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7 Online Shops in Metro Manila for Safer and Easier Grocery Shopping

Skip the supermarket line and opt for online shopping instead!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | April 17, 2021
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Online Grocery Shops in Metro Manila

Safely buy your groceries and food supplies through these delivery services in Metro Manila.

As the number of COVID-19 cases steadily rises, people have to be more careful. While essential errands like grocery shopping are still allowed, many are worried about getting exposed to the virus outside. If you’re one of those people, you can resort to online shopping for your essentials instead. Thankfully, there are plenty of online grocery shops in Metro Manila you could check out! Below are seven of the most trusted online grocery shops in Metro Manila; read on!

1. Landers

How to order: Online at or using the Landers Superstore app

Metro Manila, COVID-19

Landers’ online grocery carries an assortment of local and imported goods.

Image: Landers Facebook Page

Those with Landers memberships can easily shop for essentials online. Non-members can also browse, but they can’t check out without availing membership. The store has all kinds of grocery needs, from canned goods to frozen products. Landers also offers same-day delivery, and you’d be able to specify the delivery time as well.

2. Savvys Online Palengke

How to order: Online at

grocery stores in Metro Manila

Savvys Online Palengke offers high-quality groceries and meat.

Image: Savvys Online Palengke Facebook Page

For the healthy eaters, you can get your fresh veggies, meat, fruits, and seafood at Savvys Online Palengke. It’s an online grocery store and wet market where consumers can get household items, baking supplies, fruits, grocery items, meat, seafood, and more. The store offers free delivery within Metro Manila. The order cut-off time is at 4:00 PM for same-day delivery; orders beyond 4:00 PM will be delivered the next day.

3. MetroMart

How to order: Online at

grocery, supermarket

MetroMart lets you shop from different stores.

Image: MetroMart Facebook Page

MetroMart carries various products from different supermarkets and grocery stores in Metro Manila. Aside from that, the onlie store also carries products from food establishments like Pan de Manila, Candy Corner, Paris Delice, and Sijang Mart. As one of the most in-demand online grocery delivery services in the country, MetroMart also delivers pet care, baked goods, and electronics.

4. Down to Earth

How to order: Online via

online shopping, online grocery

The products at Down To Earth were grown sustainably.

Image: Down To Earth Facebook Page

For those looking for sustainably grown food, Down To Earth is the shop for you. Their products are grown using biodynamic agriculture practices which take into consideration how plants, animals, and man are part of a unified system working in balance. Their crops are free from pesticides and chemicals, and their meats are from grass-fed animals that were not induced with growth hormones and GMOs. Some of the available items in the store include beef, meats, dairy, edible flowers and herbs, and teas.

5. LazMart

How to order: Online at Lazada’s website or official app

online grocery delivery

LazMart carries different brands and products.

Images: Lazada Philippines Facebook Page

Lazada is not just a one-stop shop for your gadgets and OOTD finds: it also has LazMart, a grocery store for all your necessities. Just like a supermarket, LazMart offers basic goods like toiletries, snacks, canned goods, powdered goods, pet food, laundry items, and more. While cash on delivery is still allowed, it is recommended for customers to use cashless payment methods during checkout.

6. Wild Caught

How to order: Fill out their order form ( or order through their phone number, 0917-539-3144

grocery delivery

Wild Caught has various seafood that are ready for delivery.

Images: Wild Caught PH Facebook Page

When it comes to buying seafood, freshness is one of the main things to look for. To guarantee that you’re only getting the freshest catch, shop for your seafood at Wild Caught PH. At Wild Caught PH, your seafood orders are vacuum-sealed so they won’t be exposed to pollutants on their way to you. Their products are sourced from Zamboanga and Palawan, which means you will be supporting local fishermen with every purchase. Some of their products include cream dory, cuttlefish, baby octopus, and organic black tiger shrimps.

7. BigasPH

How to order: Online via or the BigasPH app

online stores in Metro Manila

The BigasPH app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Image: BigasPH Facebook Page

There’s no denying that rice is a staple in every Filipino household—which is why having a delivery service for this product is not totally surprising. BigasPH aims to provide accessible and high quality rice to every Filipino through their website and app. Their products include various organic rice and premium local rice grown by local farmers, including Jasmine fragrant rice, local brown rice, Ifugao Mountain rice, and pandan sinandomeng. Delivery takes one to two days. They deliver to Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, and Cavite only.

Visit Yoorekka to discover more online stores in Metro Manila.

With these grocery delivery services, you can get all your essentials in a safer way!
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