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5 Entertaining Events in Bacolod Happening this May 2018

Take a break and enjoy yourself in these live events going down in Bacolod!

By: Yoorekka Team | May 02, 2018
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Bacolod events May 2018

Aside from visiting attractions and trying out the famed desserts of Bacolod City, why not explore its entertainment scene? It’s is another eventful month in the City of Smiles, so make sure to check these Bacolod events this May 2018!

1. The Colorfest 2018

When: May 26, 4:00 PM
Where: Ayala District North Point, Lacson Street, Talisay
Ticket Prices:
PhP350 (Students, PWD, Senior Citizens)
Ph450 (Regular)

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Get ready to get colorful as you dash towards the finish line in ColorFest 2018.

Image: Color Bacolod Run

The Colorfest 2018 is the second installment of the Color Bacolod Run in Negros Occidental, a color-themed fun run where attendees are splashed with colored powders as they run, walk, or strut their stuff to the finish line. Organized by WHM Productions, this color run promises to be a memorable event as the organizers focused more on delivering the “fun” rather than the tiring “run.” Registration includes a t-shirt, sunglasses, color powders, a bottle of mineral water, and a race bib.

How to get there: From the Bacolod Northbound Terminal, you can ride a bus, taxi, or a jeepney heading north. Ask to be dropped off at Ayala District North Point.

Tips: Instead of wearing the singlet, wear a disposable plain-white shirt. For additional fun, snap a photo before and after finishing the run to see how colorful you got! Also, if you are planning on bringing your phone during the race, make sure to keep it sealed inside a waterproof bag for protection.

2. The Invisible Tour: Joee & I, Ian Penn Live in Bacolod City

When: May 5, 7:00 PM
Where: Tropicalia Pizza Mex DR 14, Art District, Lopues Annex Bldg, Mandalagan
Ticket Price: Free Admission

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Be amazed by the acoustic talent of Ian Penn in the Bacolod leg of his nationwide tour.

Image: The Invisible Tour: Joee & I, Ian Penn Live in Bacolod City

Ian Penn is a folk singer-songwriter from Mt. Arayat, Philippines. He released his first single “Headback Home,” distributed under Lilystars Records on October 2014. Now, he’s on a Philippine tour together with electronic dance artist, Joee and I, a solo project of Joee Mejias. Her genre is a vivacious avant-pop electronica, and has performed on both local and international shores such as Southeast Asia and Canada. You can hear their music and see them perform at Art District, and what makes it even better is that admission is free!

How to get there: From Bacolod Northbound Terminal, you can ride a taxi or a jeepney. Ask to be dropped off at Art District. Cross the street and find Tropicalia Pizza.

Tips: Bring a flash drive to the live show since they will be giving out free digital copies of Ian Penn’s “Water from the Creek.” You should also prepare some cash if you want to cop some merchandise they’ll be selling in the venue.

3. Lakawon Beach Festival 2018

When: May 26 to 27
Where: Lakawon Island Beach Resort and Spa
Ticket Prices:
PhP 1,000 General Admission
PhP 1,500 Premium

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If you can’t beat the summer heat, then join the party and make the most of it on the beach.

Image: Lakawon Bacolod

As the summer heat strikes, the call of the beach grows stronger. If you’re looking for places where you can cool down, then head down to the Lakawon Beach Festival. This beach festival is one of the up-and-coming events outside Bacolod City that both locals and guests are eagerly waiting for.

This event promises an intimate atmosphere filled with mesmerizing beats mixed with excitement of drinking in Lakawon's newest attraction, Westpoint Bar. Ticket prices range from PhP1,000 to PhP1,500. Registration includes the island entrance fee, a round-trip boat ride, an access to the event area, and entry to a beach camp. You can also avail of premium tickets, which include all the perks plus an access to Tawhai Floating Bar and free drinks.

How to get there: From the Bacolod Northbound Terminal, you can ride a bus bound to Cadiz. Ask to be dropped off at Martesan Terminal in Cadiz City. In the terminal, you will find tricycles bound for Cadiz Viejo. Ask to be dropped off at Cadiz Old Port, then a ride a bangka (boat) waiting for you there, since tickets include a round-trip boat ride to Lakawon Island Beach Resort and Spa.

Tips: Hydrate well if you plan to make it until midnight. Other than that, secure your belongings and don’t go barefoot during the party. Although it is a beach party, you need to protect yourself from beer bottle caps or debris on the ground.

4. Cali Island EP release

When: May 19, 7:00 PM
Where: Tippy’s Bistro 10th St., Brgy. 7, Bacolod City
Ticket Prices: Free Admission

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Jam to the chill and soulful tunes of Cali Island as they reach a milestone in their young career.

Image: Cali Island

Cali Island, which traces its root back in 2014, is a reggae band fronted by Deadman Gallardo. Ever since they formed, they’ve played mostly in festival gigs, sharing their passionate love for reggae music with the fans in the Negros Island region. If you happen to love the soothing sound of reggae, then this will be the best time to see and hear Cali Island performing on stage at Tippy’s Bistro.

How to get there: There is no jeepney route passing to Tippy’s Bistro, but you can take a taxi from the Northbound Terminal and asked to be dropped off at Tippy’s Bistro. You can also take a jeepney and ask to be dropped off at 10th street Lacson. Then, you can ride a pedicab and ask to be dropped off at Tippy’s Bistro.

Tips: Make sure that your gadgets and camera phones are fully charged so you can record the event to replay and reminisce afterwards. Reggae music is generally soulful and enthusiastic, so best to come prepared to dance and bop to the music! Lastly, don’t forget to invite your squad for you to have a good time, unless you prefer going alone and meeting new friends to jam with, which is perfectly fine too!

5. BaCon Pop 2018

When: May 30 and 31
Where: G/F Robinson’s Place Bacolod, Lacson Street, Bacolod City
Ticket Prices: Free Admission

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Enjoy all the sights and scenes across different circles of pop culture in this year’s BaCon Pop!

Image: AllEvents Iloilo

BaCon Pop, or Bacolod Convention Pop Culture 2018, is a two-day event organized by Hampangan Inc. that brings the hippest cosplayers and enthusiasts across the region in one venue. On May 30, there will be a talent day, which will also serve as the opening ceremony for the diorama contest and the build-off. There will also be an art contest held on the same day.

The next day is set to be the gaming day. There will be a talk about gaming culture, as well as a card game tournament. They have prepared a lot of icebreaker games for those who will attend, and if you’re into gaming or cosplaying, they are also highly encouraging you to dress up and express yourself any way you want!

How to get there: From Bacolod Northbound Terminal, you can ride a taxi or a jeepney. Ask to be dropped off at Robinsons Place Bacolod.

Tips: Be sure to look at the full schedule of events from the organizer to maximize your time during the convention. It is also recommended to pack your own snack to last you through the day. Finally, bring your powerbank if you have one so you can take a lot of pictures during the event without worrying about losing power.

Which of these Bacolod events for May 2018 are you going to attend? Let us know in the comments section below!
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