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A List of Healthy Food Delivery Services in Metro Manila

Finding good food via office or home delivery in Metro Manila has never been this easy.

By: Patricia Marie Prado | March 29, 2021
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food delivery service

Choose from a variety of food plans!

Nowadays, yuppies face a lot of battles. Heavy traffic, never-ending stress at work, and the monthly bills lurking around the corner every payday. One fight many struggle with most of the time is food. Eating quality, healthy meals while staying on budget is a struggle faced by many. There* the daily decision of cooking your own lunch, or just buying on your nearby fast food. Not to mention the effort and the cost you also have to consider.

Amidst all these confusion, one solution might help: food delivery services! They are time-saving, efficient, and healthy alternatives to solve your baon (packed lunch) problems. Read on and see various good food delivery services that cater to busy areas like Mandaluyong and areas in Metro Manila.

1. Juju Eats

Order through: (02) 8820-4663;; Juju Eats mobile app

food delivery service

Have your favorite Juju Eats’ pasta or sandwich at the comfort of your office pantry.

Images: Juju Eats

Juju Eats have been in the industry for years providing salads and other healthy snacks to their patrons. Although they are more known for their sit-down restaurants, they also have a delivery service to cater to those who are too busy to visit their stores. You can order online through their website or through mobile application.

Juju Eats is well-known for their salads, but if you’re craving for something more filling try their Pesto Chicken Panini (PhP299). It is made of herb-grilled chicken, basil, cherry, parmesan cheese, and freshly-made pesto dressing in herb focaccia bread.

2. Ha-inan Delivery & Takeout

Order through: 8636-1686, 8245-5856, 0939-937-0889, 0917-319-8607;

food delivery service

Order for yourself or for the whole office at Ha-Inan.

Images: Ha-inan Delivery & Takeout

If you’re tired of the usual chicken-and-rice combo from your nearby fast food, why not opt for Filipino cuisine? Ha-inan Delivery & Takeout is a food delivery service that provides freshly-cooked meals that consist of popular Filipino fares good enough for sharing.

Ha-inan offers a wide variety of dishes. But if you want to taste a little bit of everything, order their Combi Meals (PhP145 – PhP159). For starters, their Combo Meal C1 has Pancit, Oh My Chop Suey, Pork BBQ, Lola’s Chicken Lollipop, and Cassava Bites. Do note that they have minimum orders per viand and additional PhP50 delivery fee within Mandaluyong area.

3. Harvest Philippines

Order through: 0932 878 5258;

food delivery service

Mix up your daily meals from salads to pastas with Harvest Philippines.

Images: Harvest Philippines

Regardless if you’re on a diet or not, Harvest Philippines provides plenty of options to address your daily needs. There’s a calorie-counted and gluten-free menu for healthy conscious eaters, and a comfort food menu if you prefer homey, delicious meals. Harvest Philippines also provides meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (bento meals start at PhP130). This is perfect if you’re a busy mom or live alone who don’t have time to cook.

Harvest Philippines’ menu varies every week. You can check their weekly menu through their Facebook page. There’s also a minimum order of three breakfast, lunch, and dinner (nine meals) a week with a delivery fee of PhP250.

4. FitFuel MNL

Order through: 09171687300
Order form:

food delivery service

Aiming to be fit before the office Christmas party? Sign up with FitFuel MNL!

Images: FitFuel MNL

If you’re planning to get fit before the year ends, FitFuel MNL is the food delivery service you should consider. They have meal plans based on your daily caloric needs to help you lose or gain weight without starving. If you happen to be a competitive athlete who requires a specific meal plan, they also offer free consultations to create a customized one just for you!

FitFuel MNL’s program include 1200cal Plan (PhP2,500/week) and 1500cal Plan (PhP2,800/week) that includes three meals per day and 1800cal Plan (PhP3,000/week), and the 2000cal/Customized Plan (starts at PhP3,300/week) that includes four meals per day plus an option for snacks. You can also choose between normal or keto if you’re following a specific diet.

5. Diet Diva

Order through:; (02) 4343482; (0917) 7033482

food delivery service

No need to pre-plan your meals! Diet Diva will do it for you all under 1,200 calories per day.

Images: Diet Diva

Diet Diva is one of the pioneers in food delivery service, providing healthy and sumptuous meals for their clients since 2012. If work is keeping you busy from eating healthy and losing weight, you can sign up with Diet Diva’s 1,200-calorie diet. The diet provides you with meals less than 1,200 calories per day, but still packed with all the daily nutrients your body needs.

A Diet Diva Meal Plan starts at PhP399 per day. Aside from their 1200-calorie diet, they also have other alternatives like GLOW (starts at PhP499/day), a healthier alternative to keto diet, and Lean Machine (starts at PhP599/day), which offers a 2,000-calorie diet per day specifically designed for men.

6. Plan:Eat

Order through:;; (0917) 305 5510

food delivery service

Plan:Eat provides delectable and healthy meals fit even for those who have medical conditions.

Images: Plan:Eat

Another challenge a lot of young professionals face is existing health conditions. If you happen to suffer from certain medical conditions, looking for healthy food options is all the more challenging. Good thing Plan:Eat has plans that cater to those with specific dietary needs.

Their BeatPlus plan caters to those with diabetes and hypertension with options of low or high-caloric diet. They also have the FitPlus plan for those who need proteins, specifically High Biological Value (HBV) proteins in their food. They also have plans with varying daily calorie requirements and healthy baked goodies.

Go to Yoorekka for more healthy food ideas.

Say goodbye to your go-to fast food meals or messy packed lunch and say yes to these yummy and healthy food delivery services.

Check out our list of food delivery services in Metro Manila or browse the Dining & Leisure category of the Yoorekka Directory.

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