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Make Home Workouts Better with These 7 New Fitness Equipment This 2020

Start your home gym with these equipment!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | January 27, 2020
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new fitness equipment 2020

Being fit and staying fit requires some work; luckily, you can use various equipment to do so!

There are many reasons why some people prefer home workouts. For one, it does not come with expensive monthly membership fees. Compared to gyms, home workouts are also more convenient since you don’t need to commute and you can exercise anytime you want. It’s also a great alternative for those not comfortable with working out in front of strangers. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to stay fit, all you need for the makings of a home gym is enough space and the right tools, like these new fitness equipment this 2020! Below are seven easy-to-use and easy-to-store new fitness equipment this 2020 you can use for challenging home workouts. Check them out!

1. Ab Crunch Stretch Band

Where to buy: Chris Sports
Price: PhP299

fitness equipment

Resistance bands help in activating and toning muscles.

Image: Chris Sports Website

According to experts, resistance bands are great when it comes to upper body training since they engage major muscle groups such as shoulders, back and chest, and biceps. Chris Sports’ ab crunch stretch band is great for fundamental exercises such as sit-ups, combined exercises such as shoulder press, and band exercises such as lunges.

2. Iron Gym Parallels

Where to buy: Chris Sports
Price: PhP799


Iron parallels improve your regular push-up by allowing more motions.

Image: Chris Sports Website

For upper body workouts, iron gym parallels like Chris Sports’ iron bars are a simple yet effective tool in improving upper body strength. This equipment can also reduce wrist and joints strain during push-ups. With their versatile and convenient and compact size, you can take iron bars anywhere. They also feature non-slip feet, ensuring a stable workout.

3. Ankle Weights

Where to buy: Toby's Sports
Price: PhP2,190

fitness equipment

Simply walking around with ankle weights can improve in maintaining bone density.

Image: Toby's Website

Want toned and lean legs? Have ankle weights a part of your home gym essentials. Ankle weights activate your muscles without having them bulk or break down. Part of the reason why this equipment is popular among fitness addicts is because they are easy to carry around. For example, Toby’s travel-friendly Danskin ankle weights can simply be strapped to your feet and that's it! Compared to traditional weight equipment, ankle weights also allow you to move and perform movements freely.

You can also try an exercise step platform to tone your legs. There are exercise step boards that can accommodate people and shoes of all sizes. Besides improving your legs' strength, it also improves your cardiovascular health.

4. Anti-Burst Gym Ball

Where to buy: JB Sports
Price: PhP580


Exercise balls improve back and spine health, posture, muscle balance, and core stability.

Image: JB Sports Website

Besides toned muscles, posture is also one of the benefits you get when you work out consistently. Exercise balls or gym balls are used in improving posture, stretching, and muscle strengthening. In fact, just 15 minutes of using a gym ball regularly can improve your posture and balance. JB Sports’ anti-burst gym ball is an essential tool not only in improving these aspects but also in doing weight training and free movement exercises.

5. Exercise Wheel

Where to buy: JB Sports
Price: PhP400

home gym

The body sculpture exercise wheel can be used in many exercises.

Image: JB Sports Website

If your main goal is to improve your core strength, an exercise wheel or ab wheel is an inexpensive tool that targets the abs and lower back. Working out with an ab wheel like JB Sports’ body sculpture exercise wheel will require your core muscles to work together in every movement.

6. Training Grid

Where to buy: Toby's Sports
Price: PhP950

new fitness equipment 2020

Agility training with grid tools helps in improving speed and reflexes.

Image: Toby's Website

Agility training improves movement skills, natural reflexes, and body awareness. Compared to linear running, agility training also helps burn more calories in a limited amount of time since it’s a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). For beginners, Toby’s iron body training grid is great for speed practice because it improves body control and foot speed and aligning your center of gravity.

7. Ergonomic and Compact Abs Exerciser

Where to buy: Decathlon
Price: PhP750


The product claims to reduce neck pain by 50%.

Image: Decathlon Website

Decathlon’s ergonomic and compact abs exerciser aims to solve the most common problem people experience when doing crunches: neck pain. This tool is designed to optimize your posture when doing ab workouts. Due to its ergonomic shape, your neck muscles will be comfortable when you do crunches. Its compact design also makes it easy to store at home when not in use.

Go to Yoorekka to find fitness and health tips and more!

Don’t have enough time or money to go to the gym? With these new fitness equipment, you can get in tip-top shape within your own home.

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