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8 Hacks to Set the Mood of Your Condo this Rainy Season

How to brighten up your day and your home when it’s raining

By: Patricia Marie Prado | July 18, 2017
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Our mornings usually set up our mood for the entire day and a good breakfast or a bad coffee can make or break the rest of it! However, to start the day right, aside from a hearty meal in the morning, it is the overall atmosphere of our home that sets up our mood!

But what can you do when outside factors give a gloomy effect to your home condo unit, like a dreary weather? Here are some tips to improve the mood in your humble abode despite the rain.

1. Hang your favorite artworks

improve condo during rainy season

Hang art pieces that you actually like! Choices are plenty from magazine covers to quirky pieces that represent you.

One of the quickest ways to lift the mood of a boring condo is hanging beautiful art pieces. This can be your collection of famous paintings, artworks that you bought in a weekend market, or even personal items that you created yourself. Hanging up art inside your home breaks the monotonous walls of your condo and also makes great conversation pieces when someone visits your home. You can also opt for framed encouraging quotations to boost your mood in the morning.

2. Light up your place

improve condo during rainy season

Invest on dimmers to give your condo a romantic feel even when it’s pouring.

Aside from a clean room, one of the biggest mood influencers in your home is proper lighting. Choosing good lighting makes us efficient in doing our tasks and also helps elevate our mood when we just want to relax and chill. Though proper lighting differs from one space to another and depending on its purpose, lighting that comes with a dimmer is always a good choice. You can go for bright lights, so you can work properly and finish your assignments, or dim it during the rainy days when you just want to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book.

3. Invest in some good beddings

improve condo during rainy season

Mix and match your beddings and create the perfect bed for yourself!

To be in a great mood is to get a great amount of sleep the night before, and to get that 8-hour downtime means we need to be sleeping on the best bed possible. Two things that you can consider when dressing up your bed are the look and the feel. A good-looking bed makes it inviting and already relaxing without even jumping into it. If you’re going for a calmer atmosphere choose light pastel colors or neutral tones in your pillows and sheets. But if color is your thing, you can opt for a white bedsheet and add colorful pillows to make them pop.

For the feel, if you are after comfort, choose cotton or a blend of polyester and cotton for a soft feel. Do you prefer a lighter fabric? Linens are a great choice as they are breathable and perfect for our country’s humid weather. If you want to splurge a little, invest in silk beddings to give you the luxurious comfort that you deserve.

4. Color your place

improve condo during rainy season

Lift up your mood and the look of your condo with new wall colors.

One cheap and practical way to lift up your mood inside your condo is painting your walls. Believe it or not colors directly affects your mood, from pale pastels to big bolds, they contribute to the ambience of your home in one way or another. The good thing is that they are easy to do, plus they immediately give any room its own personality.

For rooms that you want to induce calm, opt for blue as it gives off a relaxing effect or shades of pastel green for that refreshing and vibrant feeling. If you have rooms that you want to be exciting, fun, and active go with reds and oranges or hues that are big and bold to perk up your energy.

5. Put your collections on display

improve condo during rainy season

Collections like photos and mementos deserve to be displayed!

If you are a collector by heart, don’t let your valuable pieces collect dust in boxes. You could have them displayed throughout your home! This way, they can get the attention they deserve, will make you smile every time you see them, and will make great conversation pieces whenever you have guests.

From toys, to books, or quirky items that you’ve collected in your travels, you can put them on shelves or book cases so you can show them to the world. You can also mount them on your walls or hang them in unexpected places like your kitchen or bathroom to create a surprising and dramatic effect.

6. Create your own coffee nook

improve condo during rainy season

Be your own coffee connoisseur at home.

Coffee, without a doubt, is a great mood enhancer. May it be on a cold rainy day or if you just want to relax for a night and not go out of the city, a coffee nook can be a great idea for your home. Pair it with a lovely reading corner in your bedroom or living room and you’ve just created a little haven that you can run to whenever you are stressed.

Creating your coffee nook is as easy as pie. You can buy a small table where you can place your coffee maker, grinder, or French press paired with cute jars dedicated to your favorite brew, sugar, and creamer. You can also display your favorite mugs or cups at the table plus a little chair.

7. Freshen up your space

improve condo during rainy season

Filter your air conditioning this rainy season!

One thing that is often associated with the rainy days is the musty smell of our home, especially if you live in a cramped condo unit that has little ventilation. A good trick to try is using dryer sheets and taping it over your air conditioning unit or vent. This way, the dryer sheets can filter the air that is coming from your AC unit giving your room a fresh scent.

8. Bring the gym to your home

improve condo during rainy season

Turn your condo into your personal gym this rainy season.

A great benefit of living in a condo is the amenities that come with your unit. The rainy days will surely make you blue but you can always count on your condo gym to burn some fats and increase your mood! If you do not like your condo’s gym facilities and equipment you can install exercise equipment in your home so you can still workout even when the rain is pouring.

Items like dumbbells, suspension trainers, an exercise ball, or even a yoga mat for yogis are great workout equipment that won’t take up much space. Exercising also helps your body release endorphins that give us that good mood.

Got any hacks of your own? Tell us in the comments below!
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