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CJT Kitchen Food 2Go Cooked Up An Exciting 20% Off Voucher Discount

Suddenly, we crave Filipino food.

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | November 18, 2021
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Craving crispy pata? Oh, yeah, we do!

The best thing about food is that there are many flavors and any dish to try. For many foodies, trying new dishes expands their taste palette. In Metro Manila, many fast-food restaurants promise new flavors that will take you to culinary heaven—particularly restaurants that serve familiar Filipino food and foreign dishes like Indian and Japanese food. These dishes are popular because they highlight the different flavors and cultures. Many foodies are also looking for restos with delivery and food takeout. An example of a restaurant that offers impeccable comfort Filipino food is CJT Kitchen Food 2Go.

CJT Kitchen Food 2Go is your next go-to Filipino restaurant if you’re craving Filipino food under a budget. This restaurant offers Indian and Filipino cuisine that Millennial and Gen Z foodies would love like, Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef Kare-kare, Lechon Binagoongan, Sinigang na Lechon, Sisig, and Lechon Kawali dishes. The resto also offers takeout food and food delivery of any dish.

If you are looking for comfort Filipino food and other takeout food, check out what CJT Kitchen Food 2Go has to offer:

1. Have a food trip with your family or friends but don’t want to spend hours cooking in the kitchen? Why not opt for food delivery or get some takeout food from CJT Kitchen Food 2Go? You can try this Tuna Basil Cheese Quiche dish that is good for two to three persons. This dish is filled with the finest ingredients that make it so tasty! Plus, it’s only PhP350!

CJT Kitchen Food 2Go Offers Filipino Food At 20% Off, cjt kitchen food 2go

You can get the Tuna Basil Cheese Quiche voucher discount from CJT Kitchen Food 2Go at Yoorekka Deals for PhP350 (20% off).

2. Kare-kare is one Filipino dish that is undeniably a favorite among Filipinos, which is why it has so many variants. If you’re on the hunt for the different kare-kare available for food delivery, CJT Kitchen Food 2GO’s Kare-kare con Lechon is a tempting version of popular Filipino food. With its different vegetables and deep-fried pork, you have so much food on your plate. This jam-packed Filipino food is perfect for sharing with six to eight persons. It is also available as takeout food.

CJT Kitchen Food 2Go Offers Filipino Food At 20% Off,   filipino food

You can get the Kare-kare con Lechon voucher discount from CJT Kitchen Food 2Go at Yoorekka Deals for PhP720 (20% off).

3. If you want to try something new aside from the resto’s array of yummy Filipino food, why not give Indian cuisine a try? One dish available for food delivery and takeout is the Indian Grilled Tandoori from CJT Kitchen Food 2Go made with marinated chicken and fresh herbs and spices. You can pair this dish with other best-sellers, including chicken masala, tuna avo salad, and chicken mango avo salad. It even goes well with Filipino food! You’ll be getting the best taste and quality takeout food! The best part is, a professional kitchen team cooks these dishes.

CJT Kitchen Food 2Go Offers Filipino Food At 20% Off,  dish

You can get the Chicken Tandoori voucher discount from CJT Kitchen Food 2Go at Yoorekka Deals for PhP320 (20% off).

From Filipino food to Indian cuisine, CJT Kitchen Food 2Go has all the best dishes for your next food trip! The best part is, they offer food delivery and food to go!

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The discount rate may change without prior notice. Items are available as of writing. All photos courtesy of CJT Kitchen Food 2Go.

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