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Revisiting an All-Time Favorite: Early Christmas Shopping in Divisoria

Christmas decor shopping in Divisoria without emptying wallets.

By: Andrea Aviado | September 29, 2017
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Divisoria early Christmas shopping

‘Soria, Divi—whatever it is called, there is no doubt that Divisoria is one of the best places to find the cheapest bargains in Metro Manila. No matter what the occasion or season is, Divisoria welcomes anyone who needs its help in maximizing a limited budget.

With Christmas just lingering around the corner, Yoorekka decided to pay a visit to this well-known shopping stores in Metro Manila to discover what it has in store for shoppers this Yuletide season.

Christmas Decors for All Types of Budget

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

This store filled with sparkling Christmas ornaments show just how colorful Divisoria can get.

Manila’s sultry weather aside, Divisoria looks like a place somewhere in the near future when Christmas is only days away. Everywhere one goes, there is at least one stall with colorful blinking Christmas lights or a Christmas tree strategically placed in a spot where most people pass by.

Inside the air-conditioned malls, several stalls have already started selling Christmas decors to shoppers. One shop even adorned its entire place with garlands, possibly to attract more customers.

In the famous 168 Mall, a stretch of stalls selling Christmas ornaments offer almost everything one needs in decorating. Christmas balls that come in sets of 20s are priced anywhere from PhP120 to PhP300 depending on the size and design, while traditional Christmas lights sell for PhP80 to PhP700 depending on the length and on the size of the bulbs.

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

Aside from artificial pine trees, most stores are also filled with poinsettias this season.

Ornaments like glittery Christmas plants cost PhP30 to PhP80 depending on the size, while decorative Christmas tree ribbons range in prices from Php20 to PhP25 depending on the width. For people who want to step up their Christmas decor game, most vendors also sell LED meteor shower lights for PhP450 upwards.

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

These Santas are ready to ride the sleigh again.

For your Santa Claus needs, the nearby Cityplace Square Mall is a must visit. Here, one can take home a climbing or dancing Santa door decor for PhP250 upwards or surprise guests on Christmas day with a life-size Santa Claus starting at PhP3,000. For those looking to give the traditional Christmas tree a twist, multi-colored LED Cherry Blossom Trees priced at PhP3,500 above are also available in most stores.

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

Handle these Christmas village pieces with care.

Another nearby establishment in the area which does not fall short of budget-friendly Christmas decor is good old Tutuban Center Mall, another famous place in Divisoria. This shopping spot is home to Anding’s Toys and Flowers, a local’s favorite when it comes to affordable Christmas shopping.

Christmas wreath arrangements are displayed around its store and are sold for PhP500 to PhP1,200. Various Yuletide decors such as Christmas village pieces which range from PhP50 to PhP144 are also found inside. In addition to these, Anding’s also sells Belen (nativity scene) decors for PhP380 to PhP660 depending on the size and design.

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

Your 10-peso coin could do a trick in this store.

For people with a tighter budget, resorting to the stores outside these air-conditioned malls is the best way to score cheaper bargains in Divisoria. Cherry Berry Flower and Decor, which is located near 168 Mall, offers Christmas ornaments at lower rates. With only PhP10, one can already take home a glittery mistletoe for his/her Christmas tree, while PhP30 would net one a faux poinsettia. The place is also filled with tall sparkling Christmas plants pretty enough to replace one’s house plants for the Yuletide season. They range in prices from PhP40 to PhP160.

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

Everywhere you go, you’ll see a line of Christmas trees in Divisoria.

It would not be hard to look for Christmas trees as both the malls and stores outside are full of this famous holiday decor. By paying anywhere from Ph480 to PhP8,000, one can take home a four to eight-foot Christmas tree. Haggling is welcome so customers can try to lower the price to have enough cash for the tree’s decorations.

Although these decors already signal that Christmas is indeed here, a Filipino Christmas would not be complete without a parol (Christmas lantern) hanging outside the home. For PhP150, one can get either two small lanterns or a medium-sized one in the lines of stalls outside 168 Mall. A traditional capiz (windowpane oyster shell) lantern is also available for sale for PhP1,500 to PhP3,000.

Stress-Free Gift Hunting

Gift hunting has never been a problem in Divisoria. No matter how limited the budget or how unique the personality of the receiver is, there’s a big chance that the shopper will take home an item that will satisfy both the receiver and the giver.

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

Big or small, pillows are not a bad idea as Christmas gifts.

In Juan Luna Mall, one can take home a neck pillow with a hood for only PhP250 or buy a huge kiss with heart emoji pillow for one’s significant other for PhP1,500. Men would not have a hard time looking for the perfect gift for their special someone as human-sized teddy bears are up for grabs in one of the stalls for PhP3,500.

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

Barbie never goes out of trend for little girls.

For godparents looking for Christmas gifts, Tutuban Center is a good place to go toy shopping without having to endure the heat and the overwhelming crowd. PhP150 to P350 can already net one a remote control toy for his/her godson, while PhP100 can buy one a doll for his/her goddaughter. Wrapping paper for gifts are also available starting at PhP20 per 12 pieces.

Affordable Sweater Weather Fashion

Divisoria early Christmas shopping

Gear up for the Christmas season with these budget-friendly sweaters.

Christmas season is the best time of the year to flaunt sweaters and shawls. Luckily, Divisoria is one of the most affordable places to shop for them. For as low as PhP150, one can get a shawl to beat the cold December morning breeze or to top off an OOTD. Comfy sweaters starting at PhP250 can also be bought from a handful of fashion stalls in the area. Pairs of socks to complete the wardrobe are also sold for PhP100 for every two pairs.

After a day of shopping and roaming around, Yoorekka has only one conclusion about Christmas shopping in Divisoria: a trip to the place is still worth making because, unlike in big malls, ‘Soria will not make you say “Sorry, ‘a” to your wallet.

Make sure to visit Yoorekka to learn and find out more about the best deals in Divisoria.

How to Get to the Shopping Mecca of Manila

• From LRT Line 2, get off at Recto station and take a jeepney or tricycle bound for Divisoria.
• If taking the LRT Line 1, get off at Doroteo Jose station and ride a jeepney bound for Divisoria.

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