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Fashionable Walking Shoes Perfect for the Rainy Weather

Make sure to be ready for the wet season with these ideal rainy day-footwear

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | June 26, 2018
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best walking shoes rainy weather

There are two types of people in this world: ones who love to have fun under the bright sun and ones who indulge in the somber sound and scent of rainfall. And now that the summer season has come and gone, it’s time for the people who belong in the latter group to rejoice. Of course, whether you belong to either group or not, you are still an adult who has work to do regardless of how hard it is to wake up in the morning.

We all know how hard it is to get anything done under this weather. Case in point: the commute becomes twice as hard, the streets become slippery, traffic becomes insane, and your outfit becomes affected as well. Since not all pairs of shoes are cut out for the rainy weather, you’re limited to rain shoes that can take the wetness of your surroundings. Thankfully though, you do not have to sacrifice looking stylish just to remain dry.

The following are pairs that you can rock regardless of the weather. So whether it’s boots, sneakers, or sandals you want, check out these fashionable shoes perfect for the rainy weather!

1. Keds’ Kickstart Nylon/Suede WX

Price: PhP3,295
Where to buy: Keds branches

best walking shoes rainy weather

The pair comes in two color variants: the Sage Oxford and the Slate Gray Oxford.

Image: Keds Philippines

Keds has an entire collection of footwear called “Weather or Not” that solely features waterproof, or in its own term, “weatherized” shoes which are fit to tackle the elements. The Kickstart Nylon/Suede WX has a weatherized nylon upper with Scotchguard suede, making it safe to wear whatever the weather might be. The pair also has a retro and neutral look which makes it easy on the eyes and easy to pair with any outfit.

2. Palladium Boots’ Pampa Hi Rain

Price: PhP4,500
Where to buy: Palladium branches

best walking shoes rainy weather

Palladium Boots was founded in 1920 in France.

Image: Palladium Boots Philippines

Palladium Boots offers a wide array of shoes fit for modern and urban style. Its Pampa Hi Rain pair is one of a kind and can easily pass as your go-to rain boots. It is made out of vulcanized rubber and features designs with various prints and patterns. The pair also has variants for all genders and comes in color ways to fit every taste of every men and women: the Olive Branch, Camo Army, and Black specifically for men, the Rio Red for women, and the Black if you want it to go great with anything.

3. MUJI’s Water Repellent Organic Cotton Sneakers

Price: PhP1,650
Where to buy: MUJI branches

best walking shoes rainy weather

Muji can be found in 31 countries all over the world.

Image: MUJI

MUJI is a brand originating from Japan which strives to produce quality, useful products ranging from houseware to daily apparel that can be used in everyday life. One such reliable product perfect for your rainy day outfit is its Water Repellent Organic Cotton Sneakers. The pair is made out of water-repellent technology, and is equipped with thick padding and a removable cup insole to provide extra comfort. The pair comes in five colors: red, gray, navy, black, and white.

4. Crocs’ Classic Graphic Slides

Price: PhP1,995
Where to buy: Crocs branches

best walking shoes rainy weather

Walk EZ Retail Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Crocs in the Philippines.

Image: Crocs

While Crocs might be notorious for sacrificing style for comfort, it has quite a number of pairs that meets most people’s standards for both. The international brand is also known to be waterproof and very durable, as evidenced by styles like its Classic Graphic Slides. The sandals can be worn by both sexes. The model also comes in black or white and has a wide range of sizes for men and women.

5. Native Shoes’ Venice Loafers

Price: PhP3,290
Where to buy: Native Shoes

best walking shoes rainy weather

Native Shoes’ pairs can also be purchased through Zalora.

Image: Native Shoes

Native Shoes Venice Loafers has three qualities that make them ideal rainy day-footwear: it is very comfortable, very breathable, and is waterproof. Made out of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) material, it makes long walks bearable by keeping your feet comfortable. The Venice Loafers are also shock-absorbent, washable, and odor-resistant.

Check out our list of shoe stores in Metro Manila or browse the Fashion & Apparel category of the Yoorekka Directory.

The rainy weather shouldn’t put a damper on your style and comfort. Thanks to these pairs of shoes suited for the rainy season, you’ll achieve just that no matter what the weather forecast for the day will be.

What is your go-to pair of rain shoes? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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