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Living Large in the Metro Made Possible by SkyVillas at One Balete

Limited condo spaces can cramp your lifestyle. In SkyVillas, the sky’s the limit!

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | June 09, 2020
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SkyVillas at One Balete
1 Balete Drive corner N. Domingo Street, Barangay Kaunlaran, District 4 New Manila in Quezon City( Waze Map )
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Image: SkyVillas at One Balete

Living in Metro Manila comes with a multitude of perks: proximity to prestigious universities, access to world-renowned companies, and excitement from an always-on-the-go environment, to name a few. If you get a rush out of the fast-paced lifestyle, you’re definitely in the right place. But living in the country’s capital does come with a significant drawback: the limited space you need to make do with. Enduring a crowded workplace while braving a congested commute is one thing, but forcing yourself to live in a cramped, restricted place is a whole other level of suffering.

Luckily, this tight situation is addressed by SkyVillas at One Balete. Situated in New Manila, one of the metro’s most elegant addresses, SkyVillas makes living large possible through vertical living—a concept where secluded, abundant spaces are found within urban communities. A successor of The Alexandra in Ortigas, which is the Philippine Realty and Holdings Corporation’s first condovision (condo subdivision) project, SkyVillas was originally targeted for New Manila families searching for bigger spaces that are easier to maintain. Currently, however, the property has become an ideal home for families who are looking into living in an up-and-coming district.

Yoorekka recently had the pleasure of viewing some of SkyVillas’ unit offerings and what we saw was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The following is just a glimpse of the chic and sophisticated condo options at SkyVillas.

The Concept


Living in SkyVillas comes with a spectacular view of the entirety of New Manila.

“Spacious living in intimate communities” is a principle SkyVillas lives by. More focused on space, quiet living, and exclusivity, SkyVillas makes its tenants feel like they are residing in a world of their own—away from the traffic, pollution, and congestion Metro Manila is notorious for. Besides offering high-end living, the property also advocates green living, with lush greenery surrounding the entire estate.

The First Look


Elegance and sophistication can be felt the minute you step into SkyVillas’ main lobby.

Image: SkyVillas at One Balete

An aura of elegance and class is already palpable as we step into the lobby, and it is attributed to the interiors. SkyVillas’ proprietors, the Lanuza family, are very keen on design and detail, and made sure that every nook and cranny in the entire property was nothing short of amazing. Four sizable, quaint elevators which go perfectly with the lobby’s aesthetic took us across the thirty-two story tower, which only houses two to eight units on each floor.

The Inclusions


Units come with luxurious Grohe and Kohler bathroom fixtures.

All of SkyVillas’ units, regardless of size and type, come with maid’s rooms, complimentary parking slots, air-conditioning (AC) units, Smeg kitchen appliances, and Grohe and Kohler bathroom fixtures. The number of maid’s rooms, AC units, and parking slots vary depending on unit type.


Meanwhile, the kitchens are adorned with Smeg kitchen appliances.

Most of the units also have a 3.1-meter floor to ceiling height—at least 40 centimeters longer compared to other properties, which usually have a height of 2.4 to 2.7 meters.

The Suites

The following are three of the more modest unit offerings in SkyVillas: the one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites.

One-bedroom Suite


Despite being the smallest unit offering, all one-bedroom units still come with a balcony.

Compared to other properties, SkyVillas’ smallest unit offering is already larger than most in the metro. Measuring a total of 65 square meters, the unit houses two toilets and baths (T&Bs), a living/dining area, a kitchen, a master’s bedroom, and a maid’s room.

Ideal for the hustling bachelor or the newly-married couple wanting to build a small family, the one-bedroom suite sells for PhP12 million and is entitled to one parking slot.

Update (June 2020): There are no more one-bedroom units available.

Two-bedroom Suite


Besides the three T&Bs, the unit also comes with its own powder room.

More suitable for a growing family, SkyVillas’ PhP24-million two-bedroom suite has a master’s bedroom, a second bedroom, a maid’s room, a T&B for each room, two balconies, a walk-in closet, a living/dining room, and even a foyer to welcome guests in.

