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8 Best Beaches Near Manila To Revisit If You Need a Vacation

Relax in these getaways near Manila.

By: Patricia Marie Prado | April 01, 2021
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Due to changing quarantine measures, the destination/s, store/s, establishment/s featured in this article might be temporarily closed under the latest government policies. LGUs might also implement health protocols and travel requirements. Please contact the establishment/s before visiting. Stay safe!

beaches near Manila

Don’t you just want to relax on a beach without the crazy gimmicks?

Image: Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales Facebook Page

Filipinos love going to the beach, and plenty of resorts capitalize on this affinity for the sea with new gimmicks to lure in visitors. Let’s be honest though: giant inflatable islands or expensive glamping amenities can be too much when all you want is to lie down at the beach, drink and eat with your family, and watch the sun set.

If trendy beaches that draw a lot of crowds are not your thing, why not come back to the no-fuss resorts that will give you the escape that you need? Here are a couple of beaches near Manila where you can have a serene getaway. Some may be old and some may be new, but all of them are worth coming back to.

1. Tondol Beach

Location: Anda, Pangasinan

beaches near Manila

Visit Tondol beach and see if it really is the most beautiful beach in Pangasinan.

Image: @adesear

Pangasinan is always a popular beach getaway for many Manileños because of its gorgeous beaches. One beauty here that is worth your visit is Tondol Beach in the town of Anda, which some call the most beautiful beach in Pangasinan. It’s everything you’ll ever want in a laid-back vacation: minimal crowd, few establishments, and a gorgeous white sand beach.

As for the accommodations, there are a number of resorts in Tondol Beach including 828 Gems Beach Resort, Villa Vessella, and JCT Beach Resort.

Tondol Beach was closed last July 2020 due to the pandemic and still hasn’t announced its reopening as of February 2021.

2. Crystal Beach

Location: Barangay La Paz, San Narciso Town, Zambales

beaches near Manila

Crystal Beach in Anawangin is worth another visit.

Image: @shyneeshine

Also a go-to beach and arguably the best beach in Zambales for many Manileños is Crystal Beach in San Narciso, Zambales. The gorgeous gray beach and the fun surfing activities make it worth coming back to. Another reason Crystal Beach is worth revisiting is its campsites. Crystal Beach Resort, the management that looks after the beach, does offer fancy accommodations, but to get an authentic beach experience, rent a tent or bring yours and spend the night camping under the stars.

3. Laiya Beach

Location: San Juan, Batangas

beaches near Manila

Laiya Beach is a favorite vacation destination for many.

Image: @glnlynxx

Batangas is a famous getaway near Manila thanks to its long lines of beaches dotted with resorts. One particular beach in the province that everyone seems to love revisiting is Laiya Beach in San Juan, Batangas. Many people love Laiya because of its powder-like sands and clear waters and the family-friendly resorts that make it a convenient vacation destination.

Another reason people love coming back to Batangas is the food. If you’re craving for a good bowl of bulalo (beef shanks in clear soup) or lomi (thick fresh egg noodles), Batangas is the best place to get these dishes.

4. Katungkulan Beach Resort

Location: Ternate, Cavite

beaches near Manila

Your first visit at Katungkulan Beach Resort won’t be your last.

Image: @miketililing

Cavite may not be known as a vacation destination, but there’s a beach here you’ll want to visit and revisit: Katungkulan Beach Resort. Located inside Camp General Gregorio Lim Marine Base, Katungkulan Beach Resort is maintained and guarded by the Marines. There are strictly implemented rules, and these regulations have resulted in a clean and orderly resort. The beach itself is gorgeous, consisting of fine pale sand and gentle waves perfect for adults and kids. Overnight stays are not allowed, unless you’re related to a Marine inside the base, but there are cottages in the resort for rent in the daytime.

As of February 2021, Katungkulan Beach is still closed. However, island hopping activities in nearby attractions like Sitio Iba Beach and Patungan Beach are now allowed.

5. Sabang Beach

Location: Sabang, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

beaches near Manila

Going back to Puerto Galera? Skip the noisy White Beach and just relax at Sabang.

Image: Sabang Beach Puerto Galera Facebook Page

Another favorite place for many Manileños for a quick escape is Puerto Galera. For party animals, White Beach is a favorite because of its bar-lined beachfront. Meanwhile, if you want to keep away from the party crowds, Sabang Beach is the place you should go to. Aside from the peaceful beach away from the crowds, Sabang’s rich marine life makes it perfect for diving. You can also do island hopping activities and visit nearby falls like Tamaraw Falls and Tukuran Falls.

6. Laki Beach

Location: Mariveles, Bataan

beaches near Manila

There’s more to see in Bataan, and Laki Beach is one of them.

Image: @jcblacer13

In recent years, Bataan has been steadily growing in popularity thanks to the new beaches that opened to the public. You’ve probably let the buzz lead you there, too! One such beach you may want to revisit is Laki Beach in Mariveles. Opened to the public in 2016, the beach features tan-colored sand and cerulean waters that you can enjoy in quiet.

Expect a crowd-less, peaceful beach filled only with coconut trees and surrounded by stunning rock formations. Staying overnight is allowed but since there are no establishments available in the area, be prepared to bring your own food and tent.

7. Urbiztondo Beach

Location: San Juan, La Union

beaches near Manila

Missing surfing? Visit Urbiztondo and surf again and again.

Image: @elfuegoco

If you’re a surfer, you’ve probably been to La Union hundreds of times. That’s not surprising as the town is known for its waves that attract surfers from all over. One beach worth visiting is Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan. It is the primary surfing spot in La Union, and the high season is from July to March. If it’s your first time to surf, there are surf schools in the area where you can hire an instructor and rent a board for a couple of hours. You can also walk around Urbiztondo Beach’s gray sand beach if you’re not fond of surfing.

8. Jomalig Island

Location: Quezon Province

beaches near Manila

The 12-hour travel is always worth it when you revisit Jomalig Island.

Image: @jessaarmohila

Another captivating beauty that many people love coming back to is the island of Jomalig. Despite requiring almost 12 hours of travel via land and sea, people can’t still get enough of the island’s clear blue waters and powdery white sand. Aside from savoring the beauty of Jomalig, you can also rent a boat and visit nearby islands like Manlanat Islet and Kanaway Island.

Jomalig Island might seem far from civilization, but there are actually hotels and resorts around the municipality where you can stay for the night. Just be prepared as power here is only available from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Jomalig Island was closed last March 2020 due to the pandemic and still hasn’t announced its reopening as of February 2021.

Sometimes a good beach trip is one that is laid-back and fuss-free, regardless if you’ve been to it hundreds of times before. Let us know in the comments section which of these beaches you love to revisit.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on August 30, 2018.
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