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Top 10 Best Places for Christmas Shopping in the Philippines 2016

ShoppersGuide readers voted where to find the perfect Christmas gifts!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | December 11, 2016
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Christmas shopping will always be one of our favorite to-do’s every December. Despite the number of people who will be flooding the malls, we still enjoy this yearly ritual because all the best deals and items seem to come out every December . Not even the worst of traffic can stop us from visiting our favorite malls just to get that gift for our family or that hamon that we’ve been eyeing for our Christmas Noche Buena.

This month, we’re pretty sure that you already have a list of gifts and giveaways and you’re itching to go to your favorite shop to buy them. But before you step out of that door, ShoppersGuide is here to help you find other malls and markets to make the most out of your Christmas shopping.

Last week, we asked you our readers, about your favorite places for Christmas shopping and the results are in. Read on our list below if your favorites made the list and check the other stores as well and you might find that gift you’ve been looking for.

10. Ayala Malls and Greenhills Shopping Center

Ayala Malls

Voter’s comment:
“Convenient place for your shopping tours.” – Sol

Christmas malls and market Philippines

Every shopper loves all Ayala Malls (Images: Ayala Malls 360 Facebook page)

To start our list, two malls tied for the tenth spot in our search for the best Christmas shopping places in the country. The first are the Ayala Malls that are predominantly scattered around Metro Manila. Ayala Malls are now a staple leisure and shopping destination among Filipinos because of the wide variety of brands that they house from international to local products. Shoppers also love the accessibility and the comfortable setting of their malls. If you are looking for quality pieces, Ayala Malls are your best bet.

Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave., San Juan

Voter’s Comment:
“Forever favorite place to shop! Convenience at its best ... anything and everything ....” – DC Gonzales

Christmas malls and market Philippines

Bargain haven at Greenhills Shopping Center (Images: Greenhills Official Facebook page

Another shopping destination that made it to the tenth spot is Greenhills Shopping Center. Greenhills, as Manileños fondly call it, has been a favorite shopping spot for over two decades because of the affordability and the wide range of items that they offer. From clothing and apparel to gadgets and almost everything under the sun, there is a big chance that you can find it in Greenhills.

9. Christmassaya Bazaar & Grand Carnival and Shoppesville Tiangge

Christmassaya Bazaar & Grand Carnival

Activity Center, Riverbanks Center, Marikina City
2:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Christmas malls and market Philippines

Marikina’s Christmassaya complete with bargains and pyrotechniques show evey year (Images: Riverbanks Center Facebook page)

On our ninth spot are the Christmassaya Bazaar & Grand Carnival in Marikina and Shoppesville Tiangge in Greenhills, San Juan. Christmassaya is an event that Marikeños look forward to every year because of the festivities that it brings. It turns the simple Riverbanks Center of Marikina into an amusement park complete with carnival rides and various shows and events. But aside from seeing the attractions, people also visit the place to shop at the bazaar that comes along with it. The bazaar features various local goods like garments, toys, foods, and well-known brands.

Shoppesville Tiangge

Service Rd., San Juan City

Voter’s Comment:
“Great Selections at Reasonable prices. Bring your best tawad game. Values without the hustle of going to Divi” – Randy J

Another shopping destination made it to the list and that is Shoppesville Tiangge. Although it is known to be part of the Greenhills Shopping Center in general, the developers of the center made Shoppesville its carrier of mostly fashion merchandises. So instead of circling the whole center, in Shoppesville all affordable fashion items are housed in one place. They even feature local up-and-coming brands that are not yet available in malls and are very easy on the wallet. If you still don’t have an outfit for your Christmas party, pay Shoppesville Tiangge a visit for your last minute shopping.

8. Quiapo and Taytay Tiangge


Quiapo, Manila

Voter’s Comment:
“Very accessible-- located at the heart of Manila, and has a lot to offer from fresh produce to novelty items. Everything is affordable.” – Karen Grace

Christmas malls and market Philippines

The famous Quiapo Ilalim, home of native products and souvenirs

Next on our list at No. 8 are Quiapo and Taytay Tiangge. Quiapo may be a very general term for others, but if you are a true blue Manileño, you know that Quiapo is really a bargain haven . Although some people fear going to the place because of the shanty environment, lots of shops still abound in the area because of the number of people that pass by every day. In the past years also, Quipao and its vicinities had undergone several rehabilitation projects revitalizing the district. Some of the famous spots in Quiapo include Quiapo Ilalim, home of quality local handicrafts, and Plaza Miranda where a beeline of local shoppers is settled selling various items like clothes, produce, and even cooked meals. Even fortunetellers are to be found in the place.

Taytay Tiangge

Don Hilario Ave., CME Compund, Taytay, Rizal
Tiangge near Mcdonalds Mondays-Sundays 5am-5pm
Tiangge inside CME compound: Tuesdays & Fridays 3:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Christmas malls and market Philippines

A bundle of ready-to-wear clothes at Taytay Tiangge (Images: Taytaytiangge 2016 Facebook page)

Taytay Tiangge, on the other hand, is also becoming a popular shopping place. Located all the way from Taytay, Rizal, people from various places scout the tiangge to score great deals on trendy clothes and other fabric-related items. Some local entrepreneurs even shop here to buy in bulk because clothing and fabric are very affordable. If you’re looking for clothes for your nieces and nephews or casings for your mom’s throw pillows, this is your spot.

