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10 Best Christmas Gift Options From Yoorekka Your Mom Will Use

Come on, spoil your mom a little!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | November 17, 2021
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Part of Filipino Christmas is giving gifts. When giving a Christmas gift, one of the main concerns you can have is the item’s usability. You would want to provide affordable, functional things, especially if the receiver is practical like your mom. Believe it or not, there are Christmas gifts that are functional, good quality, and budget-friendly! So if you’re struggling to find Xmas gift ideas for the best woman in your life, read on below to see the best finds!

The best part is that you can find these best Christmas presents at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center! So if you’re struggling to find Xmas gift ideas for the best woman in your life, read on below to see the wishlist ideas!

1. For the mom who loves giving kitchen makeovers, provide them with a set of kitchen essentials that they can use. For one, why not give her new cups and saucers? They’re functional and can be used during Christmas too! Decor 2 Adore’s 12 pieces cup and saucer set is an excellent example of this. It is made from ceramic materials that are heat resistant—perfect for those Xmas hot chocolate drinks for your Christmas celebration!

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, christmas

200 ml capacity; available in black

You can get these 12 pieces cups and saucers from Decor 2 Adore at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center for PhP600. Minimum of 5 pcs per order.

2. Many mothers love giving their homes a makeover for Christmas —which is why decorations and home improvement items are on their Xmas wish list. Here’s an idea: why not give her something simple like elegant curtains? This set from Elegant shopping makes the best presents since its colors can boost your home for a more festive Christmas celebration! It will give your home a classy look all year long.

You can get this white printed and brown curtain from Elegant Shopping at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center for PhP2,995 (14% off).

3. Are you finding the best presents for the best cook in the house? They would love this seven-piece knife set from Moda Atbp. This set is the best Christmas gift because it has all the kitchen knives to cook the best meals. Plus, it comes in a stand so you can store it neatly when not in use. This present must be in any delightful home cook’s Xmas wish list!

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother,  presents
Image: Moda Atbp

You can get this seven pcs kitchen knife from Moda Atbp at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center for PhP380 (5% off).

4. Of course, the best Xmas presents for your mom also come from fashion items that will upgrade their wardrobe. A classy piece like this Rachel bag from Tim’s Bag Shoppe would be a great Xmas gift since it’s affordable, helpful, and stylish! The Rachel bag is also made from durable materials. Your mom can bring this bag to any Christmas celebration for many years to come.

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, xmas

Size: 12” x 10” x 4”; available in seven colors

You can get this chic bag from Tim’s Bags Shoppe at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center for PhP600.

5. What do you give your mom if she has already received all kinds of presents? Why not get her something that will improve her health this Christmas? Barley’s Amazing Coffee with Tongkat Ali might not be on the usual Christmas wish list. Still, it will benefit your mom in the long run, like improving skeletal health, mood support, and regulating blood sugar.

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, wish list
Image: Barley’s

You can get this coffee with tongkat ali from Barley’s at Yoorekka’s WebMall Outlets for PhP750.

6. About the last gift idea, you can also give your mom something to improve her home life and health. Scents For Senses’ range of humidifiers and purifiers would also make perfect Xmas presents for mothers. It must be on most people’s wish list for Christmas! If you’re looking for something functional and aesthetically pleasing, the J83 machine humidifier will be the perfect gift for your mom.

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, christmas celebration

Available in two colors: lightwood and dark wood

You can get this Jmachine humidifier from Scents for Senses at Yoorekka’s WebMall Outlets for PhP1,920 (20% off).

7. It’s a given fact that moms are good at budgeting expenses at home—it’s incredible how they manage all the monthly costs! You can give her this handy money organizer to help her with budgeting this coming Christmas. With this Xmas gift, she would have an easier time handling all the expenses for your family’s Christmas celebration too!

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, holiday

Available in seven designs

Image: Trift.PH

You can now get this money organizer from Trift.Ph at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center for PhP180 (10% off).

8. For a complete OOTD this Christmas, give your mom fancy footwear that will finish her outfit this Xmas. Foot Traffic Footwear’s Jazz women’s sandals will be versatile, making it one of the most valuable presents. With its soft leather strap and lightweight materials, she would be stylish and comfy during your Christmas celebration.

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, wishlist ideas

Available in five colors; sizes 5 to 10

You can get this women’s sandal from Foot Traffic Footwear at Yoorekka’s WebMall Outlets or PhP449.10 (10% off).

9. Got a plantita mom? Then there’s no doubt she has a gift wish list perfect for her plant babies. This Xmas, give her presents that will make her precious plants stand out this Christmas even more like this collapsible handmade rattan flower pot! The pot is made from seagrass or rattan materials, adding extra chicness to her stunning plants. With this pot, you'll be checking off an item in her Christmas wishlist!

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, christmas present

Available in small size: 18cm (top), 22cm (mid), 18cm (bottom), 20cm (height)

You can get this collapsible handmade rattan flower pot from Décor 2 Adore at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center for PhP270.

10. Whether it’s a gift for your mom or grandmother, these dainty cup sets would make excellent presents this Christmas. Despite its elegant and expensive-looking design, this gift set is just below PhP1000! It would also make a fine addition to your mom’s porcelain collection.

10 Practical Christmas Gift Items For Your Mother, christmas wishlist

Available in three designs: Bennet, Augustus, and Cyprian

You can get this teacup elegant saucer and cup with a box from Muradito Home at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center for PhP751 (23% off).

Philippine Christmas celebration is all about giving your loved ones the best Christmas presents! With these Christmas wishlist ideas, share your mom these valuable items that she can use for a long time and for many Christmas celebrations to come!

Visit Yoorekka Online Selling Suite for more affordable and exciting gift options this Christmas!

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