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Last-Minute Christmas Shopping at Metro Manila’s Weekend Markets

Still find the perfect gifts a few days before Christmas!

By: Karen Grace Libao | December 17, 2016
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Just beginning to feel the Christmas rush and you’re close to switching to panic mode? Just hold it a second! Here’s a long list of Christmas gift ideas that won’t need to you to brave through the crowded malls just a few days before the big day. Drop by one of these weekend markets in Metro Manila (or all of them if you have to!) and say goodbye to your Christmas shopping woes.

Legazpi Sunday Market

Open from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM

On the other side of the Makati Business District is Legazpi Sunday Market — the Sunday counterpart of Salcedo Saturday Market. Some regular stall owners in Salcedo can also be found in Legazpi on Sundays.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

You can complete 13 round fruits and other goodies at the Legazpi Sunday Market for a prosperous new year!

Legazpi Sunday Market is known for its wide selection of products, from fresh produce to ready-cooked dishes, novelty items, and arts and craft products, just to name few. The market organizers thoroughly screen applicants who want to have a space in the weekend market for their product’s credibility, distinctiveness, appeal, and quality. And that makes Legazpi Sunday Market an exceptional place to discover something new every weekend.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Satchel bags made of tires

Who would have thought that a rubber tire can be a carry-on bag? Well, Siklo Pilipinas did. Founded by a backpacker couple, Siklo Pilipinas manufacture eco-ethical lifestyle bags made from tires. The brand aims to inspire green living by using upcycled materials in their products, which includes bags, purses, and various accessories.

The bags cost around PhP1,000 to PhP2,000 each, depending on the size and style. You can gift one of these eco-friendly bags to your cyclist or environmentalist friends and they’ll surely appreciate that you remember the causes they care about. Or else, you can keep one for yourself to add to your collection of rare finds.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

A man playing a musical instrument to attract buyers.

At one of the stalls at Legazpi Sunday Market, a man plays a curious musical instrument. And if you happen to pass by this area in the market, you will surely be attracted by this man’s hypnotizing music. His music will make you feel as if you’re in not in the middle of a bustling city. But no instruments are actually sold at this stall. Instead, elegant handmade leather bags ideal for travelers and businessmen are what you will find here. A medium-sized satchel bag can be from PhP2,000 to PhP6,000. And, oh, they do have guitar and ukulele cases and suitcases, among other types of bags.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Fruits and vegetables sold at Legazpi Sunday Market

Since Legazpi Sunday Market has a lot of organic produce for sale, don’t miss out on buying some when you visit because the prices here are more affordable compared to what you’ll find in supermarkets. For example, you can take home a kilo of lettuce for only PhP150. You can expect cheaper prices for other fruits and veggies as well. The green harvests at the market come from different provinces in the country and are surprisingly fresh.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Handicrafts and more goodies!

When you shop at Legazpi Sunday Market, aside from having the fun of discovering rare and healthy products, you are also helping local farmers and small business entrepreneurs earn more and grow their businesses.

Sidcor Sunday Market

Open from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Food section of the Sidcor Sunday Market

This one is for shoppers from north of the metro! Sidcor Sunday Market is one of the best weekend markets that is not in Makati. They started operating in the year 2000 in Madrigal Compound in Quezon City with only a few traders from different regions in the country. The market was moved to a place near the Philippine Lung Center in 2004 before it settled to its current location at Eton Centris Walk in 2010.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

An assortment of goods that can be found at Sidcor Sunday Market

The long line of green tents has been the trademark of Sidcor Sunday Market over the years. And each of these tents offer a varied selection of goods, including home decors, ready-cooked food, apparels, fruits and veggies, plants, and even pets!

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

You can find woven bags and boxes, as well as glass art accessories, which could be great Christmas gifts for the Titas of Manila.

For your beloved mom, you can consider bringing home potted herbs and spices such as mint leaves, rosemary, and spearmint, which she can use for cooking your Christmas dinner! You can get three pots for as low as PhP100. There are also succulents to keep as home decor.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Pets can be a gift present, too!

Don’t have a present for your special someone, yet? You can get them adorable pets this Christmas! According to several studies, having pets at home helps the owner to de-stress after a tiring day’s work. You can take home a furry baby for as low as PhP2,500, depending on the breed.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

The embutido of Batangas

Finally, the foodies are in for some treat as well when they visit Sidcor Sunday Market. But if you’re the one buying for a foodie, it won’t be hard for you to find something that will delight them. You can find rare meats at the market that you can take home to your family or friends. One such rare find is the tapang usa (cured deer meat), which is said to be more flavorful than beef tapa. The embutido (meatloaf) in tightly-wrapped banana leaves from the province of Batangas also looks promising. If you shop close enough to Christmas, the food products you’ll buy can even be served for Noche Buena.

Being the largest weekend market in the metro, Sidcor Sunday Market may require more than a day’s visit to show everything it’s got. Good thing, the market is open every Sunday of the whole year so shoppers are more than welcome to visit every week. And even after the Christmas season is over, there will be reason to come back because of the fresh produce they have there regularly and the many unique products to try.

Salcedo Saturday Market

Open from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Salcedo Saturday Market started in 2004 with the objective of bringing the neighborhood together by providing the freshest produce and a wide variety of food choices that everyone can enjoy.

The market offers more of the locally manufactured food and products but is also a good venue for getting a taste of international flavors. Mexican, Korean, Chinese, and Filipino food are abundant on one side of the market. Meanwhile, on the opposite side are stalls full of novelty items that would quickly get you buying if you’re into unique and interesting stuff.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to give the household a peaceful ambience.

One curious item sold at the Salcedo Saturday Market is the Himalayan salt crystal lamp, which is claimed to generate negative ions and have several health benefits. The sculpted crystal stone in pinkish-orange hue has a light bulb inside. When the lamp is turned on, the Himalayan salt is heated and attracts dust and other pollutants, which in turn helps you to breathe cleaner air. But just having the lamp lighted is said to induce a relaxing atmosphere already.

Lamp sizes vary from medium to extra-large, from smaller pieces of rocks to more heavyweight ones. They can cost from PhP500 to PhP1,500 each, depending on the size.

The Himalayan salt crystal lamp will be a good addition to your home, office, or study room. But it can also be an ideal Christmas gift for your workaholic friends and colleagues.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

Have you heard of yogurt made from coconut?

Did you know why the coconut is called the “Tree of Life”? It is because every part of the tree has some use, from roots to fruits! Now, not many may have heard that coconut can be made into yogurt. But yes, you can buy an all-natural coco yogurt from Salcedo Saturday Market. It is all natural and has no dairy content—sounds like the perfect gift for your lactose-intolerant friend, right? You can give it to your other health-conscious friends as well, because it doesn’t contain sugar or any harmful chemicals. If you doubt how good coconut would taste for a yogurt, you can sample some for free at the stall selling different coconut-based products.

Christmas gift weekend market Manila

One of the many fashion accessories you can buy in Salcedo Saturday Market

Some concessionaires in Salcedo Saturday Market have no online exposure, but they assure everyone that they have a permanent place in the weekly market so you can visit them every Saturday all year round.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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