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Plant Parents, Here Are 7 Plant Shops in Manila That Can Deliver Your Aesthetic Garden Needs

These online plant shops have what you need to flourish your plant babies!

By: Ursula Pertez | July 02, 2022
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Images: Unsplash

Plants are more popular than ever, thanks partly to social media and the current quarantine situation. Because it is therapeutic, gardening is a hobby that many have adopted during the quarantine. Regarding coping mechanisms go, it’s a good one; it improves your mental health and gives you a sense of responsibility as you care for another living thing. Plus, plants spice up the interiors of any home! Considering everything can be found online, these online plant shops in Manila can cater to your plant needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned or an aspiring plant parent, there are plant shops that have the things you need for your plant babies. The hobby is also easy to get into, as acquiring plants is easy and possible without leaving your home. Keep reading to see seven of the best plant shops in Manila and what they offer!

1. Spruce Plant Shop

Payment Options: Bank transfer (BPI, BDO, Security Bank, and Eastwest Bank)

Plant Shops in Manila - Online Plant Shop - Plants for Home, plant shops in Manila

Images: @spruceplantshop

Are you into minimalist designs? Then you might like the pots in this online plant shop, Spruce Plant Shop. This plant shop in Manila, their plants come in pots in pretty earth tones and neutrals as well as stunning designs and shapes that suit every urban plant lover. You can also request a different pot to go with your plant. The shop also allows one-day plant reservations and can accommodate same-day delivery. They currently deliver only within Metro Manila.

2. Plants Manila

Payment options: Bank transfer (BPI and BDO), cash on delivery (an additional fee will be charged for this option), GCash, and PayPal

Plant Shops in Manila - Online Plant Shop - Plants for Home, online plant shop

Images: @plantsmanila

The team behind Plants Manila ensures you are close to achieving your ideal plants for home with their vibrant plants and eye-catching pots and planters. In fact, the store has helped celebrities like Sam Pinto, Maxene Magalona, Maja Salvador, Marian Rivera, and Kathryn Bernardo meet their garden goals! The online plant shop, Plants Manila, ships to Metro Manila and Rizal in two to three business days. For safe delivery, plants will be delivered through Lalamove. They also have a first paid, first-served basis.

3. Fern Manila

Payment Options: Bank transfer (BDO and BPI) and GCash

Plant Shops in Manila - Online Plant Shop - Plants for Home, plants for home

Images: @fernmnl

If you’re a newbie plant parent, start your journey by looking at this plant shop in Manila, the Fern Manila’s curated plant pieces. Their shop is beginner-friendly and has curated plant catalogs to help you decide which plant to get. Some flora you can get include a fiddle fig tree, strawberry arrowhead syngoniums, a white peace lily, and more. This online plant shop also practices sustainable shopping using reused boxes, paper bags, plastic wrappers, or cardboard scraps for packaging.

4. Plantshopper

Payment Options: Bank transfer (BPI and BDO)

Plant Shops in Manila - Online Plant Shop - Plants for Home, plant shops in Manila

Images: @plantshopper

Plant Shopper serves as your personal shopper for everything plant related. If you’re not knowledgeable enough about gardening, this plant shop in Manila will give you the essentials you need, from plants to racks. They offer indoor and outdoor plants like orchids, mums, gumamela, Sampaguita, santan, and roses. Currently, this online plant shop only ship to Metro Manila. They also do not accept rush orders unless the product is on hand.

5. Fresh Spaces MNL

Payment Options: Bank transfer (BPI and BDO)

Plant Shops in Manila - Online Plant Shop - Plants for Home, plants for home

Images: @freshspacesmnl

The various flowers and plants from Fresh Spaces MNL will give your home a breath of fresh air. You can buy plants of all sizes and expect them to arrive in good condition as Fresh Spaces MNL ensures plants for your home are taken care of before they hand it to you. Some popular plants on their catalog include snake plants, monstera, pygmy date palm, wandering jew, and licuala grandis. Before ordering, note that they only ship to Lalamove’s serviceable areas.

6. Nest Plant Studio

Payment Options: Bank transfer (BPI, BDO, and GCash)

Plant Shops in Manila - Online Plant Shop - Plants for Home, plant shops in Manila

Images: @nestplantstudio

Nest Plant Studio’s beautifully curated Instagram feed will give you a glimpse of what the online plant shop offers. They have custom potted plants, pots, and stands that will enhance the charm of your plant babies. Their plants for home are so pretty that they caught the eyes of Filipino celebrities like Solenn Heussaff and Pia Wurtzbach. You can view their updated product catalog on their website. Smaller orders can be sent via Lalamove, Grab, Mr. Speedy, and other couriers, while large orders will be shipped via their NPS Light Truck.

7. Planetarium MNL

Payment Options: Bank transfer (BPI and BDO) and GCash

Plant Shops in Manila - Online Plant Shop - Plants for Home, plants for home

Images: @plantarium_mnl

For pastel lovers, the colorful and pretty pots from this plant shop in Manila, the Planetarium MNL, are perfect for your desk plants for home or office. If you want a delicate touch on your workspace, place your favorite succulent in one of Planetarium MNL’s hand-painted pots to adorn your desk. Besides decorative pots and plants, the online plant shop also offers plant tools and gardening sets to complete your plant parent journey.

Gardening and planting require great responsibility, patience, knowledge, and tools. It’s not easy, but these plant shops in Manila will give you everything you need to be a great parent to your home plants.

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on August 13, 2020.

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