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Take a Well-Deserved Break in These Beautiful Beach House Rentals

Break away from booking your usual hotel and enjoy your beach getaway in one of these beach houses!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | February 25, 2019
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beach house rentals

Staying at a beach villa is a great way to destress.

In the Philippines, where vacations are more often defined by hotels and resorts, beach house rentals are a little unheard of. We are accustomed to the former’s quick and convenient system, of enjoying their five-star amenities and accommodations.

Beach house rentals don’t have formal ratings, but we’re probably missing just as much by passing them by. For one, we pay for larger space, which might be pricier, but it gives us more bang for our buck. Privacy is unparalleled, and you gain access to amenities that you can never truly enjoy in any other accommodations, like a fully-equipped kitchen. Don’t know where to start looking for the ideal beach house? Read on to see these amazing places that can improve your vacation!

1. Ybonita Farm and Villas (I-pugo Villa)

Where: Calatagan, Batangas
Rates: PhP5,500 per night
Travel time: Three to four hours

beach house

The entire Ybonita Farm extends to 2.9 hectare farm land.

Image: Ybonita Farm and Villas

The facade of Ybonita Farm and Villas might be humble, but it offers everything you need for a great vacation. The property is close to the beach, so it offers a great view of the Calatagan sunset. It can accommodate couples and families of up to four persons, with additional charges for every added member.

The villas within the farm include one bedroom with two beds, and one bath. Amenities included are air-conditioning, cabled TV, central heating, breakfast, and free parking. Villas are also far away from each other so you can enjoy your own privacy. Beyond the villa, you can explore the entire farm and interact with the animals within the property.

2. Padi sa Morong

Where: Padi Street, Strand Subdivision, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan
Rates: PhP15,000 per night
Travel time: Three to four hours


Padi Sa Morong offers a serene and relaxing escape from the city.

Image: Padi Sa Morong website

While most city hotels in Manila offer a view of the skyline, this dainty beach villa in Padi, Morong, Bataan gives a view of the calm waters of the South China Sea. Padi Sa Morong has three spacious bedrooms with two single beds each and one room with a queen-size bed. Each bedroom also comes with its own balcony that faces the sea.

It is magnificent even during the night time because you can gaze at the stars. If you’re not in the mood to swim in saltwater, the villa has a swimming pool that you can use. The house comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, an entertainment center filled with indoor sports such as billiards, and an entertainment system where you can watch your favorite movies.

3. Landrina Escape

Where: Landrina Street, The Strand Subdivision, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan
PhP12,850 Villa 2 (one bedroom)
PhP17,850 Villa 1 (two bedrooms)
Travel time: Three hours

beach vacation

Landrina got its name from the plants surrounding the property.

Image: Landrina Escape website

Landrina Escape got its inspiration from the beach houses that can be found in the Hamptons—a known seaside and vacation hub for New Yorkers. The influence can be observed in the overall aesthetic of the villas, from the cozy furniture to the earth tones. The 1,700-square meter estate contains two-bedroom and one-bedroom villas that can accommodate small groups of friends or families as many as 12 persons. Each villa includes spacious bedrooms that feature a view of the beach, walk-in closets, roomy bathrooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Outside are pools and space for outdoor grilling. Landrina is a two-minute walk to the beach.

Looking for more vacation places in Bataan? Visit the shopping guide of Yoorekka to discover the best spots in this province and beyond!

4. The Mansion

Where: San Juan, Batangas
Price range: PhP75,000 for 50 pax
Travel time: Two and a half hours


The Mansion is also rentable for beach weddings, family get-togethers, reunions, or and company outing.

Image: Batangas Beach Houses website

The Mansion is one of the largest offerings of Batangas Beach Houses—a company that lists down luxurious beach houses from different parts of Batangas. Besides its remarkable modern architecture, The Mansion is known for its panoramic ocean view. It can accommodate up to 80 guests since it has over eight bedrooms, three-bedroom penthouses, and a family guest house. Its interiors are as cozy as a regular family home. An infinity pool overlooking the ocean is one of its best features, along with access to a secluded beach with crystal clear water where you can engage in activities such as snorkeling.

5. White Beach Villas

Where: White Beach, Station 1 Boracay Island Malay, Aklan
PhP40,000 Villa Kaloo (for eight persons)
PhP50,000 Robinson Beach House (for eight persons)
PhP60,000 Mayumi Beach (for 10 persons)
PhP80,000 Nezima Beach House (for eight persons)
Travel time: 1 to 2 hours (via airplane)

beach house rentals

The Villa Kaloo is one of the options you can choose from.

Image: White Beach Villas

White Beach Villas offer four private villas to choose from, depending on your budget and the number of persons. The four villas are Villa Kaloo, Robinson Beach House, Nezima Beach House, and Mayumi Beach House. Each of these villas is surrounded by lush greeneries, the natural beauty of the island, and of course the gorgeous ocean view. Comfortable bedrooms and equipped kitchens are also included in each villa to cater to your needs.

A relaxing vacation away from other guests sounds appealing, but what’s most important is to enjoy the company you’re with. Have a happy vacation!

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