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Beat the Summer Heat with These Desserts from Cold Stone Creamery

Whether it's ice cream, shakes, or cakes, Cold Stone Creamery in Metro Manila can satisfy all your dessert cravings!

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | April 01, 2022
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Cold Stone Creamery

Nothing beats a cold treat on a hot summer’s day.

In a tropical country inhabited by people who love nothing more than a memorable beach escapade, the months of April and May call for much fun in the sun for most Filipinos. But while it’s all fun and games for some, the vast majority stuck in the metro has to endure the higher-than-usual temperatures and unfortunate dry spells caused by the season.

Thankfully, Metro Manila is teeming with places and attractions that’ll make the lows of this season more tolerable. And there’s probably no better way to beat the summer heat than by indulging in creamy concoctions and cold desserts made of the finest ingredients at Cold Stone Creamery.

Recently, the Yoorekka team was lucky enough to sample some of Cold Stone Creamery’s finest offerings in its newest branch, and it’s safe to say we’ll be coming back for more. Read on to start this sweet, sweet journey with this dessert shop in Metro Manila.

Where It All Started

ice cream

Cold Stone has branches all over the world.

Cold Stone Creamery was founded in Tempe, Arizona, in the United States way back in 1988. Since then, the brand has expanded and opened branches in the US and worldwide. For more than 30 years now, the brand has been serving its customers treats made only from the freshest and finest ingredients. After all, one of the company taglines is “Super Premium Ice Cream Made Fresh Daily.”

Cold Stone in the Present

cream store

Cold Stone has been in the country since 2013.

Image: Cold Stone Creamery Philippines

Currently, there are seventeen Cold Stone branches nationwide, and twelve of them are in Metro Manila. The branch we got to visit was in Glorietta 3—Cold Stone’s newest branch launched in August 2018. Aside from their super-premium ice cream dessert, the brand also offers shakes, smoothies, and cakes.

Cold Stone’s edge against its competitors is providing the best customer experience. Where else can you find interactive staff members who sing and dance while serving you your ice cream? Treats can also be enjoyed outside the store as a Grab & Go option is available.

A Spread Fit for Royalty


A visit to Cold Stone calls for a sugar rush.

When we set about our Cold Stone journey that day, we sure weren’t expecting to be delighted with ten items from their menu. To break it down, we’ve had three selections from their Signature Creations line, two from their Create Your Own line, two from their Ready-to-Love Creations, one shake, one smoothie, and one cake option.

Signature Creations

sweet dish

Cold Stone’s Signature Creations are no doubt crowd-pleasers.

This ice cream store’s Signature Creations consist of ice cream combinations that are time-tested favorites. There are eight base flavors: chocolate, French vanilla, coffee, strawberry, mint, sweet ice cream, cheesecake, and cake batter. We got to try the chocolate, strawberry, and mint options for this particular trip.

Chocolate Devotion

Cold Stone Creamery

The Chocolate Devotion is a store best-seller, and for a good reason.

The Chocolate Devotion is what every chocolate lover’s dreams are made of. This Signature Creation option is a best-seller made of chocolate ice cream, chips, brownies, and fudge. If ever you’re looking for an example of the perfect chocolate dessert, this one right here is a strong contender.

Our Strawberry Blonde

ice cream

Our Strawberry Blonde’s fresh strawberries were a definite plus.

We loved Cold Stone’s strawberry ice cream because of its subtlety, which sets it apart from the overpowering flavors of most strawberry ice creams. The creation comprises strawberry ice cream, a graham cracker pie crust, fresh strawberries, and caramel and whipped cream topping. Both the graham crust and the fresh strawberries are the stars of the selection as the crust gives off a different texture and the strawberries pleasantly cut the sweetness of the treat.

Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip

cream store

The Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip was in a different flavor realm than the rest.

Last on the Signature Creations line is the Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip made of mint ice cream, chocolate chips, brownies, and fudge. Not overly minty and with a hint of freshness, the ice cream holds a pleasing contrast to the slightly bitter chocolate chips. The selection is a welcome palate cleanser from the other choices.

Create Your Selections


There isn’t a shortage of mix-ins to choose from.

Customers can unleash their creativity and become innovative in the Create Your Own Selection feature. Each Cold Stone location has a variety of plain ice cream flavors to choose from, as well as toppings and mix-ins to make every treat original and personalized. And through the long list of flavors available, we got to savor two of them.

Cotton Candy with M&Ms, sprinkles, and marshmallows

sweet dish

This combination is a childhood dream come true.

Undoubtedly one of the most fun creations, the Cotton Candy with the mix-ins wasn’t only lovely to look at but delicious to taste. The ice cream base is reminiscent of the childhood cotton candy without the sugar overdose, and each of the mix-ins gives a different texture in every bite. With its vibrant blue-green color and nostalgic flavors, this combo suits kids at heart.

