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Keep Your Children Safe on Halloween

Make trick-or-treating safer and more enjoyable for kids with these tips.

By: Aimee Morales | October 26, 2016
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halloween safety tips for trick or treating

Advice for parents on how to protect their kids from the real scares during Halloween

Halloween is one of the year’s most anticipated celebrations, especially as far as children are concerned. Unfortunately, this time of year also presents plenty of risks for children, which is why parents have to be extra careful at this time. It’s all about responsible fun and conscious celebration. Here are some tips to keep children safe this Halloween:

When it comes to costumes and accessories

1. When buying costumes, make sure that you choose those whose length are not too long as to risk falling or other injuries. Say no to high-heeled or ill-fitting shoes, too!

halloween safety tips for trick or treating accessories

2. If your child is going out trick or treating at night, it would be a good idea to choose light-colored costumes or to attach reflective tape on the outfit. Those glowing horns and light-up wands will also come in handy!

3. As much as possible, don’t let them wear masks because these would limit the children’s range of vision. The same goes for wigs, hats, and beards that may cover children’s eyes, noses, or mouths. Instead, have them wear non-toxic face paint or makeup.

4. Before applying makeup or face paint on your child’s face, make sure to test the products on their skin first to rule out allergies.

5. When shopping for costumes and accessories, check that the items are labeled “flame-retardant” or “flame-resistant.” It means that the material used will not burn. If you’re making the costumes yourself, you can use nylon or polyester, which are flame-retardant.

6. Contact lenses are also a no-no unless you get a prescription from your eye doctor. These may cause inflammation, pain, or infection.

7. If your child is going out at night, give him or her a flashlight with fresh batteries.

8. If your child is carrying a sword, wand, cane, or stick, make sure that it is not sharp or too long so injuries can be avoided.

Safety during trick or treating

1. Only children who are mature enough (usually above 12 years old) should be allowed to go out trick or treating without adult supervision. All children should be taught to go around in groups and to only visit familiar areas that are well-lit.

halloween safety tips for trick or treating

2. Teach children not to enter other people’s homes on their own. This also applies to cars and other vehicles.

3. It would also be a good idea to have your child carry an ID or a nametag with your address and phone number.

4. Teach your child the number to call in case of emergencies. To do this, you might want to have him or her carry a mobile phone while on the road at night. However, instruct them on how to use it properly. For example, remind your child not to use the phone while walking or crossing the street. Even better, tell your child not to use the phone when in public area to avoid the attention of petty thieves at night.

5. Parents should know the route their children are taking, as well as the time they are supposed to be home.

6. Give your children rules for the streets, like: No running; Use the sidewalk; Walk facing traffic and as far away as possible from the vehicles; Use the pedestrian crossing; Follow traffic rules or signals; Be very careful when crossing streets; and Watch out for cars backing up.

7. Tell children to stay away from candles and other flames.

8. Check your child’s loot when he or she gets home, and make sure that candies are in their original and unopened wrappers. Remove hard candies, gums, and gummy candies and chewy bars with nuts, caramel, marshmallows, or raisins—to avoid choking!

halloween safety tips for trick or treating

Halloween activities can be enjoyed better when the entire family is safe and healthy. Use this easy guide by printing it out or distributing it among loved ones before the date arrives! Happy Halloween!
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About Aimee Morales
Aimee Morales is a freelance writer and editor. She is the founder of FLOW, a small community of writers who write for healing and inspiration. She started the Freelance Writers' Guild of the Philippines (FWGP) in 2010 and served as its president until September 2020. Balangay Productions published her first book, “Why Mandaya Teens Have Sharp Black Teeth” in 2015. Five years later in 2020, she published her second book (an eBook) titled, “Alignment: Lessons on Writing”. Aimee is a single mother, tai chi and eskrima practitioner, and creator of the #santoshaproject - a personal effort to encourage more people to incorporate the Santosha gratitude practice into their daily lives.
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