7. SM Supermalls

Christmas malls and market Philippines

As SM Malls chant always say, they’ve got it all for you! (Images: SM Supermalls Facebook Page)

Seventh on our list are the well-loved SM Malls. Although SM Malls have become like mushrooms in our country because they are literally everywhere, its accessibility is one of the reasons why shoppers love them so much. Aside from the proximity, SM Malls today have become one-stop shops because you can accomplish all your shopping tasks in one visit. They have extensive department stores that house all your favorite local and international brands from clothing shoes to accessories. Their supermarket also has everything in it from food to toiletries and even basic home needs.

6. The Grand Holiday Bazaar

November 21 to 25 - Glorietta Activity Center
December 21 to 30 - New Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive
December 21-23, 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM;
December 24, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM;
December 25, 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM;
December 26-30, 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Christmas malls and markets Philippines

Find these awesome statement tees at The Grand Holiday Bazaar (Images: Bazaar Whisperer Facebook page [L]; Aniya Clothing [R])

The Grand Holiday Bazaar claims the sixth spot on our list. Despite it being an annual event, this bazaar created a lot of buzz over the years because of diverse offerings this particular bazaar has to offer. The participants include local entrepreneurs from the food industry down to fashion brands that are not yet well-known. Some of the awesome finds in The Grand Holiday Bazaar includes accessories, cosmetics, clothing, and even home decors that can be perfect gifts for any occasion. Another good thing is that it’s situated inside the mall so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

5. Plaza Mart

San Juan St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Christmas malls and market Philippines

Anywhere near Bacolod? Drop by Plaza Mart for some bargain hunting

Halfway through our list is Plaza Mart located in Bacolod City. This humble shopping establishment has been enjoyed by the locals since 1965 and is still active until today. Plaza Mart may be old but it is still a reliable shopping destination in Bacolod selling a wide array of items like clothing, shoes, bags, and gadgets. People, especially tourists also visit the place because of the products that they can bring home as pasalubong to their relatives.

4. Manila Ocean Park's Christmas Bazaar and Mayfair Plaza

Manila Ocean Park's Christmas Bazaar

Manila Ocean Park Grounds, Luneta, Manila

Christmas malls and market Philippines

Stop by Manila Ocean Park and their Christmas Bazar with your family this December! (Image: Shoppersspot Bazaar Facebook Page)

Manila Ocean Park’s Christmas Bazaar and Mayfair Plaza tied on the fourth place on our list. Manila Ocean Park’s Christmas Bazaar is an annual event that also draws a lot of shoppers because aside from the goodies that can be found in the bazaar, the proximity of Manila Ocean Park also makes it a great stopover after a day of enjoyment with the family.

Mayfair Plaza

13th Lacson St., Brgy. 7, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
9:00 AM –- 10:00 PM

Mayfair, on the other hand, is a well-known mall in Bacolod City that has become a favorite stopover among fashionistas because of its “flea market.” Like your usual tiangge, Mayfair Plaza is filled with ready-to-wear clothes from simple statement t-shirts to cute dresses that are perfect for your holiday fashion needs. Shoes, bags, and cosmetics are also abundant in the place, but just make sure that you avoid buying the fake ones to protect your skin.

3. 888 Chinatown Square Mall

Gatuslao St., Brgy. 9, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
10:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Voter’s Comment:
“Cheap and Affordable Christmas Gifts” – Butch C. Dujenio

Christmas malls and markets Philippines

Visit 888 Chinatown Square Mall, Bacolod’s Divisoria (Images: 888 Chinatown Square Mall)

Getting the third most number of votes is located another favorite shopping place from Bacolod and that is 888 Chinatown Square. The mall is considered the counterpart of Divisoria in Manila because of the type of goods and products it offers. The mall became a popular place for cheap finds like second-grade bags, shoes, and clothes similar to the products in Divisoria where you can also haggle with the sellers. The mall is also complete with food stalls so you wouldn’t go hungry after a long day of shopping.

2. Noel Bazaar

November 18-30: World Trade Center
December 2-4: Filinvest Tent Alabang
December 15-18: SMX Convention Center

Christmas malls and market Philippines

Shop to your heart’s content and give back to charity at Noel’s Bazaar (Images: Noel Bazaar Facebook page)

Noel Bazaar takes the second place on our list. This annual event has been a favorite by many shoppers because it is one of the biggest bazaars that happen every year. What makes Noel Bazaar different is the participation of celebrities through the efforts of GMA Network. During the bazaar celebrities also hold their own booths selling their pre-loved items. Others auction their iconic pieces like bags and apparel and award the item to the highest bidder or also known as the die-hard fans.

Aside from the awesome steals from your favorite stars, Noel Bazaar is also known for their wide selection of items from local entrepreneurs to well-known brands, and hundreds of food stalls that will wow any foodies. What’s more is that the proceeds of the event will benefit a number of charities like the GMA Kapuso Foundation.

1. Divisoria

Claro M. Recto Ave.

Voter’s Comments:
“Divisoria is one of our favorite spots when scouting for gifts. Typically, prices are reduced half of their mall counterparts!” – Ron Antazo
“You will find great variety of affordable products here!” – Riza Garingo
“Marami kang mabibili dito, kahit hindi mo kailangan mabibili mo dahil sa mura ... :)” – Mylene

Christmas malls and market Philippines

Any Christmas shopper’s favorite will always be Divisoria

Divisoria claims our top spot for our Top Places for Christmas Shopping list. It’s no surprise that Divisoria made it to the top spot because it is the most popular bargain haven in our country. Almost everything that you need is here, from clothing and accessories, to cosmetics, costumes, gadgets, and even electronic pieces. Because of the number of choices available and their affordability, almost every shopper flock the place to despite the heavy traffic of both cars and people in the area. Over the years, Divisoria is also becoming a better place for shoppers as more air-conditioned and secured establishments are being constructed in the area and security and improvement schemes being employed by the Manila government.

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