Strawberry with sprinkles and gummy bears

Cold Stone Creamery

The gummy bears were almost too cute to eat.

If there’s one word to describe this combination, it would be ‘fruity.’ Thanks to the strawberry ice cream and gummy bears, this sweet dish combination seemed less overpowering than the others. The strawberry ice cream’s subtlety also perfectly matched the mix-ins selected. Additional points also have to be given to the gummy bears for pleasing in both the texture and aesthetic departments.

Ready-to-Love Signature Creations

ice cream

The selection brings about a different kind of ice cream experience.

There are always new flavor offerings to look forward to, and each flavor’s longevity depends on customer response and the season. The Ready-to-Love selection carries flavors that are all-time Filipino favorites. We tried the Ferrero Rocher and Red Velvet Signature Creation flavors from this line.

Ferrero Rocher

Cold Stone Creamery

The Ferrero Rocher has always been a best-seller.

Cold Stone’s Ferrero Rocher flavor was launched in 2017 and has been an all-time best-seller ever since. This flavor offering is rich, creamy, and decadent like the Ferrero chocolate but in ice cream form. Combined with hazelnuts and wafers to make the taste even closer to the real thing, it’s no wonder this creation is a crowd-pleaser.

Red Velvet


The Red Velvet is a new addition to the Ready-to-Love Signature Creations.

Although the Red Velvet flavor was recently launched last February as Cold Stone’s Valentine’s Day offering, the taste is still being offered in stores presently. Luxurious, not too sweet, and with actual red velvet cake bits incorporated, the creation is topped with edible metallic gold glitter for an added flair of sophistication and class.

Signature Shakes and Lifestyle Smoothies

sweet dish

Both drink options are served in 12-ounce glasses.

This dessert place in Metro Manila isn’t a one-trick pony that only offers ice cream: the store also has beverages that customers can enjoy with their ice cream creations. It features creamy and velvety Signature Shake dairy, ice cream, and mix-ins. We tried two drinks from each line: the Milk and Cookies Shake and the Mango Pineapple Smoothie. Cold Stone also offers Lifestyle Smoothies, a healthier alternative that can be enjoyed by those who are lactose intolerant since no dairy is used in making them

Milk and Cookies Shake

Cold Stone Creamery

The Oreo flavor was evident in the milkshake.

The Milk and Cookies Shake from the Signature Shake line is reminiscent of a childhood milkshake dream. Made out of Cold Stone’s Sweet Cream ice cream and Oreo cookies, the shake brings about a sense of comfort and familiarity from your childhood days that’ll leave you sipping until you see the bottom of the glass.

Mango Pineapple Smoothie

ice cream

The drinks are also available in to-go cups.

For a fresher, tangier take on drinks, Cold Stone’s smoothie options are the way to go. The Mango Pineapple smoothie was light, refreshing, and not too overpowering. The drink was delightful and not at all too fruity.

Signature Cakes

cream store

Want more sweet things? Cold Stone also offers cakes!

Layers upon layers of signature ice cream complemented by layers of the moist cake? Count us in! You can enjoy Cold Stone’s cake offerings on an ordinary day or special occasion. The cakes are usually 6 inches in diameter but can be customized to 8 inches. Presently, there are six cake flavors to choose from, but customers can also personalize their order.

Cookies and Creamery Cake


Ice cream and cake: a match made in heaven

We were given Cold Stone’s Cookies and Creamery Cake for the grand finale to end our dessert feast. It comprises layers of rich devil’s food cake and Sweet Cream ice cream with Oreo mix-ins incorporated and enclosed in a Bettercreme—a light and creamy type of frosting. The cake is topped with whole Oreo cookies and Bettercreme rosettes adorned with chocolate shavings on the side. Each bite was indeed heaven in a spoonful.

Cold Stone’s other Signature Cake includes Midnight Delight: layers of devil’s food cake and chocolate ice cream with a fudge mid-layer and chocolate shavings for mix-ins. The cake is then coated with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate wafer sticks and ganache rosettes, and crumbed with chocolate shavings. Another premium cake option is the Strawberry Passion: red velvet cake and strawberry ice cream layers with a strawberry puree mid-layer and a graham cracker pie crust mix-in. The cake has a strawberry Bettercreme frosting, fresh strawberries, Bettercreme topping, and a crumbled graham cracker pie crust.

The store also delivers within Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna through their delivery partners: Pick-a-roo, Grab, and FoodPanda.

It’s safe to say that we were pretty on a sugar high after we’d finished all ten treats. Besides the buzz we were feeling from all the sugar, there was also a sense of comfort knowing there is a brand all over Metro Manila where we can indulge and take refuge from the summer sun, despite many sweltering summer weeks to endure.

Stay safe as you dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on April 06, 2019

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