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10 Affordable Home Gym Equipment Under PhP1,000, So You Can Efficiently Exercise at Home

Work out like a pro with these affordable home gym equipment!

By: Elizabeth Garde | October 03, 2023
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affordable home gym equipment

Get ready to work out like a pro with these affordable home gym equipment and workout tools under Php1,000, which will tone your buddy and wallet!

Images: Featured brands/merchants

There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive basic home fitness gym and workout equipment when you can achieve your fitness goals with these budget-friendly workout buddies. You can create workout routines based on your goals and strengths, from resistance bands and dumbbells to yoga mats and jump ropes. Resistance bands are great for strength training and come in different resistance levels to suit your needs.

Dumbbells offer versatility in your workouts, allowing you to target various muscle groups. A good quality yoga mat provides comfort and stability during yoga or Pilates sessions. And who can forget the classic jump rope? It's an excellent cardio exercise that will get your heart pumping in no time. With these affordable options, there are no more excuses—it's time to get fit with these 10 must-have affordable home gym equipment for working out in the comforts of your home or motivating yourself to step inside the gym:

1. Twister Plate Fitness Equipment and Waist Twisting Disc Balance to burn calories

Price: PhP210

You might be familiar with this affordable home gym equipment seen in TV commercials or in exercise video tutorials. This twister disc with a rope effectively burns calories and combines the benefits of aerobic exercise and reflexology. It also has a precision ball-bearing ride for smooth, with a fluid motion high-impact rotating platform that provides a vigorous form of aerobic exercise, making any kind of workout routine convenient and comfortable. Designed with elastic pull ropes, it helps you to keep balance on the twister and exercise your arms by up and down stretching the string. This tool is also suitable for the whole family which is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Positive Reviews:

“Sulit for the price. Can handle my weight of 60kg. It looks simple to use pero sobrang nakakapawis din sya.” – by J**.*

“Ang ganda ng item, mukhang matibay. Sana magtagal.” – by Hazel G.

2. Premium Jumping Rope to increase your stamina

Price: PhP215

affordable home gym equipment blue-gray jumping rope and a woman using it

Size: 275 cm x 5 mm

Images: Sunbeams Lifestyle

Designed for your convenience, this FITSPIRE premium jump rope is a gym exercise equipment and your new compact gym buddy tool that can be carried anywhere. This affordable home gym equipment is well designed for your safety and convenience, with its ergonomic handles covered with soft sponges, which makes the handles comfortable to hold. It also features anti-slip and moisture-wicking features to keep your palms dry, making every exercise comfortable and safe. It’s easy and efficient to incorporate into your home workout routine, and it helps to strengthen your body, lose weight, and increase stamina. It has an anti-slip foam handle and a tangle-free PVC cable.

Positive Reviews:

“Good quality!!! I like using it even as a beginner. it doesn't slip from my hands thank you sunbeams” – by Precious R.

“It is lightweight and very easy to adjust its length.” – by Ria A.

3. 11-Piece Fitness Resistance Bands to exercise arm muscles

Price: PhP219

Step up your fitness game from the comforts of your own home with this 11-piece Fitness Resistance Bands set. This versatile and affordable workout tool is perfect for those who want to add intensity to home and gym workouts. The set includes five pull ropers, allowing you to customize your training according to your strengths and goals. With a range of exercises that target every muscle group, these bands offer a full-body workout without the need for bulky equipment or expensive gym memberships. The bands are made from durable and high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting use, and they come with cushioned handles and ankle straps for added comfort during exercise. Whether you're starting a workout or an expert, these resistance bands provide a convenient way to stay fit and achieve your fitness goals in a fun and effective manner. So don’t hesitate to add this to your affordable home gym equipment must-haves.

Positive Reviews:

“I love it! The Product is sooo beautiful. Worth the price. It even exceeded my expectation. Quality and affordable item. Thank you seller” – by 8***0

“Well packed. Nagamit ko na matibay naman, kaya ang buong set sana tumagal. Recommended this shop. Salamat sa Seller. Salamat sa Rider. Maraming salamat. God Bless. Will order again soon.” – by 5***a

4. Sit-Up Bar Assistant with Suction Cup for sit-ups or push-up exercise

Price: PhP329

This affordable home gym equipment and workout tool is made of high-quality material, perfect for abdominal muscle training, arm muscle training, shoulder exercises, and leg strengthening workouts. It’s made of super-elastic, wear-resistant, and eco-friendly foam material, which is comfortable and safe and protects you from the instep from pain and prevents you from hurting your foot. Its versatility lets you work out and target multiple exercises such as roll belly movement, push-ups, side kick, sit-ups, stretching back and elbow plank, press-up to exercise the abdomen and tighten the whole body muscles, yoga exercise hands and legs, and more. You can use this conveniently for daily sit-ups, especially for busy people who don't have much time to exercise.

Positive Reviews:

“Maganda Ang quality. Madikit sa tiles. Thank you seller!” – by Vincent J.

“Thank you seller. Very responsive, securely packed my items and delivered correct items without any damages. Highly recommended. This will help me a lot in my preparation for applying in PNP” – by Anthony L.

5. Kettlebell for cardio and strength training

Price: PhP430

Made from high-quality plastic and filled with concrete, you can efficiently work with this kettlebell with an easy grip handle and non-slip comfort grip, plus an anti-scratch floor design. This tool and fitness gym equipment can be used at home or in the gym and comes in 5 weights and sizes. You can create multiple workouts and do hundreds of exercises with this affordable home gym equipment, combining cardio and strength training. If you want a fun way to lose weight, these dumbbells are your tools. It’s compact and designed to take up minimal space, and you can bring this when exercising indoors or outdoors.

