class. Your honor student is going to need energy to finish all their schoolwork, so have fuel-food ready for them. Choose a lunch box that is easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to clean; don’t just go for the cute cover design. For example, a compartmentalized lunch box will have enough room for variation in the food you will prepare. You can get the perfect lunch box for your school-kids from bookstores, department stores’ homeware section, specialty stores, and websites that sell novelties.

Flash Drive

june shopping flash drive

Cute flash drives to make schoolwork more fun

Whether it’s for grade school kids bringing home schoolwork or college students trying to finish their thesis, a flash drive with a fun design will help get the job done. Hardworking students need to get their projects and important presentations back and forth between home and school. An awesome-looking USB is a great tool to help them excel in their studies. Brick-and-mortar bookstores or online stores are usually the best places to buy one.

Smart Phone

june shopping smart phone

Homework apps

While there’s always the danger of smart phones being used excessively for social media, you cannot discount the fact that it can also be a very useful tool for studying. There are numerous apps that can help with homework, and built-in reminders to ensure that your dean’s lister’s schedule is followed to a tee. Some apps that you might want to avail of are MyHomework, StudyBlue, LitCharts, and iFormulas.

Waterproof Makeup

june shopping waterproof makeup

The right make up will keep you streak-free and worry-free.

Every woman should abide by the Girl Scout code when it comes to her makeup: Always be prepared. We already know that typhoons will be visiting in the months of June and those that follow. Should a downpour happen, waterproof makeup will take at least one worry off your mind while you’re trying to jump over puddles on your way home. Brands like Make Up Forever, NYX, Mac, and Maybelline have quality products that allow you to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Pinoy Pride Fashion

june shopping pinoy pride fashion

Women’s shirt from Francis M Clothing Co. (Photo from Francis M Clothing Co.)

Filipinos have a brimming new sense of hope for the incoming administration. And the Philippine Independence Day is the perfect time to show off your Pinoy pride with cool swag. June 12 can be a spectacular show of red, blue, and white (plus 3 stars and a sun). You may want to visit the Kultura Filipino shops at SM Malls for great finds. Lifestyle brands Team Manila and Francis M Clothing are also great options to find Pinoy-themed garb.

What are your favorite things to buy in June? Share your thoughts in the comments box!

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