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Get Fit For Less In the New Year With These Health and Fitness Buys

Let us help you save and have a healthy start to the New Year!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | January 06, 2022
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Many begin their new year with good self-improvement. One of the most popular resolutions is improving health, fitness, and losing weight. And if you’re one of those people who want to live a healthy lifestyle or #HealthyLiving, it’s no secret that fitness and wellness products can be a bit heavy on the budget. But no worries! This January, staying healthy is now more affordable with these fitness essentials and health products promos up to 50% off!

1. The best resolution is to have a healthy lifestyle. Now that getting sick is expensive, it’s good to invest in health products. For one, multivitamins like the Life Extension Vitamin D3 (1000 IU) is one of the must-have health essentials since it helps in boosting the immune system. It also aids in improving bone density and cell differentiation! Daily intake of this will surely improve your health.

Get These Health and Fitness Buys Up to 50% Off at Yoorekka, health

It contains 250 soft gels

Image: Moda Atbp

You can get these Vitamin D3 soft gels at Yoorekka Tiangge Center at 32% off!

2. Aside from multivitamins, other health products that can aid illnesses should be present in your household. Here’s an all-around product that can do wonders: Moda Atbp’s magnesium oil spray. This essential health product aids migraines, muscle cramps, chronic fatigue, body odor, high blood pressure, and the like. It makes an excellent gift for yourself and loved ones planning to have a healthy lifestyle.

Get These Health and Fitness Buys Up to 50% Off at Yoorekka, fitness

Available in 100 ml

Image: Moda Atbp

You can get this oil spray at Yoorekka Tiangge Center at 42% off!

3. A healthy lifestyle means you have to be active as well. Staying healthy also means you have to improve your fitness too! And if you’re planning to start your fitness journey, get workout essentials and products like the Taslan plain with two pockets —which makes exercising comfier at every move. Because of its stylish design, this pair would be a great piece to wear while lounging at home or during quick errand runs. It is available at AJL Outfitters’ online store at Yoorekka.

Get These Health and Fitness Buys Up to 50% Off at Yoorekka, products

Available in eight colors; sold by the dozen

You can get this Taslan plain with two pockets at Yoorekka Tiangge Center at 50% off!

4. Do you plan on jogging or heading to the gym this year to improve your fitness and health? Complete your fitness attire with a lightweight and durable pair of shoes like Krooberg’s EXO footwear. With its traction quality and excellent shock absorption, this pair is one of the essentials for runners looking for the best shoes to make their fitness journey easy and comfy. It comes in a stylish design too!

Get These Health and Fitness Buys Up to 50% Off at Yoorekka, healthy lifestyle

Available in sizes 36 to 40

Image: Krooberg

You can get this Krooberg’s EXO ladies in white and blue at Yoorekka WebMall Outlets at 29% off!

5. For ladies who want to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals while also staying glowing, these Vitabears skin vitamins should be part of your essentials! With its multiple health and beauty benefits, this is one of the health products that improve your skin. Benefits also include hydration of skin and improvement of skin elasticity—which means it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Get These Health and Fitness Buys Up to 50% Off at Yoorekka, essentials

It contains 60 chewable gummies

Image: NJ Store

You can get these Vitabears skin vitamins at Tiangge Center at 14% off!

This new year, start your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals with these essentials and health products that are now on sale at selected online shops at Yoorekka!

Price is exclusive of the shipping fee and may change without prior notice. Items are available as of writing.

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