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Five Reasons Why a Condo Unit is a Good Investment

We explain why owning a condo can be beneficial for you.

By: Karen Grace Libao | September 22, 2017
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People in smart business attire offering passersby flyers for condominium (condo) units—this is a usual sight in any major mall, and most of the time it’s also common to see these people being turned down. It’s easy to understand why many would be reluctant to shell out their hard-earned money on condos, especially those that are still pre-selling or are still in construction. However, there are good sides to it that should not be overlooked. Here are five reasons why a getting a Metro Manila condo is a good investment strategy.

In a condo, hotel-like amenities are at arm’s reach.

Metro Manila condo investment strategy

Well-maintained facilities inside the complex are perks to condo living.

Buying a condo unit gives the owner access to amenities that are usually seen in a hotel, such as a swimming pool, gym, playground, and a garden. Owners can avail of these luxuries whenever they want, since these are built in the condo complex. On top of this, the amenities will stay in great condition since maintenance is already covered by the monthly dues paid by all unit owners. Repairs are also covered depending on the condo management.

Living in a condo provides comfort in a stressful city.

Metro Manila condo investment strategy

Busy professionals don’t have to go far for some rest and relaxation.

A German study found that people who live in the city are more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety compared those who live in rural areas [1]. Manileños can attest to this, as living in the Metro adds to the tiredness brought about by the daily grind. Hence, a condo unit would be beneficial for those who want to be able to unwind at home, since developers surround the area with greenery to make it a peaceful and cozy place.

A condo unit can be a source of income.

Metro Manila condo investment strategy

A good investment can lead to great returns.

A condo is also great for those who already have a home and are looking for a source of passive income. They can buy a unit and lease it for continuous profit—as long as the return on investment (the measure of the profit from an investment versus its cost [2]) is calculated first. The success of this venture depends on many factors, but when done right, this strategy can lead to maximum profit even with minimal effort.

Maintaining a condo unit is not much of a hassle.

Metro Manila condo investment strategy

There’s no need to run errands all the time to take care of your condo.

Owners don’t have to worry about mundane inconveniences such as bills, insurance, maintenance, and utilities, especially if they plan to lease the condo. As long as their property is under a professionally-run rental pool, an arrangement in which condo owners agree to make their units available for rent by an operator or an agent [3]—the place is in good hands. Through this setup, the operators see to it that the unit stays in marketable condition.

Condo units have a high resale value.

Metro Manila condo investment strategy

You can still make money after you use your condo.

Real estate properties appreciate over time. This means that if a person invests on a property now, his/her money would have grown after a few years’ time when the property’s value has increased. This principle is also applicable to condos. If someone buys a unit today, he/she can resell it at a higher rate when its value has appreciated. Units that are in great locations or have other key selling points are more likely to generate a higher resale value.

All in all, a condo can be a great investment if it meets a person’s needs. If any of these tips convinced you to get one, let us know in the comments section below!

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