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Here Are 5 Product Trends to Rise in Popularity in 2023; See If You’ll Love Them or Not

Here are product trends to look out for in 2023!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | January 09, 2023
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Be the first to know these shopping trends in 2023!

Image: Samsung website (R)

Many fads, trends, and lifestyle hacks are expected to become popular this 2023, and surprisingly, it’s enjoyable and fascinating to join these trends, right? More than being persuaded by these lifestyle and product trends in 2023, these items can also benefit you in many ways, such as for your health or daily routine.

Our team did some research, and we thought it would be a fresh start for this year to have a heads-up on these consumer trends this 2023! The question is, will you like them or not? Read on!

1. Foldable phones

Product Trends 2023 – Consumer Trends 2023 – Shopping Trends 2023, product trends 2023

Foldable and flip phones started to launch in 2019 but are expected to penetrate the market more this 2023.

Image: Samsung website

You have heard it right—foldable mobile phones are an expected product trend this 2023. This new trend in technology might last longer than expected here in the Philippines, and one big reason is the convenience of a smaller mobile phone size without compromising a larger screen size. Some popular mobile brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo have recently released ‘flip’ and foldable phones that offer convenience not just for the techy ones but can also benefit professional individuals on the go.

Foldable phones have a screen size like a tablet, which you can use for work and meetings high-definition viewing pleasures. Many brands are now developing these foldable phones, which would be a sign for you to start saving up for that phone upgrade this 2023.

Samsung Galaxy ZFold 4 (PhP98,990 to PhP119,990), Oppo Find N2 (PhP51,700), Vivo X Flip 5G (PhP27,860 to PhP31,840) are some of the on-trend foldable phones for 2023.

2. Thrift clothes and accessories (especially in online live selling)

Product Trends 2023 – Consumer Trends 2023 – Shopping Trends 2023, consumer trends 2023

Online live selling helps entrepreneurs earn money using the advancement of social media.

Ever since the pandemic started, people have found innovative ways to earn a good living, and that is through making means of social media. Though everything is returning to normal now, live selling and online shopping still exist, and these shopping trends for 2023 are expected to flourish more this year. More people have become entrepreneurs, and most of them opt to do their businesses through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and sell their items through live selling real-time in reaching clients and customers. On the other hand, online shoppers also benefit significantly from this consumer trend in 2023, given the shopping convenience of just browsing and clicking through the phone. Items found during online shopping are also more affordable, making it more enticing for consumers to shop and purchase.

3. The hype for local sunscreens

Product Trends 2023 – Consumer Trends 2023 – Shopping Trends 2023, shopping trends 2023

They say that the most crucial skin care product that you can have is sunscreen.

Images: Barefaced and ForMe Facebook pages

Sunscreens are often the most overlooked skin care product anyone can have – but that’s officially in the past. This year for the list of product trends in 2023, sun creams, sunscreens, and sunblocks are expectantly becoming one of the most hyped-up beauty products in the country. Sunscreens benefit your skin, especially in a hot and humid country like the Philippines. To make you love sunscreens more, local brands and business owners are now embracing this consumer trend this 2023 making it available to the market at affordable prices. Innovatively, sunscreens protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and give you a natural glow. Following the market trends for beauty, sunscreens have also evolved into a base makeup product or a primer, and now some would call it a sun skin tint. Key ingredients that you can look for in a good sunscreen are Niacinamide, UVA/UVB protection, SPF30 to SPF50 sun protection and one that will perfectly suit your skin type.

Product options for local sunscreens are Fairy Skin Premium Brightening Sunscreen (PhP190), Sunkissed Illuminating Sunscreen by Barefaced (PhP199), and ForMe Sun Cream (PhP498).

4. Matcha green tea

Product Trends 2023 – Consumer Trends 2023 – Shopping Trends 2023, product trends 2023

You can now make your own matcha drink since matcha powders are now conveniently available.

Sure, coffee has been a standard beverage for almost everyone, but matcha has officially taken the spotlight for the upcoming product trends in 2023. Matcha is considered a ‘superfood’ packed with many benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, helping in preventing cancer, improve memory, as it is also rich in antioxidants. You might have heard of matcha as a flavor in coffee shops and cafés because this famous powder is mixed with lattes, desserts, coffee, and even in your favorite desserts like cupcakes, brownies, and ice cream. But now, you can save up and make your own sustainable matcha drink to pair up with your workout routine or keep you hyped up while working from home. If you want to ride with the consumer trends this 2023, then it’s time to purchase your own matcha powder online and in your favorite physical stores and make your own matcha blend in the comforts of your home.

You can buy Matcha Green Tea for PhP125 to PhP375 in the market.

5. Work from home devices and tools

Product Trends 2023 – Consumer Trends 2023 – Shopping Trends 2023, consumer trends 2023

A more productive and good work setup at home requires you to invest in WFH tools and devices.

Images: Stance Philippines Facebook page

As for the office, product trends for 2023 that are anticipated to become famous are standing desks, laptop stands, foldable working tables, and more innovative tools that will boom in the market in the coming months. Work-from-home might become a permanent set-up in the workplace in some companies in this present time since both employers and employees can benefit more in this type of professional set up. That said, work-from-home devices and tools are the best examples of sustainable consumer trends in 2023 that can last indefinitely. These tools and devices help ease work at home, promote a convenient lifestyle, and give you a productive workspace that will motivate you to finish your daily tasks and workload.

Keep on trend with these shopping trends to look out for in 2023! For more shopping, lifestyle, and know-how on the latest about anything and everything, visit and subscribe to Yoorekka Magazine!

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