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Italian Cuisine Fans: Avelinz Restaurant Is Offering 25% Off On Pizzas

Get their voucher discounts at Yoorekka!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | March 24, 2022
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Like food or cuisine, pizza is a universal unifier: it brings people together! And it’s no wonder: Italian cuisine is filled with everything we love—sweet, rich, and flavorful sauces! You can find pizza and other Italian cuisines like pasta at Avelinz Restaurant, a pizza parlor that offers vouchers and discounts through Yoorekka Deals!

Avelinz Restaurant is a pizza parlor offering Italian cuisine with various pizza offerings and flavors. Avelinz Restaurant’s best-selling Italian cuisine includes the Avelinz Special Pizza and pasta, white Hawaiian, seafood pasta, and seafood marinara. The Avelinz Restaurant and pizza parlor have other affordable and delicious Italian cuisine meals like pasta, but they specialize in pizza worth sharing with loved ones.

Below are a few of Avelinz Restaurant’s offer discounts and vouchers!

1. Want a pizza flavor that is healthy and filled with good toppings? Get this discount voucher and offer from Avelinz Restaurant! The pizza parlor’s voucher now lets you get 25% off discounts on this delicious Italian cuisine offer—their Tuna Garlic Shrimp Pizza! Get this now from Yoorekka Deals!

Avelinz Restaurant Offers 25% Off On Italian Cuisines, Avelinz Restaurant

You can get this Tuna Garlic Shrimp Pizza at Yoorekka Deals for PhP320 (25% off)!

2. Almost every pizza parlor has its own version of the Pepperoni Pizza, and Avelinz Restaurant has its own worth trying! This Italian cuisine offered by the pizza parlor is filled with fresh tomatoes and red sauce that will make your mouth water. Want to try this Italian cuisine? Get Avelinz Restaurant’s 26% off discounts on your next Pepperoni treat!

Avelinz Restaurant Offers 25% Off On Italian Cuisines, italian cuisine

You can get this Pepperoni Pizza at Yoorekka Deals for PhP230.10 (26% off)!

3. This Marguerita Pizza flavor from Avelinz Restaurant offer all veggies, perfect for those who love all things healthy but want to indulge in fine Italian cuisine. This Italian cuisine offers tasty ingredients and is now more affordable with a 26% discounts promotion voucher!

Avelinz Restaurant Offers 25% Off On Italian Cuisines, pizza parlor

You can get this Marguerita Pizza at Yoorekka Deals for PhP230.70 (26% off)!

4. Not a fan of veggies on your pizza? Avelinz Restaurant has an offer for you: the All-meat Pizza! From this pizza parlor, this Italian cuisine offer comes with jam-packed toppings for meat lovers! Get an Avelinz Restaurant voucher for 26% discounts on this offer!

Avelinz Restaurant Offers 25% Off On Italian Cuisines, offer

You can get this All Meat Pizza at Yoorekka Deals for PhP300 (26% off)!

5. If the name doesn’t give it away yet: this is Avelinz Restaurant and pizza parlor’s signature offer—the Avelinz Special Pizza. This promotion and discounts voucher from the Italian cuisine pizza parlor lets you experience the best of Avelinz Restaurant for 26% off!

Avelinz Restaurant Offers 25% Off On Italian Cuisines, pasta

You can get this Avelinz Special Pizza at Yoorekka Deals for PhP320 (26% off)!

6. Spinach is indeed a crowd-favorite pizza topping recently—and you can try Avelinz Restaurant’s version of Chicken Spinach Pizza. Like the Italian cuisine at the pizza parlor, this offer is worth the money with its promotion voucher and discounts!

Avelinz Restaurant Offers 25% Off On Italian Cuisines, voucher

You can get this Chicken Spinach flavor at Yoorekka Deals for PhP230 (26% off)!

Craving for affordable Italian cuisines like pizza and pasta? Avelinz Restaurant is a pizza parlor with an offer and promotion voucher discounts for budget-friendly meals at Yoorekka Deals!

The prices and discount rates may change without prior notice. Items are available as of writing. The vouchers are non-refundable and are not valid in exchange for cash. Each voucher is for a single transaction only and could not be in conjunction with other promos and sales. You may contact the merchant to schedule a visit.

All photos courtesy of Avelinz Restaurant except otherwise stated.

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