Positive Reviews:

“Maganda yung quality ng kettlebell at sakto yung bigat. Well packed and fast shipping pa! Thank you!” – by R**.*

“Cool Kettlebell. PVC type sya. Mukang matibay, basta wag ibabagsak.” – by Ronel K.

6. Mini Bike Pedal for strengthening the lower body

Price: PhP500

This pedal exerciser defines multi-tasking and workout in the form of this portable workout tool. This convenient and versatile mini exercise machine and affordable home and fitness gym equipment allow you to stay active and fit while doing something simultaneously. It features a portable and folding design, making it ideal for those with limited space or those who want to work out efficiently at home. With adjustable resistance levels, this mini bike pedal allows you to customize your workout intensity according to your fitness goals. Whether you want to improve cardiovascular health, tone muscles in your legs, or simply burn a few extra calories while watching TV or working at your desk, this pedal exerciser is perfect. Its small size and lightweight construction make it easy to transport and store when not in use. Stay fit anytime, anywhere with this portable pedal exerciser.

Positive Reviews:

“Nice item my father started to use it for his morning exercise.” – by R**.*

“Good na good sakin to makapag exercise nako kahit sa bahay lang. Thank you so much seller” – by C**.*

7. Pull-Up Gymnastic Rings to improve your flexibility and back problems

Price: PhP539

affordable home gym equipment pull-up gymnastic rings and a man using it

Size (in cm): 2.5cm x 450

Images: Xingxing Trade

This pull-up ring is perfect for gym enthusiasts who want to work out in their homes. This is installed easily; just hang around any solid piece of wood or steel, slide in the sling underneath the buckle, and find the appropriate strap length for you and your workout routine. With this affordable home gym equipment, you can do tons of movement, including pull-ups, push-ups, dips, rows, muscle-ups, chest flies, and more, improving flexibility, healing back problems, and promoting digestion. This tool is perfect for CrossFit and strength training for men, women, and even kids. Hang it anywhere and start working out at the gym, the park, or the backyard; you can even bring these when traveling for work.

Positive Reviews:

“All i can say is that it is well packaged and the quality is beautifully speechless. I would love to recommend it to those who are looking for gym rings at home” – by Bob R.

“It's so nice. This is strong, solid, and very easy to set up. It was also shipped immediately.” – by dexter J.

8. Grey Yoga Mat to protect your joints against a hard floor.

Price: PhP570

affordable home gym equipment gray yoga mat and a woman using it

Size: 44 mm

Images: Decathlon

This optimal yoga mat provides comfort, which is essential when going to yoga. This basic fitness gym equipment is designed to practice your yoga poses. This mat is made of 100% foamed PVC, with 2 elastic bands to keep your mat rolled up. This is a simple workout tool that is easy to carry anywhere.

Positive Reviews:

“I really love it! it was delivered fast and i like the quality. i got this for only 250+ during the sale.” – by C**.*

“Super nice and affordable. I hope the item will last long. Delivery is fast and packaging is good” – by Argee G.

9. Abdominal Roller Wheel to strengthen your core muscle groups

Price: PhP599

affordable home gym equipment orange abdominal roller and a woman using it

Available in Orange

Images: Slamp store

This affordable home gym equipment is described with a simple and stylish design, suitable for various simple workout routines. It has a bright orange color and a beginner-friendly design with elbow support. You can use this to exercise your core muscles, specifically in the arms, chest, abdominal area, back, glutes, and legs. This workout tool is perfect for both men and women, as it can aid lower arm compensation, correct abdominal muscle strength, and support planks because of its dual wheels that are made more stable and safer for you to do your workout routines.

Positive Reviews:

“Thank you seller mukha naman matibay na testing ko na siya kaya nya yung bigat ko. Mabilis din ang pag dating nang item kaya sa akin very good.” – by Apply

“This abdominal fitness wheel color is very beautiful, the use of a few days of the effect is very good, the product is completely consistent with the buyer's description, exercise a few times a day on the feeling of sweating is very good, no sound when using, rubber wear resistant, very stable, very suitable for beginners a abdominal fitness wheel, very convenient to recommend to buy. Thank you seller” – by Llin

10. Sports Punching Bag for heavy boxing

Price: PhP613

affordable home gym equipment orange abdominal roller and a woman using it

Includes 7 tools

Images: Medusa Sports

Designed with high-quality materials, this punching bag will level up your workout and boxing exercises, even at home or when going to the gym. This boxing bag helps you enhance your endurance, speed, and accuracy. It is a very suitable exercise tool and basic home gym equipment for the family or for training at the gym. Sandbags can be used for punching, kicking, martial arts, and fitness. The empty sandbags can be filled with rags, sawdust, sand, rice hulls, old clothes, and more. This product is designed with thick, high-density, multi-layer liners for training and professional purposes. It has an iron chain, boxing gloves, hand gloves, wrist gloves, hand strap, expansion hook, and a safety buckle.

Positive Reviews:

“I have been using this for a week now and I highly recommended this product. It’s worth the price” – by Khiannah T.

“Works well and is comfortable and satisfactory. The express delivery is awesome and very private. I like it and will continue to patronize” – by Rolfenda A.

With these inexpensive yet essential and affordable home gym equipment and workout tools, you'll be well-equipped to achieve your fitness goals without burning a hole in your pocket. Happy sweating!

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