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5 Local-approved Restos Where You Can Have the Best Lomi in Batangas

Looking for the best lomihan in Batangas? Check out this list!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | May 30, 2022
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Craving for some Lomi? You will love these restos!

Image: Bafoos Lomi Haus and Restaurant (L); Liam’s Lomi House (R) Facebook pages

Batangueno knows that a hot bowl of authentic and best Batangas Lomi (thick noodle egg soup) can brighten any mood during gloomy weather. Its rich, thick broth and jam-packed toppings make it a delightful favorite for any foodie. The dish has many variants, but the original Batangas Lomi is the most popular. Next time you’re in the area, try the best Lomi in Batangas in the list below. And yes, they also deliver in the area!

1. Lomi king

Location: J.P. Laurel Highway, Lipa City
Price Range: PhP85 to PhP195
Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Delivery: Via Food Panda

Best Lomi in Batangas

Lomi King’s delightful Lomi dishes are indeed fit for a king.

Image: @lomikinglipa

The store name implies that Lomi King is indeed royalty when it comes to Lomi. The store was established by the eldest son of To Kim Eng, who was regarded as a Lomi pioneer. With different varieties of the best Lomi in Batangas, you will have many options to try. Aside from the restaurant’s extensive menu, Lomi King has been a stop for many Batangueno for its authentic taste. It is so popular that celebrities and personalities like Drew Arellano, Matt Evans, and Arnold Clavio were spotted dining in.

Their best Batangas Lomi includes the Lomi Special (PhP98), Super Lomi (PhP185), Super Seafood Lomi (PhP195), and Miki Bihon (PhP105).

2. Bafoos Lomi House and Restaurant

Location: Batangas City and San Pablo City, Batangas
Price Range: PhP80 to PhP800
Operating Hours: Daily, 24/7
Delivery: Via Food Panda or Ala Ehxpress Delivery Services

Best Batangas Lomi

Bafoos Lomi Haus and Restaurant is a popular dining spot for locals and tourists for its all-Filipino menu.

Images: Bafoos Lomi Haus and Restaurant Facebook page

With its four branches, you won’t have a hard time finding the best Lomi in Batangas, the Bafoos Lomi Haus and Restaurant. Their Lomi menu consists of Lomi Jumbo Overload (PhP133 to PhP150), Lomi with Chicken (PhP85 to PhP93), Lomi with Porkchop (PhP85 to PhP93), Lomi with Pork Tapa (PhP85 to PhP93), Lomi Special (PhP80 to PhP88), and Lomi Regular (PhP70 to PhP78). Aside from the being best Lomihan in Batangas, Bafoos Lomi Haus and Restaurant also offer short orders of pancit dishes, rice meals, and silog meals (garlic fried rice and egg).

3. Liam’s Lomi House

Location: Gen. Luna St., Sabang, Lipa City
Price Range: PhP75 to PhP800
Operating Hours: Daily, 6:00AM to 7:30PM
Delivery: Via Food Panda

Best Lomihan in Batangas

You wouldn't want to miss out on this award-winning Lomi in Lipa City.

Images: Liam's Lomi House Facebook page

One of Lipa City’s proud and best Lomi in Batangas is Liam’s Lomi House, a two-time Lomi Festival Champion and Legacy Awards 2022 awardee. It is undeniable that the restaurant deserves its titles; its best Batangas Lomi is known for its thick consistency and flavors that stand on their own without extra flavoring. Each bowl also features generous toppings of meatballs and kikiam (deep-fried elongated pork or fish meat). Of course, excellent dishes are excellent service that many foodies can attest to.

4. Corcolon Lomi House

Location: Pinagtung-Ulan, San Jose, Lipa City, Batangas
Price Range: PhP65 to PhP1,090
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:00AM to 8:00PM
Message their Facebook Page: Corcolon Lomi Haws or contact them at these numbers—0955 1409725 Globe, 0939 8840140 Smart

Best Lomi in Batangas

Lomi topped with deep-fried lechon? Yes, please!

Images: Corcolon Lomi Haws Facebook page

Another resto with the best Lomi in Batangas is Corcolon Lomi House. It is different from other restaurants because it has a different spin on the classic dish. Where else could you find a combination of Lechon and Lomi? Only at this family-owned restaurant! Since it’s just 15 to 20 minutes away from SM City Lipa and near the city’s heart, it’s accessible to locals and tourists passing by.

The restaurant is a popular hub for students, locals, and tourists because of its delicious and best Batangas Lomi menu and big servings. Still, aside from the best Lomi in Batangas, they also serve other noodle dishes like miki (noodles made with saline wheat dough) and pancit bihon (long thin noodles with rice flour).

This restaurant of famous Lomi in Batangas also has a new branch in San Luiz Muzon.

For delivery: Message their Facebook Page: Corcolon Lomi Haws or contact them at these numbers—0955 1409725 Globe, 0939 8840140 Smart

5. Mr. Topsi Lomi and Bulalo

Location: Rizal Ave Branch Alangilan Branch 4200 Batangas City
Price Range: PhP50 to PhP700
Operating Hours: Daily, 24/7
Delivery: Call or message them at these numbers: 0915 1480509 or 723 4689

Best Batangas Lomi

Hearty dishes are served at Mr. Topsi Lomi and Bulalo.

Image: MR. TOPsi Lomi and Bulalo House Facebook page

Finishing this list of best Lomi in Batangas is Mr. Topsi Lomi and Bulalo House, located in Batangas City. Each bowl from this restaurant is a delightful treat—especially on rainy days. Their Rizal Ave and Alangilan branches are cozy to dine in, but you can get food delivered if you’re not comfortable going out yet. Some of the dishes you can order include Super Lomi (PhP170), Sisig Lomi (PhP60 for large and extra-large), Bihon (PhP60), and bulalo (beef shank soup).

Visit these Lomi restos in Batangas or order from them to taste only the best Lomi in town!

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This article was initially published in Yooreka on August 03, 2021.

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