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Take a Trip to Italy When You Dine in at Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

This restaurant brings you to the land of pizza and pasta, one forkful at a time!

By: Shanice Reyes | July 16, 2019
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Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante opened in November 2016.

Sì! Sì! Sì! (Yes! Yes! Yes!) You heard it right! There is a restaurant in the City of Smiles that serves authentic Italian dishes. Located near Bacolod’s famous Lacson Street, Capriccioso Deli Ristorante takes you to the streets of Italy through its filling and delicious dishes. With its big menu, impressive wine list, and bestselling cheese and dairy products, one visit to this restaurant will definitely lead to another.

Whether you want to see if Capriccioso Deli Ristorante could be the perfect place for a romantic date or a special celebration or are simply curious about what sets it apart, keep scrolling!

The History


The restaurant is also the official store for Casa Del Formaggio.

The restaurant’s story actually began when Maria Patron, the owner, started Casa Del Formaggio after learning how to make cheese in Italy. Her small business, which was the first local cheese producer in Negros, grew and catered to local restaurants and stores. When she saw an opportunity to build an authentic Italian restaurant, she decided with her Italian chef husband, Chef Davide, to take the risk. Thus, Capriccioso Deli Ristorante was born.

Every dish is made through classic Italian cooking techniques. Chef Davide trained local chefs on how to create dishes that would give customers an explosion of flavors, aromas, and imagination. Now, speaking of delicious food, let’s talk about all things saporito (tasty).

The Food


The restaurant offers a wide variety of Italian dishes and an impressive wine list as well.

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante has a wide-ranging menu, from pasta to pizza to wine and cheese. Since the wine list is extensive, the restaurant makes it easy on diners by suggesting which drinks are best paired with the dishes. Aside from full meals, Capriccioso Deli Ristorante also offers cheese platters. In fact, the restaurant is a nice hangout spot for friend groups who want to drink wine while indulging in various cheeses.

In Capriccioso Deli Ristorante, tasting authentic Italian food does not necessarily mean you have to spend a lot, because their dishes are offered in reasonable prices. Below are the best-sellers.


Who said Italians enjoy only pizza and pasta?

Image: Sheila Jumilla

Let’s start with the Angus Rib Eye Alla Fiorentina (PhP280), a steak that is seasoned Florentine-style with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil and served with mashed potatoes. You can either have it cooked rare, medium, or well-done. For a sumptuous and cohesive experience, pair it with a bottle of Chianti (PhP756).


The pasta from the restaurant is also made from scratch. This gives the noodles a firm and chewy texture.

Image: Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

Another good dish to pair with Chianti is the Ravioli Tartufo e Porcini (PhP315). It is homemade stuffed pasta filled with truffle and porcini mushroom sauce. The chewy texture and the creamy taste of this pasta dish will take you down to a delicious lane.

casual dining

Capriccioso Platter’s cold cuts are imported.

Image: Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

Another dish you can’t miss is the Capriccioso Platter (PhP475) which consists of three assorted Negros cheese of Casa Del Formaggio and four cold cuts. For maximum enjoyment, it is best paired with a bottle of white wine, Cannonau Di Sardegna (PhP540).

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

Burrata means “buttery” in Italian.

Image: Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

If you would rather have fresh veggies to go with cheese, you can sample the Burrata Salad (PhP450) instead. Match it with a glass of Pinot Grigio (PhP280/250ml) and wallow in a heavenly combination.

Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

Eating this is definitely a flavorful experience!

Image: Capriccioso Deli Ristorante

An Italian cuisine experience won’t be complete without Italy’s arguably most iconic dish: pizza! The Quattro Stagioni (PhP250) is a 10-inch pizza topped with mozzarella, artichokes, mushrooms, ham, pepperoni, and tomato sauce. Go wild and decide which red wine to pair this with!

As this restaurant shows, you don’t have to book for a flight to Tuscany just to savor traditional Italian cooking. You can satisfy your cravings of eating a piece of burrata and taking a sip of Pinot Grigio even while in the City of Smiles. All thanks to Capriccioso Deli Ristorante, the taste of Italy’s best is in Bacolod!

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Capriccioso Deli Ristorante is located at 15th Lacson Street and is open Mondays to Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
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