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7 Stylish Clothing That’ll Update Any Plus-size Women’s Outfits

They’re just a click away at Yoorekka!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | February 17, 2022
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It’s given that most Filipinas are petite, which is why stylish clothing and outfits in the country cater mainly to slender frames. But over the years, many plus-size women have also been demanding clothing stores to offer more inclusive apparel and stylish clothing. Thankfully, there are now more clothing stores and apparel brands that cater to different body types!

Below are stylish plus-size women’s clothing and outfits pieces for the most fashionable curvy women—and you can find them here at Yoorekka’s Online Selling Suite clothing stores!

1. Have you looked at many clothing stores for the comfiest and most stylish clothing for your summer outfits? Try Ruthea RH apparel’s Marian plus-size dress! This stylish clothing has vibrant tropical prints that will complete your travel outfits! Your vacation pictures will look extra fab when wearing this fashion piece!

7 Stylish Clothing That'll Update Plus-size Women’s Outfits, clothing

Fits size XL to 3XL; bust: 32-34; waist: 34-36

You can get this plus-size dress at Yoorekka Tiangge Center for PhP450!

2. Stylish clothing and plus-size pants in most clothing stores are usually hard to find, but there’s no need to look further! D’ Fashion Engineer’s plus-size Capri might be the pair to complete your outfits! These capri pants are a versatile fashion and apparel piece perfect for work and play. It has two side pockets and a mid-rise waist. This clothing piece is also in a neutral color you can pair with many tops.

7 Stylish Clothing That'll Update Plus-size Women’s Outfits, outfits

Sizes available: 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL

You can get this plus-size Capri at Yoorekka WebMall Outlets for Php899!

3. For a more casual plus size clothing apparel, stylish clothing stores like Direct Supplier RTW L&R Clothing offers plus size clothing. Like the loose shirt, one of their fashion clothing pieces is a must-have for Disney fans’ outfits. This apparel comes in six vibrant colors to wear different outfits every day. This clothing is also made from cotton that’s comfy for daily wear.

7 Stylish Clothing That'll Update Plus-size Women’s Outfits, apparel

Fits size up to 3XL; available in six colors: gray, yellow, pink, white, violet, and blue-green

You can get this loose shirt at Yoorekka Tiangge Center for PhP180!

4. If you want to dress and clothing apparel for fancy get-togethers, check out clothing stores like Rafal’s Fashion! This fashion store offers stylish clothing like the plus-size maxi dress, which fits plus-size women sizes 2XL to 5XL. This stylish clothing comes in designer-inspired prints that can make anyone look expensive.

7 Stylish Clothing That'll Update Plus-size Women’s Outfits, clothing stores

Fits size 2XL to 5XL; available in 5 printed designs

You can get this plus-size maxi dress at Yoorekka Tiangge Center for PhP250!

5. Your office fashion outfits shouldn’t be boring! For one, canvas in sophisticated, versatile, and stylish clothing like this work-to-wear stretch pants! This apparel has a slim-fit cut that will flatter your curves. Plus, it comes in a classy white color that is easy to pair in any fashion outfit.

7 Stylish Clothing That'll Update Plus-size Women’s Outfits, stylish clothing

Sizes available: S to 4XL; available in white color

You can get these wear-to-work plus-size stretch pants at Yoorekka WebMall Outlets for PhP1,299!

6. Are you going for a fashion makeover? Add preppy clothing from clothing stores like Ruthea’s RH Apparel. Their Athena terno’s is a stylish clothing piece to add to your fashion arsenal. This plus-size clothing comes in five designs in different designs perfect for different outfits and looks!

7 Stylish Clothing That'll Update Plus-size Women’s Outfits, fashion

Fits size XL to 3XL; 38 to 44 waistline; available in 5 designs

You can get this stripe terno wear at Yoorekka Tiangge Center for PhP420!

7. Clothing stores like D’ Fashion Engineer have pretty plus size dresses like the Claire floral long sleeves dress, suitable for modest and laidback outfits. This fashion clothing has a floral print that looks great for girly outfits for dates and special occasions.

7 Stylish Clothing That'll Update Plus-size Women’s Outfits, promotion

Sizes available: S to 2XL

You can get the plus-size, floral long, and sleeves dress at Yoorekka WebMall Outlets for PhP1,299!

Thanks to these clothing stores, shopping for plus-size outfits and apparel has never been this easy at Yoorekka Online Selling Suite!

Price is exclusive of the shipping fee and may change without prior notice. Items are available as of writing.

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