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Giving Gifts for Newlywed Couples Is Easy with These 8 Best Gift Ideas

These best wedding gifts will surely be added to the couple’s wedding memories!

By: Arrah Camillia Quistadio-Manticajon | June 13, 2017
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choosing gifts for a newly married couple

When you’re a guest to a wedding, one thing to think about is the gifts for newlywed couples. This is easy if they have a gift registry.

But if they have none or you want to surprise them with something they didn’t expect, read on to find some great wedding gift ideas for newlyweds that they’ll surely appreciate.

1. Cookware set

Whether they cook for fun or out of necessity, a complete cookware set will be useful for them. When shopping for cookware, consider their lifestyle as well as the material of the pots and pans. You can go for basic non-stick pieces that they can use every day, or give them high-end stainless steel ones that look sleek yet are easy to clean. For serious cooks, a Dutch oven or cast-iron pans would be a welcome addition to their collection.

2. Photo albums and frames

After the newlyweds receive the official photos from their wedding photographer, the couple would want to showcase their wedding memories in a beautiful way. Help them do that with a photo album or frame. For a fail-safe gift, opt for classic styles, like wooden or silver frames, and white photo albums.

3. Bed linen

choosing gifts for a newly married couple

Bed linens are a popular and practical wedding gift.

A nice set of linen covers can spruce up any couple’s bedroom. This will help them sleep comfortably, as well as offer protection on cold nights. Make sure to ask the couple for the dimensions of their bed so the linens would be a perfect fit. Also consider the material of the linen. Cotton provides maximum comfort, while silk bedding is both stylish and luxurious.

4. Luggage

A luggage set would be a great gift idea for the couple who loves to travel. If they love flying light, carry-on luggage might be the ideal travel bag for them. On the other hand, couples who like going on long vacations and check in their baggage might benefit from bigger, full-size trolleys. For adventurous backpackers, opt for a travel backpack, which is essentially a suitcase in a backpack version.

5. Portrait of the couple

If you’re looking for a handmade gift ideas for wedding, a unique one would be to give the couple a pencil or charcoal sketch of their wedding day photo. If you have a mutual artist friend, you can pitch in and split the cost of the gift between yourselves. You can base the work on your own photo of the couple on their big day, or ask the wedding photographer if he or she could provide you with a digital copy of their best wedding photo.

6. Travel fund donation

choosing gifts for a newly married couple

Help the couple get to their dream destination by pitching in to their travel fund.

Sometimes the best gift you can give to a couple is an unforgettable experience, instead of a physical object. In this case, you might want to make the newlyweds go on their dream travel destination by contributing to their honeymoon or weekend getaway. Couples who forego a traditional registry for a travel fund usually set up a booth at the reception where guests can drop in their donations. Other pairs provide guests with an online link where guests can contribute to their honeymoon fund.

7. Classes on their favorite hobby or activity

Another non-traditional wedding gift is enrolling the couple for classes on things they like to do. Whether they love to cooking, dancing, pottery, or exercise, doing things together strengthens their bond. Skim their social media profiles to see what things they enjoy, then check with the establishments to see whether they can issue a gift certificate in the couple’s name.

8. Dinnerware

Does the couple love to entertain? Then dinnerware might be a great gift idea for them. Dinnerware usually come in 12-, 16, 20-, 24-, and even 42-piece sets, so even if they’re not hosting a huge party, they can still use it for everyday dining or a small get-together.

From Gifts to Wedding Venue!

Whatever gift you choose to give the couple, tailor-fitting your gift to their lifestyle, preferences, and hobbies would be one surefire way that you’ll get them something they would love and use.

choosing gifts for a newly married couple

Los Arboles Tagaytay’s Gazebo

Image: Los Arboles Tagaytay

And if shopping for another couple makes you want to tie the knot with your sweetie, you might want to check out Los Arboles Tagaytay. Their verdant garden provides a romantic backdrop for sweethearts who would like to experience the serenity of nature on their big day.

For couples who are dreaming of a garden wedding, they have 3 garden venues to choose from namely Mulawin Garden, Pili Garden, and Kaimito Garden which can accommodate 300, 450, and 500 guests respectively.

Make sure to visit Yoorekka to learn more and find that perfect wedding gift.

Couples can celebrate their wedding reception at Los Arboles Tagaytay’s newly built Greenhouse Pavilion which can hold 100 to 200 guests. For promos and customize package requests, visit their website at or contact them at +639989962502.

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