All two-bedroom suites total an area of 132 square meters and are granted one parking slot each.

Update (June 2020): There are no more two-bedroom units available.

Three-bedroom Suite


The suite’s foyer/hallway alone takes up 44 square meters of the total 205, making it a great unit for social gatherings.

Ending the suite offerings of SkyVillas is its hefty 205-square meter three-bedroom unit. With a total of four bedrooms including the maid’s room, the three-bedroom suite also comes with four T&Bs, a walk-in closet, a powder room, and three balconies: one at the master’s bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the second bedroom.

SkyVilla’s largest suite offering sells for PhP41.73 million and has two complimentary parking slots.

The Villas

For grander and more spacious units, SkyVillas has Banyan Villa, Balete Villa, Penthouse, and Grand Villa to choose from.

Banyan Villa


Other features found in the bi-level villa are a pantry, a utility room, and a storage room.

Kicking off the villa offerings is Banyan Villa. It measures approximately 201 square meters and 161 square meters for the lower and upper level, respectively, and it has a 6-meter floor to ceiling height. Banyan has five bedrooms, three located at the upper level and one guest bedroom and maid’s room in the lower level; three walk-in closets; three balconies; five T&Bs; as well as a family hall fit for hosting parties.

This villa comes with three parking slots. There are only three offerings for this 362-square meter villa, and each sells for PhP73.98 million.

Balete Villa


The family hall found within the villa could rival a banquet hall found in event locations.

SkyVilla’s Balete Villa measures a staggering 430 square meters. This unit is equipped with five bedrooms, five T&Bs, three walk-in closets, and three balconies—more than enough for a multigenerational family to live comfortably.

A 27-square meter family hall perfect for family dinners, game nights, and the like can also be found in the villa. There are also two kitchens, the daily and the formal, with the latter built with an island. There are only three Balete Villa units and each sells for PhP93.7 million each.



The den that comes with the villa measures 23 square meters; large enough to become an extra bedroom if necessary.

The Penthouse is rarer than the others in the sense that there are only two units in all. Measuring a total of 407 square meters, the bi-level villa houses six bedrooms, seven T&Bs, three balconies, two kitchens, and a den.

A total of four parking slots also come with the unit. SkyVillas’ Penthouse sells for PhP94.96 million, with the PhP5 million for the formal kitchen alone.

Grand Villa


The 29 square-meter veranda comes with an impressive view of New Manila.

A unit offering that is as rare as the Penthouse is the Grand Villa, of which there are only two. Being SkyVillas’ most expensive unit at PhP99.81 million, the Grand Villa measures 386 square meters and houses six bedrooms, six T&Bs, and a PhP5 million formal kitchen just like the Penthouse. It also has an impressive veranda where you can lounge around after a hard day’s work.

The Grand Villa’s master bedroom also comes with an upscale multipoint shower. A total of five parking slots is allotted for the unit.

The Amenities


The clubhouse is a favorite for some of Quezon City’s catered affairs.

Image: SkyVillas at One Balete

SkyVillas’ clubhouse is a sought-after events center in the entirety of Quezon City because of its large 200-seating capacity. Parties, seminars, and gatherings are held there almost on the daily.


The pool is flanked by SkyVillas’ lush greenery.

The property also has a swimming pool which is shared by the tenants. The developers plan on having an additional pool once they start the construction of SkyVillas additional towers which is set to begin in the next four to five years.

The Takeaway

With SkyVillas, you aren’t just investing in a property; you’re investing in the good life. Featuring luxurious, ample spaces where you can create a life with your loved ones in a safe community, SkyVillas makes it possible to not only build a home, but also to leave a lasting heritage.

SkyVillas at One Balete located in 1 Balete Drive corner N. Domingo Street, Barangay Kaunlaran, District 4 New Manila in Quezon City, is a project of Philippine Realty & Holdings Corporation. For inquiries, you may reach Leonard Ross Santos at lross.santos@philrealty.com.ph or 0917 547 6754.

Note: This article was originally published in Yoorekka on December 08, 2018.

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