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Get Polished: 5 Reasons to Try the French-inspired Nail Spa in Timog

Glam up and show your true colors with Get Polished nails and spa services.

By: Karen Grace Libao | October 13, 2016
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Are you the type of person who look at someone’s nails right the moment you meet them? Well, you are not alone. And as they say, first impression lasts so we better take care of our nails more often. We have discovered a nail care haven that gives a five-star rated service on nail care treatments! Recently, we visited Get Polished! in Timog to take a look at the space and to try their signature superstar treatments.

nail spa Timog

The exterior of Get Polished! branch at Timog

Get Polished! is a product of too much passion for “everything kikay.” Rachel Millarez-Concepcion, owner and founder of the spa, fondly remembers how she used to create nail arts using a barbecue stick during the times when nail art was not yet a trend in the country. In 2008, the premier branch of Get Polished opened in Parañaque to provide care and treatments for women who want to de-stress, glam up and show their true colors through their nails.

From the cozy interior to the out party services, read on to find out the superstar treatment that celebrities like Claudine Barretto, Dina Bonnevie, fashion designer Francis Libiran, athlete Mika Reyas, and politician Risa Hontiveros also experienced when they visited Get Polished on their beauty time.

1. The French-inspired room is for awesome selfies.

nail spa Timog

The warm yellow light from the hanging chandelier is good for selfies

Get Polished! looks modest outside, but is posh and elegant inside. It brings a different kind of comfort through their French-inspired interior design, reminiscent of contemporary establishments in the Southern Europe. The room is splashed with lavender paint and other complementary pastel colors, giving it a balmy and cozy ambience. Even the towels are also in uniform to their color code. Moreover, the tools, equipment, and products are meticulously organized in their respective places.

nail spa Timog

Right side of the interior where an array of couches are seated

The room, albeit small, is not cramped. People can still move easily in the area without bumping into each other. Aligned on both sides are the couches covered in floral cases. The place is well-lit, which is necessary for estheticians to perform their job well. The lights add glow to the skin, making their room a good setting for your picture-perfect selfies!

There’s also a private room for waxing that can accommodate one customer and a staff and a toilet.

2. The scrub flavors and nail polish collection are very hypnotizing!

nail spa Timog

A stash of all-imported nail polish brands

The most popular service of Get Polished! is their signature GP Spa+Pedi treatment—a combination of foot spa with the customer’s chosen aromatic salt scrub+ foot nail polish package. There are various scrub flavors available: the Lavender and Orange for relaxation, Melon and Pears for sweet scent lovers, Citrus and Green Tea for exfoliation, Peach and Ginseng for rejuvenation, and Coffee flavor for those who love the aroma of it, and more!

Get Polished also offers gel and acrylics, nail art and enhancing, waxing, and eyelash extension. Their nail polish collection is very hypnotizing! Every customer would go crazy over a wide selection of lacquers. They exclusively use imported products including Cuccio, Zoya, OPI, Orly, China Glaze, and Essie.

nail spa Timog

Body Butter Wash in several flavors

Displayed on their front desk are several skin care products. They introduce the Cuccio Body Butter Wash which, according to them, is not a lotion. This helps soften, smoothen and moisturize the skin, making it more apt for the cuddle weather! These are available in several flavor scents and can be ideal giveaways for parties and events!

The staff are warm and hospitable. All wide-smiled, they give guests a list of services they offer including the prices, packages, as well as the promos they run at the moment. They are also suggestive of their signature services as well as patrons’ most favorite service!

Another positive attribute of their staff is their knowledge of their service. Customers can ask them anything and they can answer them with grace and wit. It’s good to know that all their staff are professionally trained and they undergo recertification to sustain the quality of their performance.

3. Caring is fit for a superstar!

First-time visitors are asked to fill up a form which will reflect their name and contact numbers. They use this as a directory of their customers so they can send updates on discounts and promos.

First, the attentive staff will let you choose an aromatic scrub scent and a nail polish before the session starts. Wearing shorts or a dress is a must if having a foot scrub because they scour from toes up to the knees.

nail spa Timog

The bubbles starting to loom

Next, the esthetician must remove your nail polish first (if you haven’t cleared it yet upon visit) before dipping your feet into the foot bubble machine with water and salt soak. Then they will charge the electronic machine. It is the most relaxing part of the treatment. (It is fascinating to watch the bubbles, too!).

They leave it for a few minutes and will be back to scrape the calluses off using a stainless steel foot file. The filing should last for 15 to 30 minutes. They use stainless steel with refillable file for sanitation purposes.

nail spa Timog

They use stainless steel and refillable file for hygienic purposes

It will be followed by applying the flavored salt scrub through the legs up to the knees. The aroma of the salt scrub plus the gentle rub can induce a mixed feeling of calmness and drowsiness. No worries, because they will let you sleep if you please.

Following the scrub, the esthetician will wash the scrub out with warm water and then proceed to the pedicure service which is done in a standard way: cuticle removing and application of oil to keep the cuticles soft and healthy.

nail spa Timog

Nude lacquer

A light massage will be given afterwards, which is the most rewarding part. They use a scented lotion as substitute in the standard massage cream which is out-of-stock at the moment. The esthetician’s hand pressure is very soothing. They always care about the customer’s capacity to handle the pressure, thus, they keep asking if a customer wants harder or lighter pressure.

The last touch is the application of base coat, nail polish, and a fast-dry solution.

4. Sanitation is tops.

nail spa Timog

The sterilizer is placed below the nail polish stash.

Many mani-pedi spas are prone to bacterial, fungal, and viral infections which can be caused by accidentally cutting of the skin using a contaminated cuticle nipper. Fret not because Get Polished prioritizes sanitation in their service. After using their nail cleaning instruments, the staff sprays a liquid sanitizer on each one before putting them back into the trolley cart, and then puts them in a sterilizer machine.

5. They offer spa parties!

nail spa Timog

Salt soak for a few minutes before charging the machine

Companies, organizations, or even friends who just want to pamper together can call them up for a Spa Party! Sounds exciting, right? You can just sit back, relax, and have some chit-chat with the fam while the estheticians are scrapping out your dry skin and cuticles.

Once a group has made the inquiry, they will provide a list of packages you can choose from. They can accommodate a group for a minimum of 3 hours. This is exclusive of food so you can bring whatever your cravings demand. This can also be a good Bridal Party concept!

nail spa Timog

They also open franchising opportunities to interested beauty entrepreneurs as long as they can provide set standards. This includes being a “people person” of the aspiring franchisee, proper staff management skills, financial resources, and deep interest in the beauty industry, among others. The complete detail is available on their website and upon inquiry.

Many spas promise best results but Get Polished excels in proving that world-class service should not come at a huge price. With their exceptional products and treatments, five-star customer service, and exquisitely designed space, they introduce their brand as something that will respond to the needs of both men and women in need of a superstar nail care service in the metro.

Get Polished! is located at AC Mezzanine Building, Unit 38, Sct. Ybardolaza, Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Tel no.+632 2617502
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