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5 Easy Home Improvements You Can Do While in Quarantine

Transform your home with simple tweaks and projects during the quarantine.

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | June 10, 2020
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Easy Home Improvements

Looking for more projects this quarantine? Your home is a canvas you can transform.

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Although the pandemic has made things bleak, the quarantine has also been a time for improvements for some. People all over used the time to hone their cooking skills, finish art projects, improve their physique, and try new hobbies. If you’ve done all of these and you’re looking for new projects to do, why not try some easy home improvements? If you’re game but need some inspiration, below are inexpensive and easy home improvements you can do while on quarantine!

1. Declutter and organize your place.


You can also donate the extra clothes you decluttered from your closet.

Before you organize things in your home, declutter first to get rid of unnecessary items. One way to do so is to channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your space with the use of the KonMari method. This method will help keep only things that have sentimental value or, more accurately, bring you joy.

As another decluttering method, prepare four boxes for things you will throw, keep, give away, or relocate. Using this method will make your decluttering spree quick and organized. You can start from the wardrobe closet in your bedroom and work your way up to other places in your home. Discard everything that is expired or has not been used for the last year.

2. Update your walls.

new hobbies

Before you put anything on the wall, plan the layout and the design first.

Spicing up the walls in your home is one of the most affordable improvements you can do. A fresh coat of paint can make a difference in your space. Experts recommend using latex paints since they are easier to use and clean up. You’re free to choose the color you like; popular colors are soft neutral shades.

If you do not have enough patience or energy to paint, you can simply add accents to your wall. You have a variety of options, from patterned wallpapers, posters, decorative tapestry, hanging shelves, to framed artworks. If you’re an artist, display your creations on your wall!

3. Repurpose an area at home.

home improvements

You can transform a space in your home as a mini gym.

Do you miss going to the gym? You can replicate the experience by turning an area in your home as a mini gym or fitness hub. Before you buy the equipment, set and clear up an area where you can do indoor exercises. In selecting the room to transform, there are few things to consider. If your workouts consist of jumping, planks, and push-ups, choose the room that has the biggest space. Meanwhile, for functional training that involves free weights or kettlebells, ensure that you have a free and clear floor area.

4. Repair or restore old furniture.


This quarantine is a great time for furniture maintenance.

Do a check-up of your furniture and see which pieces need fixing or restoration. One of the easiest repairs you can do is fixing minor nicks and scratches in wooden furniture by using cotton dipped in a vinegar and oil solution. While you’re at it, double check chairs and tables for wobbly legs. You can also make old furniture look brand new by painting it or covering it with a wallpaper. Lastly, you can also conduct an in-depth cleaning of upholstery and other frequently used items in your household.

5. Decorate your space with indoor plants.

old furniture

Add a touch of green in your home with plants!

There are many benefits to having indoor plants: they purify the air, boost your mood and productivity, and are also great decors! But before you select a houseplant, you have to consider a few things. First is where you want to put it; if you’re going to place it by a sunny window, select a plant that needs a lot of sunlight. In addition, ask yourself if you prefer small or big leaves or a flowering plant. The third thing to consider is how much time and care you can devote to the plant. If you’re frequently busy, choose a plant that requires minimal care.

Not only will these home improvements keep you busy, but they will also transform your home into an organized and beautiful space to live in!

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