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Alternative Facial Salon Review Series: Bioessence

Ensuring to give the right solution suitable to your skincare needs

By: Niña Caraig | September 15, 2016
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Taking care of your skin is probably one of the most important parts of your daily routine. And these days that one’s looks receives lots of attention online and offline will make you want to have a better version of yourself all the time! Let’s admit it, even guys would agree!

In this article, Yoorekka will present another facial clinic for our Alternative Facial Care Salon Review Series. This time we cordially invited Bioessence to join us. Again, we are sharing to you our experience at the salon to give you ideas on alternative places to go for skincare treatments. The review is unpaid so rest assured that we will provide you our honest thoughts.

Visit For

Its expert facial services done with most attention and quality treatments

The Parking Area

facial cleaning salon in Manila review

Bioessence’s West Ave. branch in Quezon City

You can leave your car park in front of the clinic. There is a guard on duty for the security of your vehicle. However, call the clinic prior to your visit to ensure that there is enough space for parking.

The Waiting Area

The 22-year old beauty clinic chain that started operations with only a 3-bed clinic in Davao City opened a branch in Quezon City. The said branch is located at West Avenue, accessible to customers who are coming from the northern side of Metro Manila.

facial cleaning salon in Manila review

Bioessence’s reception area featuring their accommodating estheticians

The clinic is a two-storey building with an Italian-designed interior and a combination of brown and beige accent walls and furniture, dramatic lighting, and relaxing scent perfect for a calm and serene atmosphere. There is a total of 18 rooms for facial treatment and 4 rooms for sauna.

facial cleaning salon in Manila review

The waiting area with some refreshments to choose from

I was welcomed by courteous greetings and pleasant chats by the receptionist and pleased with refreshments before my treatment. My esthetician gave me a robe. She left me for a few moments in the room so I could change my clothes before we started the session.

The Actual Session

A basic facial treatment should include steaming, exfoliating, and extracting. Bioessence’s Oxygen Celebrity Facial, which is the one I had, is a combination of facial plus oxygen serum and mask.

facial cleaning salon in Manila review

facial cleaning salon in Manila review

The robe I wore in preparation for the treatment.

My esthetician gave me a preliminary relaxing massage to my head, shoulder, and chest. She cleansed my face using creams and scrubs in circular strokes to set my skin and relax my facial muscles. A thin vapor of warm steam was put to my face to help soften up any whiteheads or blackheads to be removed. The procedure was so relaxing and took for about 10 minutes.

Next, comes the extraction (or removal of whiteheads and blackheads) which is normally a bit painful but done in a lighter and comfortable way by my esthetician. After the pricking, my esthetician vacuumed my face to remove more dirt and excess oils out of my face. Then, to improve the appearance of my pores, she used a laser wand, diamond peeling, and a soothing cold mask. I appreciate that my esthetician covered my eyes with moist cloth during the laser session.

After the entire basic facial, my esthetician applied the oxygen serum which according to her helps the skin keep its firmness and correct uneven fine lines. The serum assists the skin in rebuilding itself faster. This procedure is painless and I felt no harsh peeling which usually happens when using chemicals on skin.

facial cleaning salon in Manila review

Taking a cold refreshment after the session!

My esthetician was checking on me often and explaining the procedure ensuring that I was aware and comfortable during the session. She instructed me to refrain from washing my face for the next 6 hours. Lastly, let me tell you that the back massage really completed my experience with Bioessence!

The whole session lasted for almost 2 hours.

Services and Products

For facial treatment: Oxygen Intensive Facial for Anti-ageing, Oxygen Whitening Intensive Therapy Facial, Oxygen Intensive Therapy Facial for Acne, Beauty Break Facial, and more.

For slimming treatment: Sauna, Thermoshape, Byowrap, etc.

Bioessence also has a variety of spa and massage services.

The Divine

Excellent service from the Bioessence’s esthetician who’s accommodating and making sure that I was comfortable during the whole session.

The salon also provides a luxury line of services to choose from: skincare, sauna, massage, and slimming treatments.

I was impressed to learn that Bioessence could work on a combination of different treatment services that depend on your facial condition and needs. This is probably one of their best strengths which is why they are known for giving high quality service.

For Improvement

The clinic is not well-lit more particularly along the aisle going to the wash room.


Recommended for clients who want the right attention and solution to their skincare problems and needs.

Branch Visited

BIOESSENCE, 68 Carbal Bldg., West Ave., Quezon City
Tel. No.: (02)371-2931 / (02)372-2649
Website: http://bioessence.ph/

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: ShoppersGuide would like to thank Bioessence for accommodating our invitation to review their establishment.
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