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Your 4 Trusty Female Dress Code for Job Interview

Dress up smart with these on-point ensembles on your interview day.

By: Karen Grace Libao | June 22, 2017
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While women are the champ when it comes to fashion statements in general, not everyone’s preference fit the standards of proper clothing for a job interview.

Here are some wardrobe essentials you should have to be ready for that make-or-break tête-à-tête with the hiring manager and your future boss.

1. Conservative shirt or dress

career wardrobe essentials for women

Look smart and modest with a conservative top or dress. (Image: SM Woman)

For a job interview, it is important to carefully choose the pieces to put on. Avoid wearing revealing shirts. Plain and printed blouses are okay as long as they do not expose too much skin. Refrain from picking clothes with bright colors and outlandish styles. If you’re not sure what to get, stick with a piece in a monotone hue.

Where to buy: The SM Store, Bayo, Zara, Maldita

2. Blazer

career wardrobe essentials for women

A blazer is a staple garment for women in the corporate world. (Image: SM Woman)

Blazers are a good investment when working in the corporate world. You can wear them not only during your interview but also on a day-to-day basis. Snag several blazers in neutral colors. Aside from the fact that it is a common standard for many offices, wearing solid colors such as black, beige, cream, or white create an impression that a person is credible and authoritative.

Where to buy: The SM Store, Forever 21, Mango

3. Dress pants or pencil skirt

career wardrobe essentials for women

Wear skirts that are not too tight with the hem line falling past your knees. (Image: Uniqlo)

A pair of black dress pants should be a mainstay in a woman’s closet. It can be worn not only for an interview but also in many events in so many ways. Likewise, pencil skirts are a classic and can be flattering when used both for dressing up or dressing down. They save you from the worries of mixing and matching because they look good when paired with any kind of top.

Where to buy: The SM Store, Uniqlo

4. Comfortable closed shoes

career wardrobe essentials for women

Get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes in black or nude. (Image: Parisian Shoes and Bags)

The last thing you’d want during an interview is to feel uncomfortable. That’s why it’s recommended to avoid wearing high heels on your interview, and use flats to avoid any hassle. Choose a pair of black or nude closed shoes, colors that are commonly associated with the corporate world.

Additional tips

● Steer away from clothes that are too tight as well as very short skirts.
● If wearing accessories, keep it minimal.
● Stay fragrant but keep away from strong perfumes.
● Get a professional bag that will match your outfit.
● Hide body piercings and tattoos. There are companies that do not allow their employees to be inked.

With the right preparation and enough self-confidence, you can nail that job interview. Good luck!
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About Karen Grace Libao
Karen writes for a living and for fun. She started her writing career in 2014 when she worked as Content Manager for a women’s website and never looked back since. On her free time, she tries to catch up on her current reads, seeing independently-produced films, watching theatre plays, and attending live music and open mic gigs. She dreams of becoming a published writer and film producer in the future.
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