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Feel Like You’re on Cloud Nine While Working from Home with These Dofia Pillows

Transform your work-from-home experience into a luxurious affair with Dofia pillows!

By: Yoorekka Team | February 28, 2024
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Dofia pillow

Whether sitting or napping when working from home, these Dofia pillows are for you.

Image: Yoorekka

In today’s work-from-home setup, many individuals sit on a chair in front of screens for extended periods, sometimes neglecting optimal posture, leading to strain and tension in the neck and back muscles. Thankfully, Dofia Philippines offers the best comfortable pillows to alleviate these issues, providing much-needed relief and support.

To solve traditional pillow issues, Dofia pillows are scientifically designed to support posture effectively, whether sleeping or sitting, making it a perfect, comfy pillow choice for people working from home.

1. Dofia Neck Pillow

Price: PhP599 (40% off)

Dofia pillow

Available in Navy Blue and Gray

Images: Yoorekka (L); Dofia (R)

Bid farewell to neck tension when working from home with this Dofia Neck Pillow. This comfy pillow has a 360-degree surrounding design that supports fit and absorbs neck pressure. With its ergonomic U-shaped design, this Dofia pillow wraps the shoulder and neck for cloud-like enjoyment. Experience quality from its well-thought details, such as its metal zipper, so the cover is easy to clean, simple, beautiful, and full-filling for practical support. With its fourth-generation memory cotton, it has a 5-second slow rebound that is comfortable and breathable. This Dofia pillow also comes in a pouch, so you can bring it anytime and anywhere.

Positive Reviews:

“Materials are good quality, the product is comfortable to use, and it has free nylon bag that you can carry the item anywhere. I love how soft the pillow is. thankyou seller.” - by CYRELL J.

“Great quality pillow with a matching bag so you can take it when you travel. Very compact when inside the bag. Comfortable to use. The foam they used is of good quality.” - by I***

Get this comfy pillow for only PhP599.

2. Dofia Comfy Neville Love Pillow

Price: PhP519 (65% off)

Dofia pillow

Size: 74 cm x 48 cm; available in White

Images: Yoorekka (L); Dofia (R)

Taking nap breaks is essential while working from home, and with the Dofia Neville Love Pillow, you can make the most of them. Get ready for cozy rests during your work breaks with this soft and comfy pillow. This Dofia pillow’s stylish edge wrapping design adds a touch of elegance, while the pure cotton fabric ensures safety and comfort for your skin without any irritation.

Positive Reviews:

“Good quality comparable to ones bought in the mall. The pillow is not thick but is enough for me.” - by A***

“So soft. I loved it being not so thick. Thick pillows give me stiff neck. Will buy again.” - by M***

Sleep in this comfy pillow that is soft as clouds for only PhP519.

3. 2 Pcs Dofia Fluffy High-Elasticity Pillow

Price: PhP850 (47% off)

Unwind and rejuvenate after working from home with the Dofia Fluffy High-Elasticity Pillow. This best comfortable pillow offers exceptional comfort and support, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day. This Dofia pillow boasts exquisite weaving and cozy fabric, ensuring it's gentle on the skin and incredibly smooth. Crafted with stereoscopic fiber filling, this Dofia pillow offers outstanding support and comfort for the head. The stylish twisted pattern design adds a touch of simplicity.

Positive Reviews:

“Ang fluffy, sarap higaan. Ang ganda din ng color” - by Rom R.

“Super happy with this purchase. This is my second time purchasing an item from this shop. The first one is the travel pillow and it was great and I am amazed again with this. So fluffy and the quality is superb! Also, shipping is on time! I am now in love with the brand!” - by G***

Grab this best comfortable pillow for just PhP850 with a buy 1, get 1 offer.

Enjoy the ultimate comfort while working from home with these comfy pillows from Dofia Philippines. Experience the bliss of sleeping or naping on clouds during your workday with the best comfortable pillows.

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